Team Videos: Lošinj Downhill World Cup 2018

Apr 24, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Devinci couldn’t wish for a better start of the season with the new team – Dakotah Norton was fifth on the UCI World Cup podium for the first time in his racing career! The Unior/Devinci racing program is on fire – and the season has just begun! hole week in Croatia was all about the sun, the sea & the great hospitality, but today we only have one thing on our minds – first downhill World Cup podium for the team and Dakotah Norton. The American joined new Unior/Devinci team in the winter, showed his speed early in the season on Pro GRT Windrock, and absolutely blew our minds today!

MS Mondraker Team

The first round of the 2018 UCI Downhill World Cup is in the books and Losinj showed that there's a fine line between victory and defeat. Even though this World Cup didn’t end as we hoped we are happy and know that we are close to where we want to be… Bring on the next 2018 Mercedes UCI World Cup!

YT Mob

For the 2nd time in three years Aaron Gwin (USA) has won the opening round of the UCI World Cup for his team The YT Mob, and this time it was at the brand new venue of Veli Losinj in Croatia. The track was short, steep, and extremely rocky, with most riders finding it difficult to maintain lines at speed. It also took riders from the roughest section on the World Cup circuit, to the smoothest section with a short urban run to the finish line. In the past 20 years there have only been three occasions where the winning man of the opening round goes on to win the overall series, and all three times that was Aaron Gwin, so his rivals will be fully aware that ‘the boss’ has started his season with typical strength and precision.

Team Dorval AM

A good way to start the new world cup season. Even with a treacherous track, the riders of the team Dorval AM spent a good week in Croatia. The final results were not as good compared to the qualification runs but it's part of the game.

Polygon UR

It has been a tough weekend for us in Losinj, Croatia but we couldn't be more excited to be back on the World Cup circuit! This is the harsh reality of racing professionally but it's also why we love it and that pushing your limits like Tracey Hannah, Sick Mick Hannah, Alex Fayolle and Kenta Gallagher do, sometimes comes with a price. We're lucky that it is just small injuries and we will see you all in Fort William! Yeeoow!

VoulVoulRacing Team

The first world cup of the year is done and dusted and racing in such a unique place sure was a great experience. Marine and Florent both had a strong start to the season with a 4th and 11th place (by 6/100 of a second ) and Kevin also stayed in one piece in his first elite race. Follow us through the weekend from our point of view.

Atherton Racing

Join the team in Losinj for the first World Cup of the season. It all seemed so idyllic, sunshine, sea and messing about in boats! But then we saw the track... riding it is one thing, riding it against the clock is something else entirely! The first World Cup is always a big one putting all that off season training to the test , thrills, spills and a tight awkward track with no room for error!

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 YT Mob is so fast, even their videos come in first.
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 They roll out edits faster than I can sober up
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 love how YT is so prompt and with a good edit... while winning
  • 43 0
 Brock is working the whole time, it’s insane. I stayed with him while racing at MSA and I don’t think he even used his bed because he was up all night editing
  • 1 0
 @kleinblake: Brock is a machine - saw it two times in a row in Leogang and all he need is a power plug (for the equipment) and a table with a chair :-)
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 Yt tales is probably the best coverage of the event next to only the Red Bull live stream itself
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 SO stoked Tales of the Mob is back!
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 SO stoked the WC season is back .. DAMN !!!!! Big Grin
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 So when are they gonna add Vali Holl to the Mob?
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 YT has my fullest respect not to exploit that girl early. They made a long term contract with hardly any duties from her side.
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 Given time she is gonna be a massive threat she’s super talented and she will only get better!
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 i would have never believed it 5 years ago, but i have turned into the biggest gwin fanboy ever. the dude is just straight up badass.
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 Gwin is worth every penny. Probably deserves more...
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 Fast Life with Loic B was my favorite from last year, hope they bring on season 2
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 Mob edits!! Those video dudes better be getting free bikes.
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 Funny how you can see a totally different picture of Gwin here on the team video compared to some vitalmtb or other 'external' interviews. And those moments when they are cheeky about Angel not having raced the previous season- nice touch.
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 i never really understood why random internet people didnt like him. i guess becuase he sometimes talks about his religious beliefs. but he seems super nice. hes kinda funny and his teammates seem to like him. and hes been the fastest guy in the world for about 7 or 8 years now. these YT videos showcase his personality pretty well and he comes off as extremely likeable
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 Well, AG is smart and fast and so are the people around him. Respect! Wink
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 feeling pissed of for sik mik
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 Looks like YT has these team videos figured out! Good stuff!
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 super way to present some onthe teams.
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 I could do that.
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