Magura Launches New Apparel Collection

Jun 12, 2020
by D. Voss  


Functional clothing for the trail and casual streetwear for later. Magura presents a new collection with clothing specialists Maloja.

Functional clothing for the trail and casual streetwear for later. Magura presents a new collection with clothing specialists Maloja. From casual jerseys to functional jackets, the new Magura range focuses on powerful styles, enabling you to stand out from the crowd more than ever before. With a total of 16 articles, the new Magura collection offers a high-quality selection of styles for a wide range of uses and for boys & girls – and the collection is available now!

Highlights Bikewear

The new evolutionary stage of bikewear has the highest possible levels of functionality and comfort, allowing you to focus entirely on your trail biking. High-quality materials and ergonomic designs adapt to your every movement and change in the weather. In terms of colours, Magura focuses on classic black and bright yellow – typical for the brand. The highlight of the bikewear is the new Yellow Camo jersey with the most effective ventilation for the home trail and bike park. The matching shorts offer you the right comfort and style for the legs – and they’re optimized for use with knee pads. When the temperatures drop, the new Primaloft jacket also gives you great thermal insulation in a convincingly small package. Thanks to an innovative material, it doesn’t absorb moisture and even fits into your hip bag or backpack – perfect for transition periods and high alpine trail rides.

Highlights Streetwear

Relaxing after a hard ride on the trail is almost as important as the biking itself – and to make sure you look good at a barbecue or post-ride beer crowd, the new Magura collection offers you a stand-out range of casual shirts, pullovers and accessories. The simple designs with fashionable details give you a wide range of possible combinations. The streetwear highlights include a new flannel shirt and T-shirts, including pullovers with Magura rotor print designs.

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 I'll probably get shit for this apart from from the Canucks but a flannel shirt is a flannel shirt. If you're wearing it for riding your wearing it coz it's a flannel shirt* not coz you want to be wearing a technical riding top dressed up as a flannel shirt.
Why would a company like Magura make a flannel shirt other than so that their Euro crowd can cruise around on their Cubes pretending they've been to Whistler.

*A decent flannel shirt is actually awesome coz they stay warm when wet. There should be more wool and natural fibres available in bike wear. Fed up of paying stacks for what is essentially branded polyester.
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 But, the article says the flannel shirt is sold as street wear. I you're wearing it for riding then that may be your choice, but not their recommendation. I guess that goes for most bike clothing brands these days, doesn't it? TLD, Fox (head) etc all make technical riding wear and casual street wear. Same goes for Maloja. They actually do work with natural fibres in their cycling wear.
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 @vinay: and every time I see the new riding kits in real life, it looks like heavily branded pajamas.
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 @DHhack: If you're serious about sleeping, don't settle for anything less Smile .

I personally like DH shorts because they are actually strong and last. But my riding shirts are typically old T-shirts with the sleeves cut off. Indeed being too matchy matchy looks as if someone dropped a bucket of paint over all your clothes.
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 What does “coz” mean?
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 @vinay: I’ve got a pair of dh shorts too, but only for the hottest days. Nowadays I’m in jeans. After watching the denim destroyer last season I decided why not? Comfortable, durable and practical it turns out. Long sleeves always, I’ve already dealt with skin cancer once, don’t want to again if I can help it.
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: Same as cos, cuz, and bc, pops.
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 I have a wool riding flannel made by Kitsbow. It's outrageously expensive and I couldn't believe people made or bought such things. But I got it for Christmas- my wife had the whole extended family pitch in and instead of everyone buying me their own gifts they bought shares in "the shirt". So I got one gift that year.

I think it's been on half the bike rides I've done since. Fall, winter, spring. Wool is amazing. It stays warm when its wet. It's always the perfect temperature. It looks amazing and it's super comfortable and Surprise, wool doesn't always need to be washed. I crashed in the shirt twice and had it fixed by a tailor both times. I love it in a way that isn't rational at all.

I'm still sending the people who bought it pictures of "the shirt" up in the mountains. It cost as much as a pile of polyester jerseys but it does a better job too.
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 @Mtmw: heard they are the best.. one day I will get one!
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 "There should be more wool and natural fibres available in bike wear."

Maybe try the world of snowboarding. Lots of brands offer tech midlayers in merino blends. DC do some pretty decent stuff. Ortovox did a super sweet merino shirt with stretchy inserts at the seams for activities. I'm sure Burton probably has a few options too.

None if this comes cheap though. But it is out there. Although it is way out of season now so maybe some bargains to be had (bought my last snowboarding jacket for £35 - DC too).
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 @DidNotSendIt: There is loads of wool (also merino) used in cycling gear. Even a pricefighter like Planet X has loads of it. Though obviously the cheaper the wool, the worse the care has been for the sheep. Likely goes for those snow sports brands too. I'd like to see more bamboo though. I bought a couple of BTR shirts along with my frame. ( 15GBP for a 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton blend. Really nice. I realize some are against cotton but then again, at least it is a natural fibre and as it wears, doesn't contribute to the plastic soup the way synthetic clothing does.
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 @Mtmw: This is super important for riders to know, love and understand.
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 @Mtmw: They can be great in the summer as well, thanks to their temp regulation. I did an overnight trip a few summers back in 110-115 degree heat and wore a super lightweight long sleeve wool tee the whole time. Everyone was hot (obviously) but I fared way better than the guys in poly short sleeves/sleeveless. There's a reason desert-dwelling people dress the way they do.
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 A full kit makes you a MaGuru.
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 I like matching some of the gear I use in specific colourways but never a full kit, always black riding shorts!
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 Nah, a full kit makes you a full kit wanker.
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 You’ll probably have to wash it on a Magura specific program with magura specific oil at a magura specific time when the stars align and wolves howl
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 Honestly, the maloja stuff I've had is super nice. Their jacket is probably my favorite piece of kit. Always hunting for their sales, which are few and far between.
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 Argh! I preferred if all these brands just stuck to their core business. Even more so if they still haven't really sorted it said business I'm the first place.
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 Is that shade of yellow called "Hey Rangers, I'm over here poaching!"?
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 Wow, ugly! I would only take the yellow socks...
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 Wow! Magura? Clothing? This is definitely braking news!
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 That kits a nightmare to bleed.
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 The most pointless MTB video ever made, apart it is promo.
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 Bumblebee vibes
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 It doesn't really make sense. I mean it's one thing to source out a manufacturer and design your own kit. To slap magura on maloja clothing is 0 value add.
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 They probably chafe like their brakes rub
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 Braking news.
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 I like chocolate milk!
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 $60 usd for a cotton t-shirt? Wtf?
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