Loana Lecomte to Skip Snowshoe Due to Health Problems

Sep 17, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
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Loana Lecomte has shared on Instagram that she will miss the Snowshoe World Cup due to ongoing health problems that have sapped her energy. Until recently, she dominated all the World Cup races by a huge margin and clinched the overall title at Lenzerheide, so missing the final won't negatively affect her standings, though we do hate to see that she's struggling.

bigquotesHaving had some health concerns for several weeks and following medical examinations, I will unfortunately not be able to take the start of the @uci_mountainbike World Cup final this weekend. It is not the desire that is lacking, on the contrary, but above all the energy. So we made the decision with my team and the doctor, to preserve my physical and mental health, regenerate myself at 200% to start afresh and even more determined for the 2022 season.

I think that to be efficient, to be able to compete against the best riders in the world and above all to have fun, you have to be there 100% so I don't regret this decision at all!

#goodnews, I will be present this week at @snowshoemtn to cheer and have a good time with my MASSI team!

(Actually I'm secretly preparing for the @rocdazur tandem with the #bestmechanic @tiboriviere)
Loana Lecomte on Instagram, translated

We have reached out to Lecomte for additional comment and wish her all the best in her recovery and off-season.


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 Maybe having -2% body fat isn't healthy, but I'm no doctor.
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 Pro cyclists definitely red line it with body fat/health. I remember Froome measuring at 4%. Eek
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 I've been thinking for awhile this is a problem throughout the women's field. I can't remember the last time a woman who won at the start of the season held form to the end of the year.
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 @wingguy: Kate Courtney 2019? Yolanda Neff 2018?
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 @paulskibum: + Pauline Ferrand Prevot to name a few
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 Olympic years are really hard on the athletes bodies. They are trying to peak for the Olympics then it's hard to keep up the pace for the rest of the season afterwards as seen with a few riders this year.
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 Also being named Loana doesn't help either (frenchies might get it)
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 @paulskibum: Kate Courtney won 3 of the first four races in 2019 then made top 5 once in the last four - and she hasn't really been on form since. I think that supports my point better than yours. Neff in 2018 though yes, she was very consistent that whole year. So that's one...
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 PFP is like "Merde!! I knew I shouldn't have skipped it!"
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 Are there out of competition controls during the season? Just wondering...
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 just wondering as well..... i mean there's dominance and then there's ....well ...the 5 wc's Loana type dominance.
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 Yes out of competition testing throughout the year, I believe they also test the podium + a handful of random riders after every race
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 @chris-brown225: but less likely if she is not participating, no?
For the downvoters...been following cycling a long time, and there have been many odd withdraws from events that seems curious over the years. And in most cases, the end result was avoiding testing. Being that she moved to elite and absolutely crushed the top end of the women's field, looking like she was out for a leisure does this not raise some questions?
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 @ReformedRoadie: at that level you are frequently tested regardless of whether you are in season or off season. It's all about creating a profile to see what's normal so they can detect any spikes. She's not doping, she just peaked waaaay too soon, has low body fat, and is now suffering from chronic fatigue
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 Having followed her on IG ,I think her performance increase over her competition was directly related to her weight loss over that time. And is consistent with what others have said about weight loss, performance and health in cycling. Loosing fat will increase performance until you get sick. Then you wont be able to train as hard and performance will plummet for a long time as you will need to put on weight to get fully healthy until you can train hard again and get back to the fitness of your competition. Which will take a long time. I never suspected her of any PED use. Just extreme weight loss. Hope she gets well soon.
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 @ReformedRoadie: I've been waiting for an adverse analytical finding with her. I hope not,'s cycling.
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 @aaronjb: Are you saying the same thing about Pidcock, Schurter, or Fluckiger?
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flag sonuvagun (Sep 17, 2021 at 13:56) (Below Threshold)
 @ReformedRoadie: A lot of people also don't seem to understand that athletes and their teams know how to get around testing, e.g. masking agents, holidays (can't be tested if you're on vacation), bribing, temporary prescriptions, knowing the testing schedule, etc.
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 @ryansimonovich: No because their performances were reasonable against each other. Granted TP won the olympics pretty dominant, the other races with him have not been blow outs. NS and MF has straight up battled all the way to the end of almost each race this year with neither being able to really dominant the other. The mens races have all been reasonable as far as performances go.

LL's races were literally over within the first lap with a 2min lead (on lap 1) over former world champions/ current world champions all while climbing super long WC climbs literally with her mouth closed. Go watch those first 5 wc's. Her mouth was never even open. She looked like she was in about as much pain as one would be riding their bike down a sidewalk to a corner store.

We've witnessed really super human performances by all sorts, but I cannot remember someone so dominant as LL's . Yes I know NS had the year where he won all 7 wc's but at least a couple of those races were semi close. You could always see the pain on his face.

Like Reformedroadie said.. Historically in the past, when you see riders get "sick:" just randomly all the sudden miss events they have either already been popped or are trying to avoid it. Or the flip side, is maybe she is not human? Cyberdyne Systems model t4?
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 @ReformedRoadie: the system that's in place these days makes it impossible to get away with what people did in the past, as well as much more widespread testing they keep samples on record and with the biological passport if in 10 years they find a new substance that they don't know about today they can go back and test. Basically even if you cheat now and don't get caught now, you definitely will get caught one day. Maybe she's just unwell and tired after racing bikes for more than 6 months straight?
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 If she has lost skeletal muscle. Her power output will plummet and won’t increase until she can build muscle again. But most of her weight gain initially will be fat. If she has lost heart muscle there are serious health risk involved. Maybe the uci should mandate compulsory cardiac examination including MRI if BMI drops suddenly or below a certain point
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 @chris-brown225: yes, and Lance still hasn't tested positive...
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 @ryansimonovich: Yup, and more! Welcome to cycling. Lots of interesting performances coming out of the 2020 pandic lockdowns.
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 @combfilter: I got roasted for suggesting that Julian Absalon's sudden mid-season retirement could have anything to do with doping.

Some people are glass half full types. Or, they just haven't been around cycling long enough.
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 @ReformedRoadie: Actually, he did test positive. Definitely re the backdated TUE for 'saddle cream' a the 1999 TdF witnessed by Emma O-Reilly, and quite possibly in 2001 when he donated $100k to the UCI which Floyd Landis said it was to cover up a positive result.
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 @ReformedRoadie: I miss Lance
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 @ReformedRoadie: have to agree with you there bud it does raise some questions. Bit like maes having a cut and “having” to have a certain medication. We may be wrong but it’s certainly suspect
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 @chris-brown225: You don't follow road racing, do you?

Sorry to say, doping is more thermonuclear than ever.
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 Listen to the John Croom podcast with Katie Compton, she’s saying doping is more widespread than ever and it’s evolving. She and Mark Legg were willing to testify to that and she believes in part that why she suddenly got popped.
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 Anti doping controls are pretty smart these days. It's not a routine you can anticipate and they completely ignore events in an athletes' calendar. Also, there is the bio passport and if that's not showing definite 'proof' anomalies, but odd variances, testing is focused.

As for Loana: She did not suddenly appear as a world cup winning athlete. From a young age, she rapidly became competitive with France's world cup racing (and winning..) ladies in national races. It only made sense she got competitive for WC podiums in no time once she developed a bit more.
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 @aaronjb: accusing people of cheating with absolutely no evidence to back it up is more thermonuclear than ever
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Well, read this too then.

Offcourse they are saying that. It's a conspiracy theory at best. They are implying other teams spiked something... sure. In reality they simply cannot explain Katie's positive. It's just as likely she wasn't honest herself about only using tested supplements. They would never admit that, because they were extremely critical about Denise Betsema's case. In fact, Denise did prove a supplement was contaminated and Compton could not. Everything they say is speculation at best until they provide real proof. It just smells like they either took doping themselves or cannot get over the fact that they cannot explain the positive, snapped a bit and clutching at far fetched theories to explain it.

I get that it's hard: I witnessed such a case first hand, but raging against the whole world without proof is a bit too easy an escape. You can allways find so called cycling fans that believe you, because of cycling's history, but no proof = no case.
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 @jeroenk: While I have my suspicions, that's an objective and persuasive argument you've put out.
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 You're all forgetting, she's already won the overall, she's burnt out, there's no need for her to push herself for one more race
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 @rrsport: I woulda done a parade race. Hang off the back of the pack. Get some photos with fans. No need to push but it would have been classy.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Listened to part of it.. although she has a point about her sample vile not being tamper-proof and it was valuable to hear her side of the story...

Sounds to me she's trying to rehearse testimony for a legal case rather than have fully plausible deniability.

Sounds exactly like the Posties.

Loana rides exactly like one of them as well.
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 @jeroenk: There is proof in Compton's case...proof that karma is real and can be a bitch.
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 @jeroenk: Oh, man. That's really aspirational to think the controls are anything more than an intelligence test, especially coming out of the 2020 lockdown.

With that said, eating disorders are prevalent in cycling (across genders), so we shouldn't ignore that.
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 @aaronjb: Sure, I am not that naïve to think that no one can beat the system. Usually anti doping is one step behind. I do have some faith in retrospective testing though, as it kind of pre-empts the one step back thing.

You are absolutely right that eating disorders shouldn't be ignored. It doesn't even have to be a disorder for a rider to be set back big time, as a disorder implies a psychological reason for starving yourself. Riders could lose weight in a controlled and sensible manner and still go too low with their fat percentage, creating all kinds of problems.
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 @jeroenk: Agreed on the testing of old samples. I hope that has a positive net impact on ... reducing positive controls.
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 so the strategy for winning now is peak during the first 3-5 races and blow away the competition, then just take an early vacation and skip the last race and watch as a fan? Now THAT'S efficiency.
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 Did she already wrap up the overall?
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 Yes, she is almost 500 points up on second place.
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 Quick edit to my fantasy team. Thank you for not locking it yet PB.
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 Always interesting when races are held on other continents. Four North Americans in the DH top ten, top European XC riders dropping out, and we still have three events to go.

Well, well, well, how the turntables ...
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 Well I suppose she has to have some excuse other than I’ve already won and can’t be arsed.
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Well there's your problem.
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 100% to compete, 200% to annihilate the competition.
Now I know what my problem is, I have to be twice as good as my best.
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 Still enough to clinch overall?
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 Think so. Isn't it 350 for the win? She's up by 500. Makes this race very important for the rest of the top 10 though. Basically the top 9 are in range of being in the top 3.
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 Rocdazur on a tandem, i tried to convince my better half to do it with me. Jealous
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 Imagine if every rider decided not to race because they already know they wont perform very well... Funny how she's healthy enough to go there and receive the overall tittle.
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 if anybody is glowing, it's LL.
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 I wish she would get a dropper!
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