Logan Binggeli's Red Bull Rampage POV - Video

Dec 3, 2015
by KHS Factory Racing KHS  
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 Anyone who can even make it from top to bottom at the Rampage site deserves some serious credit. I'd wager that 99% of the keyboard warriors on here (myself included) would piss their pants on the in-run to most of those features, not to mention the exposed stuff on top.
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 I'd piss my pants just looking at the start on a track walk.
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 This line is under review due to piracy
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 That was pretty sick. A pretty under rated run I'd say,
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 The exposure and the hangtime on this is hard to wrap my head around.
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 Wow, run was WAY BETTER from his perspective. Just didn't come across in the RedBull TV coverage. Wow. Underrated is an understatement. Awesome run man.
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 In all seriousness, Rampage as a contest was a complete wash this year, what with all the complaining about judging and drama that came about during dig time and whatnot. It was straight up a shit show at times. I just stopped caring about who placed where and just watched everyone's runs for the entertainment value, which was easily there. I really liked how Logan managed to get over a lot of places on the course, it showed good variety to me.
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 Super clean run. I was holding my breath just watching him run into the big jump at the end.
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 Where did he end up? That was flawless and with authority.
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 15th It's hard to believe that kind of riding is still that far from the podium.
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 Especially bold considering his broken femur of a year ago. Each one of these videos scares the snot out of me, just sitting in my chair.
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 Logan gets alot of unjustified hate, after watching this pov run, the hate is even more laughable. Easily one of the best all around riders in the world.
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 It's his personality that gets him all the hate, not his riding...
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 After Logan had hours of dig time on his line, Brandon same up and tried kicking him off his very own line. Logan told him he didn't mind sharing but there was no way he was going to let someone, even Brandon, kick him off his line. Not getting what he wanted, Brandon complains to his manager and then all these rumors pop up about Logan being a douche. I know Logan personally and yeah, he made me feel like a girl when I wouldn't huck something, but that's what friends do. When it comes down to it, hes a genuine dude that would do anything for anyone. I feel people view his attitude as being a prick when in fact, it's just competitive nature...something that we all have.
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 Oh, you mean all the hours before everyone else was there? He can build his line in the allotted time span with the rest of us...if he wants to shred out there during the summer before rampage and scope lines that's fine, but using that as an advantage over everybody else to build his line is a douche move. We bust our asses over the course of three days, so can he and his dig crew
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 I too know Logan on a personal level, outside of the tape of a race/competition he is a down to earth, nice, and helpful guy. Inside the tape, he is what he's supposed to be, a competitor out to win what he's doing whether RBR or DH. I actually like that there is some friction in this sport between COMPETITORS, the whole "everybody's a bro" is great for the after party, but during the event these guys should be trying to win/beat each other.
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 Not #1
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 What I don't understand is why Logan got so much crap trying to find a line when Sorge shows up and is basically gifted Aggie's line and gets the win and no one even questions it. Logan is great, this POV speaks for itself. I'd rather watch Logan than Sorge's sad back-tire-first excuse for "style" any day...
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 Awesome riding! I'll never have the guts to do that. Good smooth GoPro video.
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 Utah reppin!!!!!!
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 By the way Logan's run was sick!
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 Damn, that was awesome! Never would have known from the redbull tv footage./
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 Huge gaps!
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 such fast. so style.
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 Everyone knows Grabam owns the mountain pretty sure you can't even follow his footsteps, cause you know he's the only person who can let you ride where you want at Rampage..lol
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 They should judge these runs from helmet cams.
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