Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Opens Today

Jun 14, 2019
by Mammoth Mountain  
Early season laps

PRESS RELEASE: Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Following near record levels of snow this winter, summer has finally arrived in the Eastern Sierra. The Mammoth Park Crew, aided by warmer temps, made major progress this week with three trails ready to go for the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park opener this weekend:

- Downtown (easiest, great for beginners/ families and warm-up laps)
- Shotgun (advanced flow trail)
- Smooth Operator (expert jump line)

Early season laps

Shuttle service from the Village up to shuttle stop F (Chair 4 parking lot) will start tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am. As temps increase, the snow should melt out quickly with new trails coming fast and furious. Stay up-to-date with the latest at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park page. And if you see the park crew out working, show love, they've been putting in serious hours to get some dirt ready for shredding.

Early season laps
Early season laps

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Mammoth Mountain Bike Park


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 Pricing aside, they’re doing the best the can with the crazy snowpack this year. Show some love, because the other option is to just close the mountain completely.
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 I would rather make the drive to Northstar where the people/kids working there are much friendlier, they don't drop my bike when loading (and not give a shit about dropping it), etc. It's been a few years since I've been to either so perhaps it's changed but this year I'm going to Northstar and driving right past Mammoth.
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 @kdiff: Northstar? Friendly? Interesting. I’ve never experienced this phenomenon, not to mention the incredible way the Northstar triail crew can f*ck up almost any “repair”.
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 @kdiff: How horrible is every other "bike park" in the U.S. if Mammoth is considered the best bike park in the U.S.??? I live 45 minutes away from Mammoth and I've only done a season pass one summer there. . . 3 years ago.

They built a couple new trails in the last few years and they SUCK, whoever built those trails must not have noticed all of the pavers on almost every corner of the older trails. . . which is why all the turns on the new trails were completely blown out the first week they opened those trails.
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 I like that I’m being downvoted for the experience I had and talking about it. Stay awesome Pinkbike users.
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 @kdiff: Have you not noticed that negative comments are almost always downvoted? You should stop worrying about the up/down votes, only morons bother clicking those arrows. . . (I'm one of those morons).
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 RIP Kami bike games
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 Just think it’ll only cost $230+ to ski shitty slush in the am and then finish it out on your MTB on 1/30th of the mountain
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 The hilarious accuracy of that statement. =)
I was priced out of snowboarding years ago.
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 Tickets still full price....
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 That's funny, but sounds just like something Mammoth would do.
A couple years ago the last weekend of the year(September) they got totally dumped on.
Already bought my lift tickets for the weekend, and(Like prolly now) they were only running the trails off F stop.
Sure as shit, NO discount for YOU!
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 Reduced price on ticket because of reduced access....right?
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 They should stop ebikes. Anytime I've ran into someone on an ebike they suck. I was riding shotgun opening day flying around the corner at the bottom of this section and up ahead was was a woman in a turtleneck sweater walking her ebike that was of course rented. And that's not the only time this season and definitely not the first time last season when they allowed ebikes. You shouldn't need to ride an all downhill trail with a motor that you'll be walking. Come on.
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 . . . Do the tickets include both skiing and MTB ? You could ride in the morning and ski in the afternoon ! How cool would that be ?
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 Icon pass in the morning, bike pass after lunch
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 the quad pack(buy 4 any days ahead of time) is more $ than the $35 reg price?
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 I was there last week and was is still 10 feet of snow at Main lodge.
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 No Mammoth this year
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 Most people will be riding E-Bikes there anyway.

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