Mammoth Bike Park Now Open

Jun 26, 2020
by Mammoth Mountain  
Off the Top Mammoth Mountain

The Mammoth Bike Park opened for the 2020 season today, top-to-bottom. Gondola and Discovery chairs are spinning with access to 80% of the trail system, including favorites like Velocity, Shotgun and Richter and the beginner-friendly Discovery Zone

The Village Bike Park shuttle will be running on a loop this season, with shuttles loaded to 50% capacity for social distancing. Masks will be required while in line, in the lodges or on the shuttle. For a full rundown on COVID-19 operating procedures, check the website here.

Back Side Mammoth Mountain

The trail crew has been killing it to get the mountain open as quickly as possible given the unique circumstances, if you see 'em out, give 'em a nod. Working to open more trails as resources allow, check the trail status on the Mammoth website here for the latest.

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Mammoth Mountain Bike Park


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 So stoked for the riding season. Already booked our stay. Can't wait to get away from these crazy cities and reconnect with the natural world.
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 Mammoth Mountain is not “the natural world”...unless you’re from LA.
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 @unrooted: Mammoth is delicious - it's naturally volcanic.
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 @unrooted: have you been to Mammoth? The Eastern Sierra's are pretty damn magical. Whether you're from LA, or Siberia.
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flag unrooted (Jun 27, 2020 at 17:47) (Below Threshold)
 @ggerrard7 yep, I live in Bishop...and that’s why I’m in Oregon for my summer riding vacation...but if you think mammoth is magical then have at it.
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 Pretty lame they’re charging the same price as last year for a pass. Not only are they closing early, they’re also not running chair 16 or chair 2. 80% of the trails may be “open”, but without chair 16, that whole half of the mountain pretty much turns into the trails you use to get back to town at the end of the day. P
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 Looks like the top is still under snow and some other trails aren't open. DC-10 is one of my faves.


BOSCH eMTB Flow Trail
Chain Smoke
Jill's Jumps
Kamikaze (Upper)
Pioneer Practice Loop
Roma's Road
Shock Treatment
Skid Marks (Upper)
Sunset Strip
Techno Rock
Toll Road
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 I wonder if Tioga pass is open. It must be right? Anyway - looking forward to a long weekend over there soon! Especially since I finally found a pair of Michelin DH34s. I really don't give a damn how they work in moondust - they look sick! I wonder if my stickers are still up there at 11.000 feet from last time?
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 It’s only open to people with a reservation to Yosemite, which have all been sucked up.
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 @unrooted: OK - thanks for the head's up. I like Sonora Pass too - another beauty.
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 @endlessblockades: We came through last week and it was gorgeous and mostly empty except for Strawberry and Brightman Flat
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 @unrooted: Reservations are for autos only. No restriction by bike or foot.
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 Their bike park crew need to do a full tune up on pipeline. Jumps are blown out.
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 I pedaled the Mtn two weekends ago and hit snow in the trees on Beach Cruiser, I’m guessing it’ll be at least a few more weeks before they have the whole Mtn open.
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 good! a few less LA a*holes like myself to see on our local trails
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 It's funny L.A. claims Mammoth when it's solidly in Northern California. It's on the same latitude as South SF/San Bruno/Pacifica.
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 @endlessblockades: Because that's who goes there. Its a pretty gnarly drive to get there in the winter from the bay area whereas it's pretty chill from LA.
But agreed. It is NorCal
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 @Dustfarter: Yep pretty much out of the question for winter sports unless you're coming from the south.
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 @endlessblockades: having grown up in the Central Valley I still see Mammoth as being pretty central. CA is a long ass state and Mammoth I’d still south of the Bay Area, Tahoe, etc.
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: As a Monterey County native, I agree, and I 'feel' that way, too. Take a look at a map. however. South San Francisco is NorCal wouldn't you say?

Mammoth Village: 37.6485° N,

Pacifica: 37.6138°122. N.

Anyway. Are people planning to camp or do you think lodging is doable. The Alpenhof is opening on July 1st and my stock of 'free' coffee mugs in getting very low..... camping at twin lakes is nice but a longer ride to the shuttle stop in town.
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 @endlessblockades: mammoth is clearly eastern California.... L.A. and San Diego can claim whatever, but it's the locals of mono county who are genuine shredders, not the posers who only visit
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 @scottlink: Local shredders on bro deal don't pay the bills the town needs to survive - it's the visiting 'posers' who do that, you kook. Thanks for the geography, too.
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 @scottlink: cool story, bro. You wouldn’t have a mountain to shred if it wasn’t for people visiting. Do you really think Mono County on it’s own is enough to keep the resort funded? Get real. Oh wait I forgot you’re a real shredder. Haha
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: you obviously missed the point....
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 @endlessblockades: and city posers like yourself who read outsidemag and like to bro brah it up in the lift line talking how cool your kit and bike are totally fuel the local economy from your 1 visit a year... But, I'm from Colo-rad-bro.... What would I know????
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 @scottlink: the point where you’re being a self-entitled jerk?
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 @scottlink: Actually yes, I do support the entire Eastern Sierra region - I tip quite well.
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 @beanandcheeseburrito: not self entitled, im just a dick
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 Mammoth is sick!!!!!!!
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 Must be Covid-19. Nobody go there!! You should stay home so when I am there we will be socially distancing.
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 I miss Mammoth!
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 Same same.

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