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Apr 14, 2015
by artbarn  
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I don't want this piece to come across as too dramatic or a plea for sympathy, it's simply my story from the last 10 months. I can look back at my two useless hands, my mother practically doing everything for me, including feeding and bathing me and laugh a bit. Many have, and continue to go through much worse, and at the end of it all, I know I'm one of the lucky ones. Of course I would have preferred not to have gone through such pain, but at a certain point you have to respect every experience given to you, good or bad.

Look Ma no hands
Look Ma no hands

The fact that I get to worry about missing another race season and fall behind on training is a privilege. To have the knowledge and the ability to live a healthy life is a privilege. To have the support of companies like Ergogenics Nutrition is a privilege. Something Todd Schumlick once told me that I've always liked is, "No matter what happens, mountain biking doesn't owe you a thing." So no matter how this story ends down the road and no matter how stiff my joints are, I'll still be coming out on top. Thank-you to everyone who has played a part.

-Miranda Miller

Look Ma no hands

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 After watching World Cup DH races with crashes, Red Bull Rampage, Big Air contests, and riders doing big mountain lines, I always hurt a little for those that went down in injury, and feel relief for those who made it out ok. Riding mountain bikes can hurt. Stay on your Bike Danny!
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 Great video! Really inspiring.
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 I'm going to put this out there and hope not to be called sexist. That fine lady has bigger guns and shoulders than me, she probably shreds harder too. Sent her an engagement ring already
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 You seem like an old soul Miranda and that is meant as a compliment. When you get thrown back to earth from the clouds you were riding on it takes that extra realization that life is the big picture and not so much the mtn biking. Riding and racing is just a bonus but of course you want to win the bonus round too! Lol. Keep that level head of yours and ride in the moment and you'll be just fine. Well done Miranda and I look forward to watching you shred for a long long time.
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 having the strength to get back up is part of being number one. having the support along the way is something many don't have. this article shows you have both. your humility of realizing you win no matter where you end up will take you to the top again. these types of articles inspire many of us. from an old fat racer guy best of luck to you.
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 Kinda expected to see a no hander ( after reading the title). Cool vid anyway, shows the battles that go on behind the scenes..
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 My ride yesterday was the first time I've actually gone fast on my bike since I clipped a bar end, hit a tree and broke my collar bone. Overcoming fear feels good. Thanks for the update, Miranda. I hated hearing about Ft. William when it happened. Great to see you striving.
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 psychology of an athletes mind is as hard or harder to refine than the muscles for sure! gotta stay mentally strong and focused and u certainly are hard core and inspirational for all riders trying to get through injuries !
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 Without the work, the injury, the determination and the strength, the story wouldn't exist... And yours is amazing. Thanks for the video, and we're all rooting for you this season! Smile
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 Miranda, you rock girl. Always cool to run into her on the local trails here in Squamish. A true ambassador for the sport.
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 This girl is a badass. It isn't the most common thing in the world to come back from an injury like that.
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 What a bad ass! Physique alone you'd fold me up and send me on the way! Kudos to you for all the hard physical and mental work you must have put in to get where you are at now vs your crash.
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 Anything to win
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 Look after yourself... You're amazing!
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 Dang, that girl is yoked! Nice work! Best of luck getting back to pace and world cups!
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 Goals AF
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 Beautiful video. Good luck this season!
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 sorry but the rock roll at 3:06 is wayyy knarlier than it looks
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 Mmm.......protein shakes are delicious! Not!
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 Brienne of Tarth on bike!
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