Lyne Components Announces Holy Rail

Sep 3, 2019
by Lyne-Components  

PRESS RELEASE: Lyne Components

After launching the Holy Rail in South Africa we feel its time to show it to a wider audience. The concept is simple; regular bottle cage mounts are pretty limiting and don’t often allow for much flexibility in terms of repositioning the bottle cage and maximising the valuable space inside the front triangle of your bike frame. We came up with the Holy Rail which allows you to reposition your water bottle and then add accessories with the space that has been created.

How it works:

The Holy Rail is an aluminium extrusion that sits on top of a rubber skirt. The rail uses sliding threaded nuts which are regular M5 x 0.8 spec making them compatible with regular bottle cages and accessories. It has removable end caps which can be used to insert and remove the slide nuts and cover the end of rail should it be cut down.

Holy Rail Kits & Accessories

We developed a range of accessories to fit on to the Holy Rail in an effort to suit a wide audience and also fit as many different frames as possible.

Dual Cage Kit

This kit is a big deal for some, especially for marathon riders that typically have large space available in their frames and also need the most amount of hydration possible. It uses a bracket to mount one bottle upright and the other parallel to the down tube. It wont fit on all frames out there, but when it does we feel it makes for significant upgrade to your bike.

• Available with or without multitool & holder
• $62-$82

Triangle Storage Box Kit

This kit is an attempt to maximise the triangular space left between the bottom of the bottle cage and the shock or seat tube. We made it out of EVA which means it has a bit of flexibility for when it needs to be fully loaded, we have added a removable foam divider inside to stop any tools from rattling against each other.

• Available with or without multitool & holder
• $42-$62

Base and Strap Kit

This kit uses a base plate with a thick strap for tying down things like spare tubes, light batteries or rolled up jackets for example. We also have a folding bag and stash bag that are compatible with this kit.

• Available with or without folding bag
• $52 with folding bag

Bottle Cage with Quick-Draw Multitool holder

We developed the Quick-Draw holder as a faster solution to access a multitool because putting it away in a bag or storage box isn’t always convenient for quick trailside tweaks. It can attach to the Holy Rail or be used with our cage and bottle cages of other brands as a standalone item.

• 8 in 1 tool includes: 2mm Allen, 3mm Allen, 4mm Allen, 5mm Allen, 6mm Allen, T25 Torx, Flat Head (5mm), Philips Head
• $34

Rubberised Straps

Rubberised straps are available separately should you like to strap a rail to your frame. This works well under the top tube for enduro bikes with horizontally positioned rear shocks or for frames that don’t have bottle cage mounts.

• Strap the Holy Rail to your frame
• $4

Compatibility and Technicalities

We are totally aware that the Holy Rail system won’t work with every bike out there. We did however create a blog to try and keep record of successful setups for reference purposes, this info is on our site.

If you are concerned about adding extra weight to your bottle cage mounts then you will be happy to know that we include a rubberised strap to all Holy Rail kits which can be used to add extra stability to the rail.

For more information click here.
We have listed some of the Holy Rail range on Amazon.
Images by Ewald Sadie


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