Luke Strobel Bike Check

Jul 25, 2009
by Tyler Maine  

Head Tube Angle: 65 Degrees
Weight: 0.7 lighter than an Evil Revolt is the word on the street (unofficial weight)
Travel: 200mm
Sizes: Small / Medium / Large
Release Date: Launching the model at Crankworx in Whistler in August, so expect frames in the early fall.
Course Quote: "It's like a moto track out there, but with big rocks! I'm looking for a top 10 on Saturday"


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 Looks good. I like the look of the previous model better to be honest, but this looks like a better bike. Long live Rocky Mtn!!
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 Same, seems like there's only a few of us.
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 i never liked the old flatline with their bulkyness but these new flatline are super sick.
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 sick bike!
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 ne one looks much better than the old one, but i think this bike could really use a v10ish style fender on it, that linkage is sitting right behind the tire right out in the open.
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 Finally a nice looking Rm!After the old rmx series they came up with that gastly new series....but this is soooo nice!
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 This is sick!
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 weight 0.7? a little vague?
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 probably .7 lbs lighter than the evil revolt.
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 how heavy is the revolt though
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 not a friggen clue
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 (in response to telmofebras comment)
I think the only manufactuer that seems to have mastered swoopy frames is santa cruz, i mean look at the nomad, v10 or driver 8 and they all look the part, and any other company that tries to copy just makes a meal of it.
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 looks, color, geometry, it's all just opinion. I know plenty of sane people that feel like sc bikes are heinous looking.
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 new flats look so much better.
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 i think this new bike as a better look than the other, but still they need to renew the desing, create the lines of the bike a bit more curved .. in my opinon it will be much better compared to other model's it wil give the bike a new 'style'
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 Curved tubes are so awful. I don't want Rocky to end up like Norco's new line, full of swoops and waves and looking more like a wet noodle than a bike.
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 yeah, who really cares about the factual advantages of curved tubing?
I know I've personally invested too much time and $ into my hardcore mtb image to risk it all by riding a bike with curved tubes.

Maybe if it had some fake bullet holes or a barbwire tatoo graphic...
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 what 0.7 lighter than an Evil Revolt ?I do not believe
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 Shred it Luke! Good luck!
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 I want one of those frames. Looks real nice.
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 Much better look!
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 No tubes DH rims???
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 ztr flow
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 Are they nice???
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 They are the very definition of "nice."
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 I have a set of flows on my DH/FR bike. Super light and so far been holding up great. They indeed are very nice.
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 i have a set of high roller tires for sale brand new 50$ check em out.

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