Loic Bruni Isn't the Family's Only DH World Champion

Jul 25, 2018
by Alex Evans  
Mega Challenger start. Jean Pierre Bruni is a legend amongst the Mega riders

Speed and a passion for two wheels run in the Bruni family's veins. Not only is Loic Bruni a multiple World Champion but his dad, Jean Pierre, has stood on the top step of the World Championship podium no less than eight times! Enjoying a podium-topping career that's entered its 21st year, we don't think papa-Bruni is going to be hanging up his lid any time soon.

Although his first World Championships was in '97, his race-winning streak begun way back in '99 at the Bromont UCI Masters World Champs. Jean Pierre rode in the 35-39 men's category (the second age group in the competition) and claimed victory over USA's Gary Sailors by 7.02 seconds.

Skip forward a year to '00 and Bruni once again stood atop the podium in Bromont, again winning by a hefty margin.

Jean Pierre Bruni riding the Masters World Championships in Bromont Canada in 2000. Photo Credit www.canadiancyclist.com
Jean Pierre Bruni riding the Masters World Championships in Bromont, Canada in 2000. Photo Credit: www.canadiancyclist.com
Then in '03 he migrated to the older 40-44 category but continued his dominance, taking the category win. Over the following few years, papa-Bruni remained at or not far away from the top of his class winning in Bromont for the final time in '04 and then carrying on with his success in Pra Loup, France in '08 and coming second in '09.

Fast-forward to 2013 when Bruni's name once again crops up at the Masters World Champs, this time held in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa in the 50-54 age category. It's clear to see his passion for success hadn't dwindled, winning by a solid 4.355 seconds over Switzerland's Benoit Fellay and placing 20th overall.

In 2014, the Masters Worlds was held in Hafjell, Norway, but Bruni had to settle for the second step of the podium, being beaten by Brit Alastair Maclennan by only 1.45 seconds.

The next year in Vallnord, Bruni's form picked back up and he returned to his winning ways. On the 5-minute-plus track, Bruni regained his crown from the previous year's winner Maclennan by a convincing 2.3-seconds. The now 53-year old Bruni finished only 49-seconds behind Cesar Rojo, 19 years Bruni's junior on the exceptionally gnarly and long track.

2016 & 17 didn't go to plan for Bruni, but at this year's Masters Worlds in Vallnord we saw another impressive return to form. Once again racing against Swiss Benoit Fellay (who he last beat in '13) Bruni reinforced his dominance, winning by 9.60-seconds.
Jean Pierre Bruni riding Lapierre s Overvolt eMTB. Photo Credit Lapierre
Jean Pierre Bruni riding Lapierre's Overvolt eMTB. Photo Credit: Lapierre

With one rider to go the tension on the hotseat was almost unbearable.

Maybe having a super-fast dad who's into winning has been one of Loic's secret weapons and a key to his success? Although it seems Loic has his work cut out if he's going to beat the number of titles his dad holds! We're sure Loic is looking to back up his father's 2018 World Champs win with his own victory this year in Lenzerheide on the 8th and 9th of September.

Check out the rest of Jean Pierre Bruni's impressive results on Roots and Rain.


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 My dad is shite on a bike, explains alot.
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 my dads awesome, something not quite adding up here hmm, milkman
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 It's good to see old men like me still kicking. I'm nearly 50 and have been riding my whole life. I remember way back in 1998 when I was 28 years old I was at a NORBA championship in vermont and I saw a dude racing in the 50+ category and he was in his mid 60s. I was impressed that he was out there, racing, at his age. I was in my prime physical condition and riding condition and wondered if I would still be riding at his age. Now that 50 is creeping up I have no doubt that I will still be riding as long as I am physically able to ride. Hail, Hail to the old heads out there still riding!
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 Ever heard of Robert Marchand? World record in one-hour track cycling in the over-105 age group,
  • 51 1
 @buK3suba: stacked field too.
  • 9 1
 @watchtower: As you age the level of WTF at being able to ride around a track for an hour at 100 years old will make Gwin winning by 10 seconds seem about as impressive as taking a shit.
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 @buK3suba: I Have seen that dude...pretty impressive. I really hope that I can continue to ride at my current level for at least another 10 years. After that the DH stuff might have to take a back seat to more mellow XC rides. I am also hoping that electric mountain bike technology improves and also the outlook on E-bikes improve so that I won't get the evil eye when I show up to my local XC trails on an E-bike when I am 58. Plus in another 10 years the E-bike technology will improve so that the batteries will be smaller and lighter as well as the motors or pedal assist devices. I don't want an electric motorcycle to rip up the trails but if I can have help on some climbs or difficult pedaling sections I will be able to ride longer and farther. As it stands now my knee is destroyed. I tore my right ACL in my knee twice already and the doctors want to replace my knee but I am too young. I am trying to wait until I am at least 50 before I have my knee replaced. E-bikes will help me get out there and continue doing what I love. (how did this turn into a persuasive argument for E-bikes?)
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 I raced Jean Pierre in the same 40-44 class in Bromont 2003, he was a rocket. Great experience. I got 9th place only 50 something secons behind in a ver short course, him and Alstair were flying down. Salut Bromont.
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 My kid just dropped the 'I really don't like to ride bikes' bomb on me. Shattered my whole world. He's eight, I hope it's just a phase.
  • 30 0
 **prayers and thoughts**
  • 54 0
 ** whips and starvation**
  • 23 0
 On a serious note, part of the reason a lot of kids don't dig bikes is because a lot of kids don't ride bikes. Helicopter parents too paranoid about injury or child molesters don't let gets roam the block like we might have done. When I was a kid, all of my friends rode, we were like a biker gang with a 1-mile allowance from our homes at 10 years old, through highschool I had a group of 6 guys who during the summer would spend long days pedaling up our local mountain. If you want your kid to enjoy cycling you can't expect them to do so just following you around. Get them involved in BMX, your local DEVO team, or even start a Strider/Push-Bike club.
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 @PHeller: This. The whole reason I'm into bikes is because when I was a kid me and my mates would just cruise around on our bmx's, like you said, feeling like a biker gang. The second we'd get back from school we would be down the local bmx track just having fun, or riding around the village finding drop offs and street stuff to ride.
On the weekends we would just cycle our bmx's for miles to visit a different bmx track and it was only through bikes that we could get that sense of adventure without having any adults around!

When we got older and branched off into mountain biking it used to be so exciting to ride the bike park on our own.
Maybe if I didn't have mates who also rode bikes I'd still be riding regardless, but it definitely helped.
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 @PHeller: Hmm, none of his friends ride, for that matter neither do their dads/my friends. Might be time for a new crew all around.
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 @PHeller: good call...here in Peru I would sell him! Big Grin
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 @PHeller: that is so on point. Now it's all "bike camps" or "pedal-heads". Once you formalize the induction you take all the fun out of it. Yes, when we were kids it was out the door with all the other kids in the neighbourhood on our hacked bikes, then came BMX and it was dawn to dusk bike tag, then later shitty jumps, then the bowl and quaterpipes, then the track: but it was non stop bikes.

I'm sure there are a whack of kids out there that still do same (like every kid in Fernie is at the dirt jumps or on the hill all summer for example), but there's more city these days it seems and a lot less just letting your kids out. Mind you, I used to just let my dog out the front door whenever it wanted out and it could go piss, shit and hump wherever it wanted. That doesn't work anymore.
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 @benz-tech Serious note: you should let your kid pick up another hobby! It'll obviously give him a little bit of variety and let him expand his social circles. Burnout is high among people who stick with one athletic 'trade' their whole youth.
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 @rexluthor: I see camps and events as a 'gateway drug' of sorts. Structured learning/introduction, with the caveat you let them goof off in unstructured play.
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 Wait till his a little older and it becomes his only means of transportation riding to his buddies place and hopefully he falls inlove with it
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 Just make him watch all NWD movies in concession. He will get his stoke back.
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 @themountain: are you in lima? Show me some trails!!
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 @benz-tech: my son is only 17 months old, and I have that nightmare every night.
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 @PHeller: You are absolutely correct! The camps are driving my nuts. All summer long all my son's friends are in camps, camps, camps. They aren't cheap either. What happened to the days of grabbing your bike and exploring the neighborhood?
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 My eight year old said he didn't want to ride bikes because he doesn't want to get hurt like me... Guess I'm setting a bad example.
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 @rockyflowtbay: He sees my ig feed and PB vids all the time. He says he could never do that. I at least partially blame the instant-gratification world we live in. Mountain biking is hard, up or down the hill. I'm trying to help him see he'll get there. Maybe he'll never be a Loic, but it needs to be fun. I really try to make it fun for him.
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 My son is 7 and has no interest in bikes at all. I've tried but he just isn't in to it. Got a bike for his 3rd birthday, I think it's been ridden about 5 times in 4 years. Way too small for him now and I ain't buying him a new one so that can sit unused for 4 years!
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 Claudio , Loic is only fast because he trains with his dad lol
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 Needs more upvotes!
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 @ajayflex: Scrolled straight to comments expecting this to be at the top already. Disappointing...
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 funny, but it's also kinda true...
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 I would take my dad riding an E-bike any day of the week just to stop hearing him tell me about how much bikes at Crappy-Tire cost.

Did you know they are only $200 bucks and apparently because of that we are all stupid?
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 I used to get this all the time until I built dad up my old 2010 norco faze 1, going to that from his 89 rigid supercycle I finally heard "ok this is a lot better"
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 My dad is 58. He's a ultratrail beast and a marathon mtb machine. He shreds park too. Yes, I'm proud.
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 Be sure, you dad is proud of you also!
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 He did Red Bull Foxhunt last year...I sat beside him on the shuttle bus, spotted who he was, as I'd heard he was coming over, and then proceeded to try to use my A Level French from 20 years ago to have a conversation. Didn't work. He seemed like a lovely guy though!
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 Did loic actually overtake him then? Haha
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 Sick we raced in Bromont that year and did trail work for lift tickets that week, such a fun track!!! Our team had 2 guys racing masters it was a awesome experience!
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 I'm old enough to be Logic Bruni's dad...just not fast enough. Oh well... there's still time.
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 Hope that old man shows up at mont sainte anne in 2019 for worlds cause I will be there and ready to throw down,look out Bruni and Vergier,cause I'm coming for ya! In all seriousness can't wait to be there,the oppurtunity to race against guys from all over the world will be a once in a lifetime experience and a real honor!
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 Wow he's my new hero! Im the same age but never had the talent or the environment to excel when I was young,
my younger daughter has the talent and potential for greatness and it was/is an absolute pleasure to support her, coach her encourage her and watch her shred. Best feeling a dad can have.
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 good to hear that us old un's still have what it takes....I was once asked by an elderly lady who was standing at the start hut up at the Fort William DH track "ain't ya old enough to know better?", yes I replied "but I am still stoopid enough to do it!", her retort was "yer aff yer fecking heid ya eejit, but enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy while yer still living!"
I am booking an Innerleithen uplift next month to celebrate my 61st belly button birthday.... bring it on.....:-) and Y should all you young dudes get all the fun...... ;-)
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 well, I've just spent a couple of weeks in Morzine riding with my Dad, he's 70 now and still loving it, feeling it a lot more the next day, but loving it all the same. can't be too many people that age with a carbon DH bike.

i'm proud as punch about it Smile
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 Vergiers dad is also a shredder.
  • 3 0
 Isn’t Steve Peats old man a ex motocross rider/champ? It’s in the genes!
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 "....key to his success." No, not any more than Gee and Dan are to Rachels or Mick is to Tracey. Their success is their own.
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 JP Bruni is awesome, spend some time with him and the crew doing the Enduro series around Nice with him, and you will have the laugh of your life
  • 2 1
 Thought the caution tape said "Respect the send" for a second there
  • 2 0
 Respecte les sentiers // respect the trails
  • 2 0
 @fracasnoxteam: Thanks. I'll be in France this time next month so now I have almost all the French I need: "Ou est les sentiers?"

To make my vocabulary complete, what is the word for 'hospital'?
  • 1 0
 @iamamodel: where in France? Let me buy you a beer! (Or two) I'll be riding Châtel from 11 to 18.
Hospital is 112 with your cellphone
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 @fracasnoxteam: Dignes and then get to Chamonix in the last week of August.
  • 1 0
 @iamamodel: crap, almost... pm if you come close to Châtel. Anyway enjoy your French trip!
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 As it was once said: Choose your parents wisely.
  • 1 0
 what I learned on pinkbike!
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 nice story
  • 1 0
 wow, a real warrior!
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 Let‘s buy more ebikes!!
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 Sarcasm meters appear to be malfunctioning based on negatives.

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