Video: Exploring Revelstoke With Lorraine Blancher

Sep 22, 2015
by Freehub Magazine  
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In This Episode: Lorraine Blancher got hooked on riding her bike after she won her first downhill race at 19 and hasn't looked back since. Growing up in Okanagan Valley, Lorraine was given the freedom to explore the wilderness that surrounded her, which evolved into a love for the outdoors, and an ambition to spend as much time as possible enjoying the mountains. She now lives in Revelstoke, BC, where we caught up with her and her sister Sarah for some not-so-typical family time. — Presented by Race Face

Faces: The Rider Chronicles is a series dedicated to telling the stories of mountain biking. Wade Simmons, Dylan Sherrard, Lorraine Blancher and Chris Johnston are four riders with a unique outlook on the sport and surrounding community. Each offers their own blend of knowledge and experience that encapsulate the mountain bike lifestyle. Join us for a series dedicated to telling their stories.

Watch Episode One feat. Wade Simmons here.
Watch Episode Two feat. Dylan Sherrard here.

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 You know when people ask who you want to meet before you die...well Lorraine Blancher is someone I would like to meet. I have looked up to her for years and hope to ride with her one day. And I think her sister Sarah just got added to that list too! Inspiring women.
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 Now that's what it's all about. Adventure!
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 So basically I need a sibling with a helicopter license
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 Inspiring video. And she has some guns on those arms!
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 Haha, my first thought as well! Awesome to see people doing what they love.
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 Lorraine, you're riding is damn awesome. I'll never forget the slalom race where I wanted to beat you so badly, I ended up biffing on my face, cracking my full face, and splitting my lip open. When you were winning your first National Championships, I was dreaming to be as fast as you... Hahaha... 2015... I'm still dreaming.
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 You've always been a shredder Lalena !! Keep progressing it !! The sport needs more inspiring Girls like you !!
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 Here's a thought ...

Notice how the true top World Cup Riders make the track look So easy compared to the others? So much so they almost don't look like they're going fast ?

They make it look easy because it is. They're being uber smooth and have immaculate bike and body technique so everything is efficiently doing as it's designed.

Aka - You gotta be uber smooth to go truly fast.

(So many focus on iwannaGoFast, IwannaGoFast, GoingFaster, EvenFaster, crash, crash, crash ..)

Not saying you aren't Smooth - I'm letting you know I'm continually refining my riding to make it as effortless and smooth as I can - cleaning up my biomechanic inefficiencies so my body and bike can effortlessly do as they're designed.

When I want to go fast or jump big - I relax. I make sure I'm in my sweet Center Bias position, starting with my feet (so my bike and body's suspension can work as it's designed). I scan as far ahead as I legitimately can. I notice where my traction is/isn't and efficiently Manufacturing trail speed where ever I can ...

I think the biggest thing for me is Biomechanically Maintaining True Center, and making it a natural reaction to quickly get back to that Center Bias as soon as I'm out of it.

Our technology has progressed yet so many are still riding in a Rear Wheel Bias position of the sh*tty head tube angles - crappy forks - poor breaks - narrow bars - skinny tires - etc - era, especially in the technical and steep. They're not getting the most out the front of their bike or entire body and neither is working as it's designed. (The front of the bike is pretty much where it all happens - the rider needs to be Center Bias starting with equally weighting the feet of the lower body and proper hand width/weight placement so everything works, especially when they need it most - the tech and steep !! I can go on and on about this !!)

Hope that inspires !! I'm stoked as I ust came 4th at my first ever Enduro (with a solid field and some big rookie mistakes) and the above is what I told myself before each run ...

You're a true Shredder. Keep refining, I am. Let's keep getting Faster !!
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 I couldn't agree more. That's what I love about mountain biking; I feel I am always getting better but there's always more refining to do. Hope we get to ride together soon.
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 Absolutely the best guide/coach on a bike! Beyond her biking skills, she's just Ana amazing person. Always has a smile, and full of stoke!
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 Hi from Kelowna Lorraine. Stoked to see you're still killing it in Revy....
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 Great to see you shredding Lorraine! Hi from all your old friends in Kelowna....
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 Revy's not that far away !! Just sayin' ... come visit !! (Actually Riding in Kelowna / Okanagan is my favorite for this time of the year ... Pairing sweet singletrack with the wineries to match for apres !!)
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 That was awesome. She rips!
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 We have to go ride there @PLMedia
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 Will you marry me, Lorraine...?
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 If Lorraine came to Australia, her nickname would be Lozza...or Lozenge..
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 good to know
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 Now that is what I want to be a part of as well...
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 Yeah Lorraine! Great clip, hope to ride with you in Revy soon.
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 go Lorraine! where's the footage of you whipping the Crabapples!
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 E29. Awesome bike.
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