Loeka Tech Jacket & Pants Review

Dec 10, 2009
by Kristen Kastrinos  
As a female rider it is tough to find gear for all applications of riding and I am constantly on the look out for new riding specific pieces. Living in the North Eastern part of the US, I had only heard of Loeka Clothing through word of mouth, but never actually seen any pieces in person. Loeka is a ladies only clothing company that is producing technical clothing for us girls that
want our own gear that is made for us.

For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of testing some fine women's mountain bike clothing made by Loeka. Owners Rory Harmse and Coreena Fletcher set me up with a pair of brown Tech Pants and a wicked-funky plaid Tech Jacket.

See how it all stood up inside,First off, here is a little tester background, I'm 5'7" and about 136 pounds. The clothing was worn on lengthy New York rides, from Westchester County at Graham Hills Park and Sprain Ridge Park, to Long Island at Glacier Ridge. All rides were more aggressive XC/AM and the bikes used were a Santa Cruz Nomad, Intense 6.6SS and a Specialized Stumpjumper. The average temperature was on the warm side at 66 degrees, but I'll take that in November on the East Coast any day.

Jacket features:
- Designed to wear with or without armor
- 320D Polyester outer layer for durability, protection and waterproofing to 20,000mm
- Mesh lining for comfort, wicking and breathability
- Under arm zipper vents for extra cooling
- Inside pocket to keep valuables safe and dry
- Removable hood also designed to fit over a helmet
- Adjustable wrists
- Shoulder gussets to allow for extra movement
- Available colors - Pinnin' It, Harmony and Black Orchid
- Sizing - XS, S, M, L and XL
- Size tested, Large
- $184.99 CAD msrp

The most unique feature on the jacket is the main zipper, which runs off to the right side of the jacket. A bit tricky to zip at first, but eventually I got it down without a hassle. The zipper styling makes for a smaller right pocket which isn't a problem but needs to be remembered, because if you stick something in there quickly without zipping up the pocket it could fall out - I almost dropped my wallet gassing up the car after a ride. There are many zippered pockets though, an inside one and one along the back of the jacket, like an XC jersey. Plenty of room for storage, which I always need. iPhone was well protected and that's what's important.

The detachable hood is an excellent feature as I found it a bit much with an XC lid and the pony tail holder. Full face helmet was more comfortable. The hood did fit over both helmet styles.

Adjustable wrist closures are a nice touch and can fit over gloves in a way that nothing is exposed to moisture, cold air, etc.

For 2010, the jacket will be receiving new names, Storm n Van (black with purple stitching), Yellow Leaves (plaid), and Pinstripe is pinstripe.

Pants features:
- Also made of 320D Polyester outer layer for durability, protection and waterproofing to 20,000mm
- Mesh lining
- Stretch panel built in to rear of pant for proper fit and placement while riding
- Articulated knees allow for full movement on and off the bike
- Side zipper vents
- Leg zippers allow you to put pants on over pads and shoes
- Belt loops and front snap closure
- Available colors - Chaos, Midnight Ripper and Princess Pin
- Sizing - XS, S, M, L and XL
- Size tested, Medium
- $159.99 CAD msrp

Just a heads up, the pants run BIG. I was in between sizes and made great use of the belt loops on the medium. They have a baggy fit, great for leg armor and/or knee pads which I wore during my last Westchester ride.

Again, lots of pockets, including two Velcro rear and one side Velcro/zipper pocket.

Adjustable ankles help keep everything out of the way of the rings and chain.

Despite the baggie style, the pants did not catch in any drivetrain components. There was some rub on the right crank of my Stumpjumper, but that is with any full length pants that are not spandex and really who wants to ride in tights?!

Overall the clothing was comfortable, fit well, was durable, functional and looked great. I had no issues with anything tearing or breaking. I was very fond of the zipper vents, which I had to use on every ride due to the warmer weather (not complaining about the nice weather as the cold is pretty much here now). I had a few comments and questions from others during my test rides, the most common being, "Kat, why are you wearing a snowboard jacket?" Co-owner Rory was pleased to hear that feedback as the company is trying to cross over to that sport as well. Due to the extreme waterproofness of the jacket and pants, they can be used for a day on the snow too.

My only regret was ordering the clothing after the local DH spot's season was already over. I think it would have done brilliantly and kept me warm and dry at the mountain, especially at the beginning or end of a season when the weather is a bit cooler and unpredictable. As I previously stated, I did wear knee and elbow pads during a test ride and armor did not affect the fit at all.

I enjoyed wearing Loeka's gear and appreciated the opportunity to do some testing. After my first ride I located them on Facebook and became a fan.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need more information on style or fit, or post comments below and I will do my best to answer here on the site.

Check out www.loeka.com to learn more about their clothes for us ladies.

*New web site launching on December 18th 2009*.

All ride pictures taken by H.Ann G.


  • 29 6
 In my opinion it is ugly...
  • 23 4
 She looked like a clown(because of the clothes) in the first pic. The clothes are just too baggy.
  • 13 4
 I quite agree. When she's standing with her bike those trousers do flare a bit at the bottom, which is a hazard, really, as you can get them caught in your chainring if you haven't got a bashguard.
  • 19 4
 The jacket is alright but the pants are iffy...
  • 10 2
 The jacket looks good
  • 6 4
 it looks like its styled on ski gear, looks bad
  • 3 5
 you do realise there ladies spacific clothing, so i doubt any men would wear them.
  • 2 0
 Yeh I realise thatSmile Still looks good though
  • 3 1
 kind of reminds me of the scarecrow from the wizard of oz haha
  • 2 1
 nah i think there way toooo baggy, the coats printed design looks sweet but the shape of the actual coat isself is fugly
  • 4 0
 I'm a co-owner of Republik and I've been stoked on Loeka since I came across their brand a few years ago. They have a fresh approach and great design esthetic that pulls inspiration from both snow and surf culture. In a moto dominated industry, I can't say how stoked I am to see a company branch out and try something new. I love the subtle features of the Tech Jacket... the embroidered logo on the lower front and hood. The off center zipper with the stash pocket in the back is key... The mesh lining and hood adjustments look high quality and well manufactured. Props to the Loeka crew ya killed it again..

To WAKIdesigns... ie "these clothes don't make any girl look attractive to men"

You need to come to Bend, Oregon (or Whistler for that matter) we have some women here that will take you out on a ride and hammer you on the up-hill and make you cry like a little bitch on the down hill. If you think I'm kidding just shoot me an email.
  • 8 2
 Uggers. All of it. I wouldn't be caught wearing that .... I'd rather wear tights.
  • 4 1
 I would love to say this stuff is great...but it sucks. I don't know too many girls out there who think this is a nice clothing line. The idea is fantastic - girls need to have more choices, but this company needs to rethink what girls want, this just isn't it.
  • 4 1
 Well done review.

I agree with many of the previous posts. This clothing looks much too loose for the bike. IMO you have to be a slave to fashion not to where tight-fitting clothes top and bottom on an mtb. Maybe the function has overwhelmed my aesthetic sensibilities, but I think tights look cool. "If it ain't tight, it ain't right."
  • 3 0
 This jacket is one of my favourite pieces of Loeka gear. It is super water proof, breathable and looks hot on! I love wearing it for those wet or cold rides, and even hanging out around town. The side zip is super stylish. Highly recommended for all wet weather riding and cold days!
  • 5 3
 The negative people should head to Whistler or Silverstar and see how many girls actually wear the product and how good it really looks!!!!My wife has alot of Loeka wear and she loves it..Looks good and very durable!!(finally gear that properly fits girls)
  • 6 0
 I love girls riders!!! Big Grin
  • 2 0
 Great article!

It's difficult to find ladies biking gear that fits properly. The sizes are usually off and often the jerseys don't properly fit over armour. It's nice to see that Loeka has made some gear with a roomier fit.

However, I would say that the pants look like they are far too big, especially at the bottom. The style is a bit outdated. I had a similar snowboard jacket/pant combo from Burton back in the mid 90's. Then again, maybe the 90's are making a comeback and Loeka is trying to be ahead of the game? Pick some nicer colours and or patterns (no not pink) Slim those pants up a tad and I think more women would be interested.
  • 2 0
 I think Kristen, did a great job with this review and write up! It is disappointing to read some of the negative comments from the MALE demographic as this is a female specific clothing line and company. If fall colors and plaid isn’t your thing, we understand, however Loeka, offers and represents a variety of diverse colors and themes for their women's riding gear. The best part about their line is that, you as the rider have the option to elect either a tighter or looser fit, which ultimately is the personal preference of the individual rider and their own style of riding.
  • 2 0
 If you are disappointed because the look of this wear isn't revealing enough, then you are obviously not overtly interested in the rider's ability. Loeka, as a company is truly representative of female riding and the female riding community. The owners have worked aggressively to evoke and understand a clothing line that will make women comfortable enough to push their own riding limitations while encouraging and supporting women's riding. Riding limitations are not easily challenged if you are uncomfortable in your kit.
The pants Kristen is wearing are well made and excellent for both element protection but personal protection as well. I have worn these pants mountain biking but also motto x-ing and have tried and tested their quality. As some of you know my nick name is crash bandicoot, and these pants are still in one piece despite my excellent ability to wipe out. Kristen, is demoing the pants in a tapered look for her xc clip shoes, I ride a /dx DH shoe and 5/10 flat shoe and use the flare option on the pant, illustrating a longer leaner look to the pant (again, personal preference). Riding style and riding fashion is forever evolving and the muse for both riding style and fashion is typically a result of other sports (bmx, freeride snowboarding etc) and other fashions including winter sports like snowboarding. I personally enjoy the diversity that Loeka offers as a rider because I can not only wear my jacket riding, but also socially as it isn't heinous or completely obvious that it's a mt. bike jacket. As a consumer, if a product is $90.00+and provides me with multiple options for sports and or social wear, then I am a happier and richer consumer .
The bottom line is... if it's comfy, protective, bawlin and is supported by a team and company who cares then I am happy to wear that product. As part of the riding community, let's try and encourage more people to participate in the sport as opposed to slaggin their kits Smile
  • 6 1
 IMO, looks too snowboardish...
  • 2 1
 i think it´s not that bad you say...
ok the colors are a little bit oldfashioned, but the style is good
... how should girls be attractive with a long pant and an anorak?
you seriusly think girls should be attractive while biking... dudes.. they have to look cool and be sexy at the pardeyyy at night
  • 3 2
 Id buy it, It looks like it would keep you warm and dry on cooler/ wetter rides. Yes is may look like snowboard gear but look at some of the troy lee stuff. The pants may look baggy but she said in her write up she was between sizes so maybe with a smaller size it wouldnt look at baggy. Im not a huge fan of the brown pants but other than that I think the colours are nice. And for the person who said who would use a hood, If your a cross country rider it would keep you warmer, maybe not if you had a full face, but I think its a good idea even if you only wear it while your waiting around to start riding if it was pouring rain or something. Im glad to see them making girl riding clothes that arnt so butch or boring looking. Some of us like to have a little style, I know im always jealous looking at boys stuff and being like "Why cant they make that in a girls size!!"
  • 5 1
 are those adi sambas you wearing on flats?
  • 4 4
 WAKIdesigns...are you serious?

"2.I don't think that these clothes make any girl look attractive to men

So Loeka... c'mon! biking is biking but clothing is about fashion... These pants make this friendly and nice looking girl, look like she is much heavier than she actualy is,"
  • 3 0
 I think her badass bikes and adidas sambas on flats more than makeup for her goof clothes, the chick is cool as shit
  • 4 5
 i think you look really good Kat. the clothing is stylish, well-made and functional. i would wear it for cold damp DH/FR day as well as snowboarding. you probably could have gone down one size on the test products. i got the small pants like you suggested and they're perfect. were the pants and jacket too warm the day you took the photos?
  • 2 0
 The hood will just act as a parachute does.... and hold you back. But i like her bikes. Smile
  • 4 2
 Would be ok for snowboarding or skiing, but riding bikes?? I dont think so..
  • 1 0
 To much "snowboard" to me. The colours and graphic is great, but the fit of it don't make the cut for me. A bit rework on the fit and this could be a awsome kit!

// Fischer
  • 2 0
 that jacket looks like my skiing/snowboarding jacket Big Grin but with other colours... Big Grin
  • 8 5
  • 3 2
 bringing the skiing/boarding look to mtb
  • 1 1
 Great Review, regardless if the fit is a little large.
  • 1 1
  • 6 3
 not my style at all..
  • 4 2
 nice bike but not the suit
  • 2 0
 what the hell are you going to do with a hood while your riding?
  • 2 0
 look gangsta! yeah good call, no need for hoodie
  • 3 0
 Not sure if you simply missed this part but the hood is removeable:
"The detachable hood is an excellent feature as I found it a bit much with an XC lid and the pony tail holder. Full face helmet was more comfortable. The hood did fit over both helmet styles."
  • 1 0
 they may fit, but they never stay on...
  • 2 1
 Definately not a fan of these designs. I find there stuff tends to fit small, not sized for the more solidly built gals.
  • 4 2
 why does she have 2 of, essentially the same bike?
  • 4 4
 haha i was thinking the exact same thing... women...
  • 4 3
 They are set up different and the SS is not that great at AM riding. Yes you can ride it AM, but it is a park bike. No harm in having more than one bike!
  • 2 2
 Man or Woman,just get some Dickies and a flanel and quit wasting your money.I don't believe that certain clothes will make you a better rider.
  • 2 0
 Kat Is so RAD-CORE!
  • 2 0
 yeah man! KAT is KORE!
  • 1 2
 I wouldn't go in dirt with this coat. nothing's better than a good and old mtb jersey
  • 1 1
 HAAAAAAAA Sua Loeka lol
  • 3 4
 why would you want to wear that while riding?
  • 1 2
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