LooseFEST 2016: Days 3-4, Pushing the Limits - Video

Jul 24, 2016
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 Conor F#*&ing MacFarlane! Hopefully Conor gets a wild card entry to Rampage again. I reckon the new format (more time, more natural) and new area would suit him.
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 That flip was savage!
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 I really want to see an average mountain biker try to do these jumps. i want to know if it's worth dreaming about Wink
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 I work in an emergency room ... I would say the "average mountain biker" should stick to dreaming.
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 an average mountain biker ...with balls, won't be average after a thousand hours of practice but i guess the beer and the sofa it's a much easier and safer way to do it. Just saying
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 Now watch this.
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 @beatjumper average is a very subjective word...certainly someone who is far less talented "could" hit these jumps, but it's unlikely anyone who wants to remain out of a wheelchair and has enough jumping experience to even consider it would do it.

I would think the biggest difference for a park jumper would be the speed required to clear these, full out commitment.

Reminds me of watching less experienced jumpers try crabapple hits at whistler (obviously a lot smaller, but still a step up from anything else available there). Most of them come out unscathed, but a lot of times look seriously sketchy...the penalty for failure is high enough there...here you are almost certainly going to get really f*cked up, especially if you don't have a lot of experience will proper crashing.

unless you're really serious about pushing limits I can't imagine any "average" rider trying to work up to something like this -
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 Go big or die tryin'...
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 Anyone could hit these jumps, as long as they have decent jumping ability and can control a bike in the air, they might even be lucky enough to land it.... However the amount of practise these guys have had gives them a fairly slim chance of crashing badly, someone without experience, would have maybe only a 1000 to 1 chance of landing successfully on their first try, they might not get a 2nd try either...
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 Hold my beer
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 You know how it feels to go 35 mph down a sketchy ass trail on the verge of crashing?...now add another 10 mph and add in a 100ft jump.

40 years ago there was one dude that would do something like this...Evel Knievel. No there's 100 on bikes and another 1000 on dirt bikes. Progressing so fast.
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 gotta remember , a lot of fest series riders ride MotoX . They'll learn the jumps on the X'ers an then switch to the DH bikes
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 My buddy came out to Whistler a summer ago, with a background in fmx and bmx. Stayed with me and another mate and then came in one day saying he'd been riding with Nico Vink. A few moths later he got invited to loose fest, that was a year ago! He's in this one as well! Jasper is mental, not your 'average' rider but he was one of the localsSmile

massive balls as well!
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 Here are some impressions of the size of theese things...

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 i'm assuming you can just turn up and watch right? I need to see this irl so bad
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 @ferretca18: I ride with jasper from time to time when he's back home such a sick rider
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: PASS me that bottle...I'll be right back.
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 @bx-bmrz: I don't do cig butts or piss. I'd mark you up after you pass out
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: Or get knocked out when I case one of those things. As you should.
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 @bx-bmrz: send it , I'll take the pic
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 Hold my beer I got this...
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 Where the f is lacondeguy?
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 He's taking a year off to let everyone else catch up. Its only fair.
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 @prevail: reality sucks, hope all's well Andreu
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 @pigman65: was just really hoping he wasnt injured, we need him for RaMpAgE....hope alls well for ya andreu....
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 the last backflip!
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 Yeaaah Connor!
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 Love those big 3's by Ethan Nell.
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 Yes Ethan Nell, those 3's by Ethan Nell are pretty dialed. Hahaha
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 You may want to create 5 different accounts if your intentions are to post about how Nell (who obviously isn't you) is the greatest/favorite rider on Pinkbike on every single article and video shared with the community. With that being said I hope he (or you) gets a Rampage wildcard for progressing so quickly and having the opportunity to ride with some great people. That's what it is about after all. Smile
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 What kind of protection do they use when their balls of steel hits the frame?
you know, so they don't crack the frame.
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 Madness. Those jumps are so big it seems like they are all hanging on to clear them, not much trickery, just insanity
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 Those jumps are small
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 Three days in a row of Fest coverage seems a bit excessive......NOT!
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 That bail! Well done Sir!
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 i'm glad they put the safety balls on the power lines.. Aviation warning devices have to be mandatory at the Fests
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 That's just rad. There's no other word for it. Just fucking RAD!
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 that got my pulse racing!!! i need to lay down...
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 UFOs, UFOs, UFOs everywhere Nice to see Vink killing it!!! Riding 'n Building
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 Every bike a 26! Wow!
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 Conor McF is awesome rider!
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 The fact that everything looks tamer on video makes this even more terrifying.
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 no andreu ?
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 is the last rider in the train at 2:50 him?
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 he had to leave early because of some private stuff to deal with..
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 Hope Sam Reynolds heals up quick....
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 I'm alright thanks dude! just battered and bruised! Will be back for Huckfest!!
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 La Chouffe would be a better sponsor than Monster Smile
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 I drank more chouffe than monster there!
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 @gprotin: Bien vu! Wink
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 Ooh yeeaaah!
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 simply unbelievable..
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 oh lordy lord..
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 There just plain sick in the head Shake and bake
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 That was one McGazza inspired backie right there
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 most ra dude 0:21, throwing thailwhip
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 Holy dang!!! Now that's an edit!

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