Magnus Manson Diagnosed with Blood Cancer

Jul 25, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Canadian World Cup downhill racer Magnus Manson has announced he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a cancer of the white blood cells that mainly affects people in their 20s or the elderly and men are slightly more affected than women. The cancer causes B-lymphocytes to start to multiply in an abnormal way and begin to collect in certain parts of the lymphatic system, such as the lymph nodes, which makes the patient more vulnerable to infection.

Magnus said he knew something had been off for a while and he began consulting doctors around a month ago. However, in the past two weeks he has been exhausted and doctors were able to give him a concrete diagnosis after a series of tests and specialist appointments. Magnus will begin treatment as soon as possible and his specialists are confident he will be able to make a full recovery and be back riding when his body allows.

bigquotesI wish I could be at nationals on my bike today, but the universe has other plans.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with White Blood Cell Cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma) it’s taken about a month of tests and specialists appointments to finally receive the concrete answer. Only the last two weeks have been uncomfortable, the time beyond the two weeks was just weird. I felt exhausted, I knew something was off but it was simple enough to put blame on the travel or the racing or the training.

It’s tough to get such heavy news as a young kid for sure but as far as cancers go this one doesn’t sound to be too hard to beat and all the doctors are confident things should all work out!

Going to be taking some time off to receive treatment over the next little while but looking to get back on my bike as soon as the body allows, shouldn’t be too long!

Thank you to the companies and people who support me through the thick and thin, it’s been a real rough few years but the mental toughness all these struggles have brought into my life will only make me that much more resilient to challenges I'll face in the future.

Wish I could be out there doing my thing this weekend/summer but I hope everyone else will get after it for me!!
Magnus Manson

Magnus would like to pass on an extended thank you to his sponsors, family, friends and the mountain bike community that has been overwhelmingly supportive after he posted the news. We wish Magnus all the best in his battle with the disease and hope to see him fully recovered and back on his bike soon. We will keep you updated of Magnus' progress as he goes through his treatment.


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 Magus, I had Hodgkin's when I was 17. I am now 49. You will make it. Be strong.
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 Thanks for sharing! That's the kind of encouragement we all should be sending Magnus these days. Live long and prosper both you and Magnus!!
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 Magnus, I would echo this. I've had it 3 times at 21, 26, and 35 (I'm now 39) It's been stage 4 twice.
Cancer sucks, but Hodgkin's is definitely a treatable thing. Good luck, stay strong. Some days will be rough, but you got this.
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 I had it when I was 17 too. It’s been 10 years since I finished treatment and it’s smooth sailing now. Get it over with and life will be back to normal before you know it
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 Who keeps down voting these comments? Waki?
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 Had the rare version of HL called NLPHL in 2014 in my 40s. I concur with the others on here who have been through it, it’s tough, but doable.

If I had to offer one piece of advice it is to start thinking about your recovery before your treatment starts. Train for that recovery all the way through the treatment. It will keep your mind focused on the future. And You’ll have a good foundation to build on when the treatments are done.

Stay strong brother.
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 It’s good to hear this form of cancer is beatable! My first thoughts was otherwise but that’s coming from losing 8 uncles and aunts to cancer including my dad.

I wonder if someone close to Magnus will set up a go fund me so those of us that want to chip in some cash to help out!

Stay Strong
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 @Tristram: That's good advice, I had non-Hodgkins when I was twenty, 9 months of Chemo no more cancer, Gone for 24 years. You will beat it no worries.
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 F*ck cancer. Get well soon bro
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 Why did someone downvote this?? F*ck cancer!!
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 @dualcrownscottspark: haters will always spread hate. Wishing Magnus a strong and speedy recovery from this debilitating disease. Massive respect to PB and the members.
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flag BikeTrials (Jul 25, 2021 at 9:36) (Below Threshold)
 I hope he gets better too but no need for a bad word on the internet.
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 @dualcrownscottspark: most likely an accidental click of the down vote instead of up
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 @BikeTrials: Fck people who try to control the way other people express themselves.
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 @dualcrownscottspark: I didn’t down vote but after my run in with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma I would call cancer ‘my teacher’. It slaps you around until you learn about what are the most important things in life & it makes you a better person.
Good luck Magnus, I was riddled with it and told that it would be back in 5 to 10 years. I’m at 15 years, you can kick this to touch, stay strong!
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 @BikeTrials: I remember watching JoJo Rabbit with my young son and him asking why I let him watch a movie with the F word. I explained to him that the F word is a way people express powerful emotion and often there are more productive ways to express it (I'm a regular user of less than necessary F bombs). However, I said if we are going to say F#$k something...Hitler would be the one. I would put cancer in that same boat. F$%k cancer. All the best Magnus in this rocky section of your journey. You can do this!
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 @BikeTrials: A "Bad" word HAHAHhAHahahahAHHAhahAHAH. smh *face palm*
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 Had Hodgins back in 2008, came back stronger than before, and still riding a ton. It's one of the most curable (and I mean actually cured) cancers. You'll kick it's ass and be racing in no time!
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 Oh man! I’m sorry to read that! All the best and many prayers for you Magnus!
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 I've never met you Magnus, but when you get past this, you'll have a new appreciation for so many things, and you'll look back on it as an experience you're glad you went through. All the best!
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 FUCK CANCER! Magnus, stand strong man. You got this.
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 Sorry to here of your diagnosis Magnus.
Of all the people I have met at races (and Cypress) over the years you have always been one of the most positive.
That big smile is going to work well for you as you take on this new challenge.
I know everyone that has ever met you is wishing you a speedy recovery.

We tend not to think of things like donating blood or volunteering to be a stem cell donor until someone we know or love becomes in need.
Magnus will need many litres of blood and possibly a stem cell transplant during the coming months.
PB readers wishing they could help can register to roll up their sleeves and donate.
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 Positive vibes your way homie!
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 Magnus: I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in 2019 at age 37 (kinda late). Treatment was brutal but it worked incredibly well. The bike and my mountain biking community here in the Tetons brought me a lot to celebrate and the strength to endure the toughest times, fear, sadness, anxiety, exhaustion and losing my hair. You'll get 'er done. Don't be afraid to ask for help and to lean on your brothers and sisters in dirt. Teeth to the wind, brother.
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 Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery! As others have said, at least there is some silver lining here and it is a treatable thing (I have very limited knowledge, just based on what I’ve read anecdotally).

Hoping to see you back stronger than ever soon!

Positive vibes!!!!
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 Man Han in there buddy keep positive and push as hard as u have to become a world cup racer and beat this as u r a winner already. We all praying for u
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 Fuck cancer. Kick this things ass brother, we are all rooting for you!!
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 A co worker beat it as a super unhealthy smoker. My mom fought back too. Stay strong my man. Life throws things at us we don’t expect. You are strong and healthy. Give it all you got!
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 Chin up fella ,you can beat fucking cancer,stay strong.
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 Damn, that is so shit. Hope he can push through this and make a full recovery.
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 Wish you all the best for staying strong and win the fight!!!
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 So sorry and sad to hear this, our hearts and thoughts are with you
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 Heal fast Magnus !! You are a hell of a talent ! Love watching you race . Best of luck !
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 thoughts are with you buddy. Keep us updated on how you are doing good or bad - we are with you!
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 Beat this cancer into the ground, then beat it some more for good measure. You got this!
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 Dangit. You’re a tough dude, you got this!
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 Get well soon Magnus! Wishing you health and healing.
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 Double M, your faster and fitter than that #$@&... stay positive you can beat it down! Best wishes mate!
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 Keep your head up man. When you overcome this imagine whet you'll overcome next!
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 Stay strong ! You’ll be back soon - you got this
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 Your'e the kind of guy who can beat this, Magnus, your'e a winner! The odds for you will always look good.
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 You’re obvious a tough dude - this crap doesn’t stand a chance.
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 Thanks for sharing. Prayers and positive thoughts from my family to you and your family!
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 Wow, downvoter out there is now F&cked with "Bad Karma" till the end of his days.
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 I almost feel sorry for them. Imagine finding happiness in downvoting well wishers of someone battling a potentially life-changing illness...
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 Downvoting Jared Graves wtf
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 So Sorry. This is tragic news. Hope you can pull out of the woods on this one and fully recover.
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 So sad news, heal up man, sending you the Best Vibes !
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 Peace to Magnus and his doctors during this fight!
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 Stay strong! Be back soon!
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 Godspeed mate.
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 We’re on your side, man. Take care Magnus!
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 Such crap news. Stay positive Magnus and get well soon.
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 Good friend of mine beat this Magnus. You got this brother.
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 you got this dude! crush that cancer!!!
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 Get well soon Magnus! You got this!
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 Stay strong , stand tall , you got this .
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 Damn, get well soon!
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 You got this bro! Fu¢k cancer
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 Get Well!
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 Get well soon man!
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 Get well soon.
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 You've got this, dude!
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 Stay strong bro !
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 Stay strong brother!
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 Terrible news, stay strong brother
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 All my best in your treatment and recovery Magnus
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 I hope he gets better as soon as possible
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 Heal up brother... Miss sharing the Dry Hill limousine (aka smelly Uhaul trucks) with you and the BC crew at PA shuttle days
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 Speedy recovery kid!!
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 Oh man!! Magnus, buddy!!! you got this!!
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 Stay strong brother. Can't wait to see you in the start gate soon.
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 Magnus, there are some hard days ahead and you've got this. Get it!
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