Video & Photo Epic: Getting Sendy in the Czech Republic

Sep 13, 2018
by Looseriderscz  
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Photography, video & words: jára sijka // adam cvigner // adam kovář // honza faistaver

It all started a few years ago when we went to the very first Loosefest in Belgium to check out the Fest Series show. It was crazy to see guys riding that fast and hitting jumps that size! We were totally amazed. Shortly after this we all switched from dirt jump bikes to downhill bikes and started a new chapter of our riding. With dirt jumping background we knew how to build jumps, but now we have to build them double the size and keep them still easy to ride.

In 2016, after a first proper season on the big bike, we decided to make our own freeride contest. Basically no schedule, just hitting jumps, drinking beers and having good times – just like Fest Series is. It was late October, already rainy and cold, but even though lot of guys came and it seemed like everyone likes this type of event. That's how Loose Session started.

2017 was a tough one. The man behind all of this, Honza Spika, injured himself a few weeks before the event and there were only a few people to help fix the course. The whole summer was hot and dry, but the rain came just for the day of the event and it made everything very hard to ride. With help of all the riders, we made it possible and had a good session despite the bad weather!

For this year we made the big line flowier and added a new jump line from top to bottom with many jumps, rollers and berms to let everyone shred. The weather was perfect this time, no rain, no wind and the stoke was high!

Zbynek Bahy Bahula - Superman on the big jump.

Luky Studna at WhipOff Session.

Trying out the jump line.

Not only riders from the Czech Republic but guys all over the place like this guy, Max Bosh from Germany.

Honza chasing Honzou.

All the riders gathered up at the top the line.

Sick No Hander by Radim Vanecek.

Dočis performing an exercise book nosebonk at the hip.

Shit happens, cheers and bottoms up!

Honza Houzva - No Foot Can Can.

Smile into the camera.

Little bit of a rain and mist rising up from the woods.

Honza and his huge whip! #braaaap

Going huge on the big booters! Yaaaaay!

Bartek Jaws Krzyszton - Poland is here as well!

It´s very important to have fun on the way up as well!

Honza Faistaver winner WhipOff contest

Kamil on his enduro bike boosting between the big booters.

Šális and his backflip! This guy backflips anything he sees!

Audience amazed watching all from the nearby slope.

This year was very dry.

Honza Spika sending first step down.

This is the boss - Honza Spika.

Everything ends with fire and beers!

Zbyněk Bahula - BestTrick, Luky Studna - BestWhip, Honza Faistaver - WhipOff contest, Pavel Šálek - AirBag contest, Johny Kasny - BestKiller, Honza Spika - Best Line

It was a crazy weekend full of big jumps! The stoke was high and the jumping session was insane! We hope that everyone who came to jump or watch had a good time and all of you will come back next year to even bigger jumps! Thank you all! Keep shredding and have a good time on your bikes!


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 This video is well worth Czeching out
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 underrated pun
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 Mtb scene needs more events and jumplines like this. Awesome to watch. Keep it up boys.
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 Čehičke on afterparty... niceeee!!! Smile )))
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 What is that black van-ish vehicle?
  • + 2
 idk but i want one
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 @Adhdj: Amen. Van + Truck + Lambo + Transformers + Batmobile = what the heck is that?... wait, I don't care... GIMME! Razz
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 Hustyyyyy,super video kluci
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 Respect chlapci! Diktat!
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 Is this near Vsetin or Sumperk?
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 nearly opposite corner border VOLE Big Grin
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