Video: Los Alamos EnduroFest (New Mexico)

Aug 6, 2014
by MTB Mania  
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Los Alamos put on a great show with everything from pedally to downhill trails in the mist. The music, beer, and elevation of 10,000 feet made for great entertainment. Chris Boice (ex world cup DH) of Intense took the win over local favourite Damian Calvert in what ended up being a six second difference.

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 Awesome. Good to see New Mexico coverage. I need to attend one of those events one of these days and just try for not last. Was sad to hear that the planned back mountain trails were replaced with more runs on the bike park.
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 yeah I agree with E07 comments. I would have gone with a hardtail for this race from watching the video. And the falls at 3:00 just emphasizes that 3 shots of jager is not a good prerace drink. video flattens things out and am sure it was a fun race but seems like it should have been xc.
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 This footage only shows the second stage, which was certainly the most pedal-intensive of the three. Also, for some reason they seem to have gotten a lot of the footage from the very top, where you're basically traversing over to the start of the downhill, probably so they didn't have to walk to the middle of the stage...

Overall, there was a fair bit of pedaling, but not an unnecessary amount. There was basically for most of stage 3. It was STEEP. I don't think any of the stages could have been done well on a hardtail. And I rode a hardtail exclusively until recently.

About 1/3 of the 45-person field bailed before stage 3, it was that intimidating. Clearly though a lot of people also weren't great riders, as evidenced by the crash reel of that rocky hairpin.

It was a pretty big upset that the two new trails on the back of the mtn got dropped. They were half the reason I signed up.

Overall,it was a fun race. I think it was a pretty good example of what enduro should be. 1st stage was moderate and fast, 2nd stage was pedally and technical, 3rd stage was steep. Took a well rounded rider to do well. Certainly an ideal race for a 6" bike.
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 Such a cool event. I hear you waeimono ^, I was looking forward to see some trails with more flow then just the gnarlyness that is the bike park. But all in all its awesome to see events like this coming to New Mexico!!
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 @enduro07, thanks for the response. I get what you are saying as far as the coverage showing shreddage, but I have to say that anyone in somewhat cycling shape can pedal a transition stage in an enduro race and be okay to ride the downhill. I don't believe enduro is all what it is cracked up to be. The products as far as bikes and equipment that have resulted from the "enduro craze" have been great, but in my opinion the "craze" is more of a industry-consumer-blood-sucking hype.
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 That announcer chick is fine, oh yea, hahaha all those people that ate it on that rocky switch back.
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 What's up with the polo shirt? Again, just sayin,......
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 Local shops were closed, we grabbed what we had Big Grin
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 sweet cross country race
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 looks flat, too much pedaling
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 Your comment highlights a gripe that I have with enduro: not enough flat, pedaly sections. Enduro, while I love the vids and coverage, is watered down downhill. More enduro races should have long flat sections because right now there isn't too much separating it from downhill. I'm just sayin. Please hit back with some thoughts on this, I would like to know what everyone thinks.
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 I understand there needs to be some flat sections to tests riders true endurance. But as a highlight reel of the weekend I would expect them to show more of the dh sections, not a bunch of ppl pedaling on flat terrain thats boring if I wanted to see that i'd watch an xc race. The theme behind enduro is that you need to be in shape to get to each of ur stages which is then a timed DH! Riding multiple stages is very exhausting comboed. Dh races are 1 one track 1 race run. enduro is 6-8 dh tracks with a comboed time. there is a lot seperating enduro from dh races. There is not much seperating this race from an xc race.
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 6 minutes to drop 1000' average?! That sounds average downhill. Stage 3 had a grade of -18% and the only stage shown in the highlights was stage 2. Judge all you want but you weren't there. If you want to see the other two stages u can watch the full episode here : mountainbikemania.net/videos

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