Video: Aaron Gwin, Carson Storch & Payson McElveen Ride Mammoth Bike Park

Aug 25, 2019
by Mammoth Mountain  
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From Skid Marks to Twilight Zone, Boomerang to Velociraptor, Chain Smoke to Bearing Straights - this edit has it all. Check out Payson McElveen, John Marquez, Cody Neuman, Aaron Gwin, Cody Underkoffler and Carson Storch absolutely crushing the Mammoth Bike Park.

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 Why did they wait so long to released this video ?
Showing Gwin riding his last YT from WC is kind of weird from a contractual pov.
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 Well, I was on Gwins DH Camp in June in Leogang, and I got information that we will get to any photo or video only after press release in October. :-D
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 @cermo: serious question, are you a dentist ?
More seriously, how was it ?
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 @julienhaller: no, I am not a dentist. :-D
Aaron was awesome. Always chilled and helping, showing us lines, discussing our technique and all the details. It was fun on the trail. However organization was not so on point. And camp was so expensive not because of Aaron, but because of hotel. Too fancy, 7 course dinners, probably good for holiday with lady, not for bunch of downhillers. :-D
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 Good to see Gwin back on YT!!...
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 That didn't take long!
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 Thought that Angel Suarez was never going to find his new teammate! Good for him. Could be a killer team next year.
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 This is bizarre, is he on YT again? Don't really care as long as he ready for the World Champs.
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 @jorgeposada: Nah man, it was just a joke!
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 I figured but you never know with Gwin. He really needs an M275.
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 Selling my Intense and getting a YT again now....oh wait!
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 Funny you say that. At snow summit a month ago, this lady and her kids are all on M29. And she is the personification of that meme. Apparently she also owned a Trek, specialized, and YT. She was like, “they’re great bikes, but I follow where ever Aaron goes.” I’m like f*ck, I thought that was meme, didn’t think human sheep were real.
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 @Happypanda1337: What kind of DH bikes does your mom ride?
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: non I’m the only one in my family the rides. And I have a Antidote Dark Matter.
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 I knew he bounced from sponsor to sponsor you think he forgot which he's supposed to ride this year??
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 Guess he doesn't l like his intense so he jumped back on his yt hehe
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 Reminded me of when Gwin won mt saint Anne in the wet...incredible. And those freeride flicks look ridicul o us.
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 Now that’s the Gwin I know
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 DH bikes are so much more fun to watch shredding a coarse.
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 Aaron Gwin really rocks:-)
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 As many times as I've been to Mammoth, somehow I have never rode Bearing Straits.
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 Great!! I just ordered my Intense M29.
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 Wonder how long it will be before Mammoth hosts a World Cup?
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 If they actually gave a shit about the bike park I’d say they probably could of had one by now.
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 @tnelson91: spot on.
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 @Mammoth - you guys charge like $1000 million dollars to ride, and you have a 1.5min video.

Im speechless.
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 Mammoth, always a good time!
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 Freeride flicks?!
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 Mammoth is like 50%+ crappy trails
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