Magura Launches New Rotors and Custom Brake Options for 2021

Sep 24, 2020

Press Release: Magura

Last year Magura introduced the MDR-C and MDR-P brake discs, which are stiffened and optimized to meet the requirements of modern eMTBs and gravity bikes. The advantages: greater braking force, less fading and less risk of noise.

For model year 2021, the company is offering additional diameters and a centerlock version for its popular line of new products. Moreover, new Shiftmix handlebar clamps and the new HC Wide Reach brake lever give riders a tidy cockpit and comfortable ergonomics. No more compromises: #customizeyourbrake.

Magura athlete Eliott La Potre tests the #customizeyourbrake options on his home track in the Vosges, France.

MDR-C brake disc with centerlock mount and a new diameter
For greater compatibility with hub standards, Magura is now offering its popular MDR-C brake disc with a centerlock mount in addition to the 6-hole version. This attractively priced all-rounder delivers solid performance for trail bikes and eMTBs, and it’s perfect for tough city use. The rigid design reduces vibration, contributing to quieter operation.
The 6-hole version of the MDR-C is now also available with a 160 mm diameter, and the two-piece MDR-P brake disc additionally comes in a 180 mm version.

RRP MDR-C: €30.00
RRP MDR-C CL: €35.00
RRP MDR-P: €55.00

Weight MDR-P: 190g /216 g / 241 g - Weight MDR-C CL: 170 g / 190 g / 225 g

Shiftmix 4 for Shimano I-Spec E
The new Shiftmix 4 handlebar clamp combines a Shimano I-Spec EV shifter and a Magura brake master in a single clamp. The result is a clean, uncluttered look. The I-Spec EV, Shimano’s latest integrated shift/brake system, is used in many 12-speed shifters in the newest Deore, XT and XTR shift groups.

RRP: €20.90

HC wide reach brake lever
Inspired by the requirements of Downhill World Champion Loïc Bruni, the new HC Wide Reach lever blade (HC-W) is optimized for large hands and offers a wide lever width adjustment.

In contrast to the weight-optimized 3D-printed version (HC LOIC BRUNI), the new HC Wide Reach blade is made of die-cast aluminium, contributing to a very attractive price. It’s available in two versions – for Carbotecture® and for Carbotecture SL® brake masters – assuring compatibility with all Magura MT disc brakes for model year 2015 and later.

RRP: €39.90

Adapter PM-203/220 and FM-160/180-160
Adapter to mount a 220 mm rotor on a PM203 mounting. (Rock Shox Boxxer, Fox 40)
RRP: €19.90

Adapter to mount a 180 mm rotor on an FM160 mounting.
RRP: €14.90

Sensor magnet
Magnet for use on e-bikes on which the wheel speed sensor is located on the brake disc. Compatible with Magura Storm HC 180 mm, MDR-C & MDR-P brake discs.

RRP: €14.95

Please note, product availability in North America may differ.


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 Currently shooting an edit in which the riding is done on a bike with a mix of Shimano and Magura brakes. It's called "Brakeback Mountain" and it will tell a story of component unity during a time of strife and division.
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 “You complete stopping power.”
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 Only thing Magura brakes are good for is slowing you down.
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 Well no wonder i'm so slow
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 Remember when Straitline made the pretty anodized after market brake levers. I wish those would come back.
  • 4 0
 I LOVEDloveLOVED my Straitline levers.
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 BEST pedals ever haswell Fact
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 Turn mine into some sweet coat hooks.!
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 Dangerboy too.
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 @nojzilla: I love them BIG TIME. I also like the Deity TMACs. Massive platform.
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 Just got on my new MT7. They are far and away the best brake I've ever touched. So powerful, and consistent. Easy as any to bleed.
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 If you ever need to bleed them. Mine have been the most consistent brakes yet. I'll bleed them this winter just to say I did it, but I've not had one instance of them pumping up, changing bite point, air bubbles or anything I've be used to with Codes or Saints. Flawless so far....maybe that they run close to the rotors?. That could be a beef...but they run so good I never think about these brakes when I ride them. They're so consistent I pretty much forget about them, which is the best thing I've felt with a brake yet.

Also, my riding buddy did the Shigura thing with his, and we need to do lever bleeds semi regularly, so not sure why you'd want that. They do have sketchy seeming materials (Carbotecture), but since I'm not a meat head, I haven't stripped any screws yet.
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 @mitchbike: running as shigura on mine, didnt get on with the lever ergonomics. The shimano lever offers better hydraulic advantage plus the servowave. But you are correct requires lever bleeds to stop the wondering bite point still.
From experience I would get rid of the blue blood mineral oil. Its rated around 120 degC atmospheric pressure boiling point from memory, I boiled the crap out of it on a megavalanche a few years back, using redline likewater now with no issues.
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 @yeti-monster: True regarding lever ergonomics. I had both one and two finger versions, prefer the two finger version. The ergonomics of Magura just fall behind Shimano and SRAM. For some time I've been running MT7 front and SRAM Level rear ( I could not find time or will to route the rear brake through my e-bike since you literally have to disassemble the entire bike bike to do it) and the feel of SRAM lever was much better. Also, when I switch to my other bike with XT M785 brakes again the feeling is just as it should be. They fit like a cliche.
Maguraon the other hand feels oversize, robust, motorbike-ish, just not right, but they brake so good, great in fact that they get forgiven for the lack in ergonomics..
Magura seems to be in MT lever business. Between all MT5 and MT7 versions this is their, what, SIXTH iteration of MT lever so far? Still doesn't look as good as Shimano or SRAM. Maybe next year.
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 best brakes i've used, my only complaint that i can think of is having to replace pads every month if you ride at a bikepark a lot (enough to own a dh bike for example) you could put metallic pads in but then make sure you use better mineral oil, or else you'll boil it with metallic pads,
I've never had a problem with the plastic/carbon levers... but they aren't idiot proof so make sure you're careful, i only tighten mine to 2.5nm so they move in a crash and only tighten the bleed port so the o ring is hidden by the lever body. If they released an aluminum lever version i would definitely use it but i don't have anything against carbotechture
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 Give me a brake
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 When's the ted talk?
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 Don’t buy MDR-P discs

Rivets of the MDR-P brake discs with different tension lead to noise by oscillations and vibrations of the disc. These increase through use and loosen the rivets after only a short time. As a result, the outer brake ring of the 2-piece brake disc sits looser and looser" On request to Magura, this problem is neither confirmed nor denied. One does not even give information about whether this is a known or unknown problem. According to the support, this is Magura's communication policy.

To avoid a loss of braking power or a complete failure, mount another disc.
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 still using plastic bleed screws and handlebar adapters that use wood screws to fasten to their ''carbo-tecture'' fasteners
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 Wait, really?
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 To be fair the bodies are quite strong anyway. My bike got launched off of my buddies rack on the freeway, brakes were all scuffed up but not broken even though my fork was bent and rear wheel mangled. Regardless Im running a shigura setup lol
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 @NorCalNomad: yes, really. yet i dont see that as an issue. 2 years running now and never had an issue with the materials breaking or really any major issues. dont be torquing the shit out of it, just tight is plenty
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 They´re using selft- tapping screws for plastic. Different than wood screws.
I´m not a fan of them either but to be fair I never had an issue with them or the pump housing.
Onlything that broke was the thin lever.
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 My problem was aluminum syringe adapter side going into plastic magura master and the extremely thin collar shape for the master female bleed port. Try as I may I eventually overnighted/ stripped 2 masters so I switched to xt shimano levers/ shigura setup Using shimano oil for higher boiling point and everything has been stellar ever since
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 @SPKeen: theres your problem.. you do NOT bleed a magura master with anything other than a syringe. the aluminum end goes into the caliper. on the master side you literally undo the bleed port screw, thin twist in the syringe nipple end into that port. no need to screw in anything
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 @flyguyty: yeah sounds like my bleed tools are not quite right. Shimano levers and magura calipers are working well but there’s probably still room for improvement
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 MT7 calipers with xt levers are better than my m820 saints. Great brakes, love the magnetic pad retaining also. Will be getting a 220mm rotor next for sure. Their awful leaky levers can do one.
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 me and my friends have had many more issues with leaking shimano levers then leaking maguras...
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 That diagram displaying the performance metrics between the 5 models of rotor is one of the most clever things I've ever seen.
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 I love that triangle graphic of what each rotor is designed for. Way to go Magura!!!

I went Shigura this year and won't look back (XTR Trail levers, MT5 calipers).
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 Hopefully kept the 2mm thickness
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 New set of MT Trail sport, wanted to like them. Instantly spongy leaky levers, total trash. Back to XTs forever.
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 Cool, I was looking at Gaffer 223 millimeter rotors, and they were hefty.
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 Get the MAGURA STORM HC or the Trickstuff HD or UL instead.
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