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Loic Bruni Rides by Night - Video

May 17, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

See the French DH star light up a night descent on his home track of Mandelieu-la-Napoule.

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 I have neither positive or negative feelings about this video.
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 I have no feelings either, I must be dead inside.
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 I feel like I just jerked off to some porn then the monitor shut off and now it is just me staring at my own reflection in the dark monitor screen.
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 my only question is, when are resorts going to start offering night biking?
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 Something different. I liked it. Reminiscent of revel co. videos.
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 @scottay2hottay: That is the strangest and funniest thing I've ever seen on PB. And I can somehow relate...
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 well, you could buy a light yourself?!!!!
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 I think it was innovative enough to have a place in the lexicon of mtb filmography styles. Trusting that lit drone to stay on and not fail mid-jump is a little scary. Overall, I give it an 8.125
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 @whatyousaid: bike park wales does
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 @whatyousaid: yhha i was thinking the same, they do it for ski why not DH....
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 @scottay2hottay: never laughed so hard at a PB comment
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 @scottay2hottay: funniest shit I've read all day!
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 I saw drones and red bull player and stopped watching
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 @slayerdegnar: Definitely. Reminds me of Semenuk tearing up the city on his BMX
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 @rodeoJ: you made my day ????
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 To paraphrase the French; "le meh"
  • 29 1
 Must be seriously hard to ride with those constantly changing shadows.
  • 4 1
 seriously. i tried a night ride once on very familiar trails and the moving shadows were too much for me. i
  • 15 4
 drone shot of a drone.. there is a joke in there somewhere.

as a film maker, I like that it was a creative idea... I think it is the color gradient that is not doing it for me though... whitewash and boring.. does no justice to one of the worlds fastest bike handlers...

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 same here. colors were a little drab.
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 @ralbisurez: It really just reminded me of how this edit was so much better. vimeo.com/141041381
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 Seriously cool!
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 very creative!!
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 Sick production!
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 What kind of lighting did they use!!!!! Epic!!!!!
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 So, it only takes to be Loic Bruni to have your own private sun?

Awesome!!! Creativity is in the house. Cheers for that.
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 Best use of a drone yet! Would love to try that
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 This video is about as good as this video can get when you try to shoot a video at night of a guy that rides faster than the speed of light..
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 I think Brett Rheeder's segment in Unreal and the Darklight video from last year are both better night videos than this. I feel like with the talent they had, Red Bull could have done much better.
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 like the drone light! would be cool to see some behind the scenes footy of how they did the lighting as simple as it is.
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 I saw this and thought of......TERMINATOR...Shows how my mind works anyway Smile
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 Cool idea!! Ballsy trusting the trail to be lit enough while pinning it!! No problem for Loic though. Braaaap!!
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 Awesome to see there is never an end to creativity
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 As the top comment says, I'm kind of indifferent about this video. I like the idea behind this video, but I think there is way more potential that wasn't used.
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 Very cool concept but yeah.. color grading sucks ass! Love the rider and the ride tho!
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 UFO's trying to catch Loic Bruni
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 *throws glowworms in bin*
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 mofo!! that's what the drone is for.... not to record everyone's roof!
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 Makes me feel like I'm on mushrooms
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 Where do I get my own personal tracking light drone?
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 That was cool i guess. Good try RedBull.
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  • 1 1
 Really liked that, one of the best films in a while. More please;
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 so ufo's are real
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 BRUNIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 INTENSE got his new dh 29er !!!!! youtu.be/V8dtFuaqYCM
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 nice one! intense came up with a whole new bike just to fit those wagon weels Big Grin i hope they keep the raw colorway
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