Lourdes Injury Update: Oscar Harnstrom

Apr 15, 2015
by Nathan Hughes  
Lourdes is a World Cup that will be remembered for its tremendous brutality and of the hundreds of spills some would inevitably pay a heavier price than others. One of the biggest diggers of the weekend was undoubtedly Swedish sender, Oscar Harnstrom, who hit the deck over the gully gap in the kind of crash that puts you off your dinner (last clip in the video).

The good news is he was well taken care of by the medics, his HS Racing team mates Lorenzo Suding and Markus Hansson as well as the good folks at Tarbes emergency department. He's now doing fine after some surgery on his arm which looks like it rather needed some attention.

Oscar Harnstrom... Huckstrom as he s now known makes a bottom-out test off the boulder drop. 10th at the first split he upped it to an incredible 6th before a massive eject in the gully section lower down saw him break his arm. Out of surgery he is being looked after well by HS Racing team mate and night-nurse Lorenzo Suding.
  The accident came at an unfortunate time as Harnstrom was making his way up the ranks on his qualy run. 10th fastest at split 1 and pinning to an incredible 6th before disaster struck.

Oscar Harnstrom
  Certainly not a hairline fracture...

bigquotesI was having a great time riding in Lourdes, it was my kind of track super wide and lot's of line choice. The natural terrain made it fun to try to find transitions and sneaky hidden lines. I was enjoying a good run in the qualy and on the canyon section gap, I guess I went too far right and my tires got slapped to the side by something just before the lip. I fell like a sack of sh*t, fracturing my radius really badly. It took the rescue team over an hour to get me into the ambulance but I promise I didn't cry! I was lucky to get operated right away after checking into the Hospital in Tarbes, 20 km from Lourdes. The hand-specialist surgeon was present, but when I saw him in the operation room I wasn't so stoked. He was really big and scary with blood stains all over his face and on his shirt. They the three weirdest and longest hours of my life, but at least my radius was back in line. I'm now keeping the dream alive, sleeping a lot! Can't wait to heal up! Oscar Harnstrom - HS Racing

Definitely broken.... Oscar Harnstrom s before and after some metal work following his huge bail at Lourdes WC qualifying.
  Definitely broken... Oscar Harnstrom's arm before and after some significant metalwork.

The Pila resident lives to huck and we're sure he'll be right back to his good old self in no time...

Get well soon, Oscar, from all at PB.


  • 48 1
 Just put some robitussin on it.
  • 22 0
 and a little duct tape
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 Exactly, for stability.
  • 14 0
 haha awesome! "let that Tussin get to da bone"
  • 15 1
 "if the women don't find you handsome, at least they'll find you handy"
  • 8 2
 a stick and 3 zipp ties. What a whimp
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 Chris rocks robittusin stand up scene, haaaaahahahahaha you made me remember, you guys. Haaaahaha We're outta robittusin! Well, Put some water in it. Shake it up. 'more robittusin!
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 BenGay rubs it right!
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 Did exactly the same... to both wrists... last September up Fort Bill. Not good. My wife had to wipe my arse for 3 weeks. True story. www.pinkbike.com/u/rustybones/album/DOWNTIME
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 DOOOOOOOD. Those photos are awful. The xray shots where they show all the locating bars criss-crossing your anatomy are the worst.
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 wow tough times. your missus is the one. good choice, heal soon
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 Wow I hope you've healed well. I'm pretty sure my wife would wipe me too, along with a couple close friends of mine if my wife wasn't available.
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 Sorry man. Sounds awful.

Also: I don't have a wife. What the hell would I do?!?
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 I will wipe you if you're desperate.
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 I wonder who's wiping Oscar's bottom. Probs his mum. :-/

I'd rather switch the shower on to be honest and have it jet washed. ;-)
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 Geez....that's love player!!
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 Haha! Just seen all these replies on here... Yeah, I now know my wife truly loves me. It was pretty funny the first time she did it.. but it soon wore thin! The joke. Not my ass! I'm happy to say I've pretty much healed up and took part in my first Enduro race a couple of weeks ago, since the accident... With the aid of wrist guards... You'll have to cut my legs off to stop me riding! Cheers peeps!
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 I just hope her finger didnt go through the paper awkward!!!! :-P
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 For her! Fun for me! Big Grin
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 That's when you KNOW she's a keeper! haha
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 Especially if she did it on purpose!! That's some nasty breaks on this page, did my wrist a bit worse than Oscar this time last year, with a scaphoid, two dislocated shoulders and a sprained ankle, got metal In it - but back riding and works fine again - soldier on boys!!! Smile
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 Horrible crash. Hope he heals up soon.
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 I have an intense hatred for that break, known as a "Colles Fracture"

I am glad they got you to a hand surgeon because here in America with our shitty HMO insurances, my GF was sent to an orthopedist who focused on shoulders, elbows and forearms, when really a radius break there is a wrist problem.

My GF's bone was reset well by the ER doctors and she avoided surgery and plates such as he has now, plates are nice for the bones alignment and general pain reduction, but the surgry and hardware are bad for the tendons (some have to be cut out of the way to install the plates).

Next month she goes in for surgery on the soft tissue that was torn (it wont heal on its own and causes alot of pain and swelling) as the ulna ripped through the pinky side of her wrist and hand, much like the picture in the bottom left.

My last question is about the ulnar styloid, which is commonly broken as well, it looks like the surgeon hasnt removed the floating chunk of bone from where the ulnar styloid broke off top right picture.

Best of luck

TLDR: My GF had this break almost 8 months ago and goes in for another surgery this coming month, it has to be one of the most painful debilitating breaks I have ever seen, and professionals will tell you its worst than an acl injury.
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 6d helmet proves itself again! Heal up bud.
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 Brutal to watch that - heal up mate.
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 Rest up and heal fast! You'll be back before you know it, Oscar. Be well.
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 Nice pic. I have the same hardware in my left wrist. Good and strong now.
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 Heal up homie!
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 So gutted for this guy.
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 healing vibes and keep that speed!!
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 Shucks. I've got the same bits of metal work in my wrist right now.
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 maybe you can use minnaars custom piece used to hold his hand on once he is healed up. heal up soon!!!!
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 Clips are more dangerous then a Go Pro.
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 Get well fast bro!!! I'll be waiting you to race in a couple months Smile
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 Gorilla glue does wonders !! Seriously, take care and heal soon !!!
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 take a knee and drink some water, for crying out loud!!!
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