Magnus Manson Fights Cancer with GoFundMe Challenge

Nov 2, 2021
by Matt Beer  

In July 2021, just over a year after shattering his femur in a training accident, Magnus Manson announced to the mountain bike world that he was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and started a GoFundMe fundraiser dubbed Conquer Your Challenge. All contributions go straight to the Steve Smith Legacy Foundation to help aspiring Canadian cyclists reach their goals.

The idea behind the challenge is to make a donation and use physical activity to overcome adversity. The 2018 Canadian National Downhill Champion began a 6-month treatment schedule in August, using ABVD chemotherapy twice a month. Although it has put a damper on his racing for now, he is still able to attend casual rides and participated in events, like the Steve Smith Memorial DH BC Cup, using mountain biking as a tool to battle cancer.

bigquotesI don't want cancer to define my life. I want cancer to help teach me more about myself and what I am actually able to overcome and change despite the mental and physical challenges pulling against me. When I get through the task of removing cancer from my body, I have no doubts I will be smarter and stronger than I was before. I want everyone facing adversity in their life to never give up, appreciate what they have, and always have a goal that's just a bit uncomfortable to fight towards. Be resilient. - Magnus Manson

Being the tenacious human he is, Magnus set his sights on completing a triple crown ride for his goal, up and down three mountains, and has proposed challenges such as running 10 km, swimming thirty pool laps, taking a 15-minute ice bath, or simply walking up a nearby hiking trail. He asks to share the link to his GoFundMe page if you can't donate. If you can donate, write in the comment section of the page and leave a short description of the completed activity. Furthermore, he would love to hear firsthand from each person about how reaching that goal made them feel, who they're doing it for, and what they learned. You can use the hashtag #ConquerYourChallenge to follow other peoples progress.

bigquotesI want to inspire and encourage others from November 4th - November 7th to get out, set a goal, and overcome the challenges they have to face, mentally, physically, emotionally. I will be doing a Triple Crown bike ride (Ride up and down three different mountains in one area without any motorized transport) on one of the days. For me the timing of this ride between treatments is crucial for my energy and staying strong enough for treatment the following Monday, so I have given myself and everyone else a window to do this in. In the past we have done 5 crown rides, but given the toll chemo has taken on my long distance endurance, my goal of 3 mountains will give me something to push hard to reach! I welcome others to join me on my ride but also encourage everyone to set a goal for themselves doing something they are most passionate about!

Visit Conquer Your Challenge to donate.


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 Thank you Matt!!!
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 Truly inspirational Magnus, Stevie would be proud of you. With a great attitude like that cancer doesn't have a chance.
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 Wishing you the very best of luck with your treatment, @MagnusManson .

My brother was successfully treated for stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma (ABVD too) at around your age, and has since made a full recovery, even reaching a higher level of athleticism than before his illness. I'm hoping it'll be the same story for you.

Oh and, of course, just donated to your GoFundMe
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 Fabulous efforts! Hmmmm.... notice any difference between the nature of their gofundmes when someone gets cancer in Canada vs in the US?
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 Great fundraiser Magnus. I'm currently in a long chemotherapy session battling A.L.L. Leukemia. Stuff like this is an inspiration and helps keep my mood up and my outlook positive. I remember when you were diagnosed and I was gutted.....but watching you is amazing. I can't wait to be done (early 2022 ) and can't wait to ring the bell at VGHs BMT - Leukaemia clinic and move back home and get on the bike.... And be with my family.

#f*ckcancer and thanks for the fundraiser initiative.
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 You got this bro! We’re Similar age and I always saw you around the bc cup circuit. Glad to see you made it to the show! I’m not sure if your able to do this due to your condition but… I spend 10-15 minutes in the ocean. Where I live the water temp is approx 6 degrees Celsius. That’s cold af!! The concentration, will power and precise breathing invigorate beyond belief. Doing this has made me over come many difficult times in my life and promotes good health day to day. Start with 5 minutes and increase your time. Breathing key!
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 Sending love
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 All the love and support sent your way @MagnusManson as you take this challenge head on, both physically and mentally. I'm inspired to Conquer my Challenge on your behalf and all the loved ones I've lost from various cancers and the ones currently battling as well. Thank you for bringing more awareness to the realities and struggles so many face ❤️
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 Magnus, 2018 Canadian DH Champ! Rock and roll Magnus!
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 What a great tribute to Stevie in the face of adversity! Your courage is inspiring. I'll get out and do something - even if it isn't too impressive. Thank you.
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 F*ck cancer. Healing vibes!
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 Has there ever been a pinkbike comments thread without any downvotes? Magnus you the man!! Keep on inspiring people everywhere, some incredible wisdom there man, thanks for sharing!!
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 Your positivity is going to serve you well, Magnus. Sending you best vibes!
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 Right on Magnus. Keep on givin er
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 I think being so positive really helps. Heal up Magnus. You got this!
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 Best of luck mate. Stay strong.
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 Good on ya!

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