Loic Bruni Skipping the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup After Dislocating Shoulder

Aug 5, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
Last time the circus visited Quebec was 2019 and Loic Bruni took the top step. Will history repeat itself here on Saturday

Loic Bruni has revealed on social media that he won't be racing at Mont-Sainte-Anne this weekend after dislocating his shoulder.

The injury happened after Loic had a flat tire during a practice run, while making his way down the track he took a jump with the flat and was kicked off the bike dislocating his shoulder. Loic was able to put it back together himself and even went on to do more runs during the day. The pain got to be too much in the evening and Loic made the choice to miss this weekend's race to prepare himself for World Champs.

We wish Loic the best and hope he can be back between the tape for World Champs.

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 It's dislocated, I think you might be dysloicxic
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 @km79: dyslexics of the world untie!
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 @draussen: I sold my soul to Santa.
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 @draussen: Dyslexia lures, KO!
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 Racing rumor: Loris and Loïc are actually the same guy collecting 2 paychecks from different companies. Evidence A: Loris' obviously fake moustache...
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 Shoulder pops out. Puts it back in. Goes back up for more runs. Hard as nails. Hope he's able to have a beer whole he watches finals.
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 Not opposing the "hard as nails" sentiment at all but having dislocated my shoulder multiple times and been lucky enough to get it back in myself, it always feels surprisingly good right after relocation. Did it once while rock climbing and kept climbing for another hour right afterwards. My experience has been the same as Loics, that the pain and immobility doesn't show up until later. Those soft tissues take a serious beating during a dislocation, and my hunch is the smart move is to let it rest immediately, even if it feels good. The worst part is, the more it happens the more likely it is to happen again.

Always a bummer to see the contenders taken out by injury. All the best to Loic and others healing up.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: Shoulder dislocation, for those who want to understand just how inadequate morphine can be and cry in an ambulance.
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 @BenPea: For the first one while waiting for a doctor yeah. Second one maybe an ibuprofen after manually resetting it. 3rd one onwards barely notice it’s popped out and back in apart from it going weak and wobbly.

Not really a good sign, is it? ;p
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 Had a friend with a knee dislocated so many times playing Rugby, that it was popping in and out on a carnival ride once, it dislocated about 10 times in 5 minutes. He had to go home leaving me with the difficult task of escorting both of our dates for the rest of the evening, ahh dislocation . . good times!!
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 @wingguy: eventually the weak and wobbly bit goes away. Then you have the surgeon pop it out for you so they can watch you pop it back in since it doesn’t hurt anymore and the texting back in 92/93 wasn’t that good. Surgery was scheduled moments later and the poor guy didn’t blink for about a minute lol
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 *Update/Edit... whole he watches Finn Iles.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: used to have same with my knee dislocating. Agony while it was out but relief the minute it was back. Also learnt you can’t ask the same person twice to help as they get freaked out the first time
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 MSA - destroyer of shoulders
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 Multiple Shoulder Anihilator
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 @skintightleather: My Shoulder Aches
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 also wheels!
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 Top riders are returning from existing injuries way too quickly and ending up with more severe injuries. Shoulder dislocations are no joke
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 More obvious news at 5
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 Having dislocated my shoulder earlier this summer....I'd rather break a bone. Dislocations are a miserable injury. Hope Loic heals up to make it back for rest of the season.
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 That's an easy choice, although my dislocation was catastrophic. Took out like 1/3 of my labrum in the process and required surgery. Hopefully his isn't as bad.
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 So hoenst question for you and/or any orthopods lurking- is a "dislocation" a type of severe separation? Asking since I've separated my shoulder on a few occasions, and it wasn't pleasant, but was able to function pretty normally in week or so. I do try to maintain decent shoulder strength via weights, pull-ups, etc..but I've always thought a legit "dislocation" was really bad news (regardless of the joint) and no effing way would you want to stress it out more.
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 @jackalope: I have a grade 5 AC separation so I feel qualified to give a “close enough” answer to this.

Dislocations are somewhat acute injuries. The bones are end the wrong place, but generally soft issue is intact even if somewhat damaged. You can typically reset the joint yourself. In severe cases it will keep popping out. In the case of my elbow, I needed about a month of rest and some PT. It still feel weird, but it’s fine. Sometimes you have surgery to “tighten everything back up”.

Once you dislocate a joint, you’re more likely to do it again. And things can spiral out of control. Knees are really bad about this.

AC separations are chronic, though they can be minor. In my Grade 5 (worst case) I completely torn the connective issue between my scapula and clavicle.

The soft tissue cannot heal or be repaired. There’s hardware you can have put it, but the success rate of that surgery is low enough and my Ortho doesn’t want to do it.

As a result, my right arm (the damaged side) hangs about 3 cm lower than my left, making it look like my right clavicle is trying to escape from my body.
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 @jackalope: Two different things. Separations refer to damaging ligaments in the AC joint. That's why there are different grades - you can fully tear the ligaments and then you're really screwed. Or you can mildly damage them as you seem to have done and it's soft tissue that heals with normal rest/ice/PT. Dislocations are when your humeral head literally exits the shoulder socket. Depending on your joint, the direction of dislocation, the force of trauma, your dislocation history, etc etc. it can cause tons of damage to ligaments, cartilage (labrum), bone, etc.
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 Depends on how severe the dislocation is. I dislocated my shoulder, but no ligament or tendon tears and it wasn’t that bad. Would take that over a broken bone, but more severe dislocation with torn soft tissue is nasty.
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 @Jvhowube: I have both dislocated and separated my right shoulder and can confirm, two totally different things. Not only mechanically but in how they hurt, how they effect mobility, and in how they are rehabbed. Both are really crappy injuries.
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 @pmhobson: had a grade 4 separation 25 years ago. In no way could I have never gone on without surgery. Not sure how your arm is functional
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Orthopod here. A "shoulder separation" refers to an injury to acromioclavicular (AC) joint. A shoulder dislocation refers to the ball of the shoulder actually coming out of the socket. These are two different injuries that sometimes people confuse. For most AC separations, the treatment is a sling for a period of time followed by rehabilitation. Often, we'll joke that it's the mountain biker's rite of passage... that and the bump from a clavicle fracture. Very, very few of these are ever severe enough to require surgery.

For shoulder dislocations... They can come out the front or the back. Most come out the front and are called anterior shoulder dislocations. They typically involve a tear of the labrum which is the suction seal for the shoulder socket and/or they involve a bony piece of the socket. For a first time dislocator, we often let them rest and then do a course of PT. If they have recurrent instability, then we will work it up and see what the cause is - either there is a component of the ball missing, the socket missing, just the soft tissue that isn't providing enough restraint or any combination of the above. The literature is evolving in treating these with some being as aggressive as treating it very early surgically, but as of now, most will not require surgery unless there is a failure of therapy and recurrent shoulder dislocations.
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 @dthomp325: would advise avoiding anterior dislocation with trochiter fracture at the top of the humerus. Immobilisation means longer recovery and a terrible last Christmas.
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 @scary1: Lots of PT and I was lucky enough to have had plenty of rock climbing strength (now all gone) when it happended
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 @pmhobson: I'm 6 months out from surgery #1 to repair a grade 5 AC separation. Had a hook plate installed to have the best chance at maximum repair. It was taken out after 3 months, and the surgeon told me 4 weeks later that I had "no restrictions" but needed to continue PT, focusing first on flexibility, and then strength. The hook plate itself caused so much pain and swelling that it interfered with what should have been effective mobility exercises, leaving me with mild frozen shoulder. I got back on the bike, and started putting in miles on road and gravel to try to get in as best shape as possible for BCBR this year. But about 4 weeks after the "no restrictions" comment, I noticed the clavicle was raised again, about half as much as it was fresh after injury. The surgeon looked at it, said she's never seen this after a hook plate fixation, and that I should take some time off the bike and come back in a month. (Didn't have a good explanation as to what would happen in that month that didnt happen while fixated by the plate.) She seemed annoyed, and the appointment lasted about 90 seconds. I haven't gone back since, and am looking for a new doc. I can feel the end of the clavicle knocking around the acromion when I move my shoulder. Moral of the story—don't separate your AC, and if you do, get multiple doctors lined up because the injury, surgery, and recovery are complicated.
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 @llaama: I think my AC separation was grade 2. I did it two years ago and although it’s okay now it took 12-18 months to get to that point. Awful injury, aching shoulder that stops you doing stuff but kind of randomly, and just lingers, I’d rather break my collar bone in future.

Consistent indoor climbing seemed to be the only thing that rehabbed it, hurt for a bit but now have nearly full ROM and more strength than before
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 @BenPea: I concur. I had anterior dislocation. Humerous was down near my ribs. Lots of PT and just last week got back on my gravel bike. I've had 13 breaks. Dislocation has been huge set back for strength and mobility.
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I had a first dislocation 2 years ago and I was back on the bike few weeks after but since then I had 4 or 5 other dislocations and even more subluxations. I put lots of work on PT and I have been able to race but as soon as the intensity increase or the trail is rougher, the shoulder is gone. My next stop is surgery.. I hope that after that I can ride DH and moto with confidence.
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 @jejsd: As I said above I got surgery immediately after my first and only every dislocation. I hit the gym the second the doctor said I could. I haven't had a single issue since.
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 @Sambikes11: I have to start climbing again.

I did my Grade 5 at the start of COVID and it really wrecked my trajectory.
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 @llaama: interesting. Thanks for sharing.

My clavicle isn’t raised. But my scapula is displaced downward.

My goal is resume my PT exercised at home hardcore, get back in the climbing gym, and then ask my surgeon to see if there’s any point in trying to get my scapula back in the right spot.
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 @pmhobson: I’d genuinely put climbing down as the reason it feels okay now, just didn’t seem to hurt it the same way weights did but quickly made it feel more stable
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 @Jvhowube: I wish I had done that back in ‘99 when I had my first one, but I don’t think the research was there yet. The result is 20+ years later I’ve had 20+ dislocations and two surgeries, with the last one including a “Later J” procedure which is basically a bone graft to block the humerus in the socket and a major labrum repair. I have a groove in the head of my humerus from grinding against bone during dislocations so many times.

The lesson here is to take resting up for 6-8 weeks seriously and do your PT! It really does make a difference.
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 @duplex: awesome explanation. Can confirm I'm in mtb club with a couple mild separations and a shoulder bump Wink

Super glad I've never had a dislocation tho, as I joke with my orthopod: I love you, but I really don't like seeing you
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 @pmhobson: brah... I had a grade 3 and it sucked, I'd contemplate cutting my arm off at Grade 5. I'm still not quite right 5 years on despite a good surgeon and rehab/physiotherapy.
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 French Canada has not been kind to the Frenchies.
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 Not even a french on the podium! Can’t remember the last time that happened!
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 In 2006, 6x9 became the new standard, that was and still is a good thing. PB keeps switching it up with this 9x6 format BFS where we have to rotate our screens to watch WGF. Two steps forward three steps back FFS JFC FO. Next!
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 Getting hurt going off a jump with a flat during practice. He has to be kicking himself hard.
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 No shame in the walking game. Hopefully he skips the last round and concentrates on next year and the new bike.
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 Damn. Being a fan of DH is a mindfu@k. Seeing your favorite rider battle it out is great but watching them getting beat up is tough. I can only imagine the inner mental battle riders must deal with. Heal up bud.
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 Crap! At this point, with the season he's had, he's probably wishing it would just be over. Heal up LB.
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 Shoulder dislocation is a terrible thing. In my case it took me three years and two surgeries to ride my bike again with peace of mind.
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 I dislocate mine and I'm out for 12 months. I really don't get how these guys can take a wambulance ride and only miss one race.
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 Daaaamn-heavy hitter after heavy hitter is getting rocked. Hope they all heal well!!
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 Ahh gutted! Hope he's back soon!
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 No worries, he'll heal up and be back in time to win the next race.
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 He can’t ruin Finns party now!
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 Damn, what does MSA have against shoulders?
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 rocks against shoulders
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 Next Demo should have a box inside the frame with enough to fix a puncture, only a couple of $ but not much
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 French Fried
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 Rough season for Loic!
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 Specialized tires?
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