Marin Welcomes Duncan Shaw & Leo Sandler to the Family

Jan 25, 2021
by MarinBikes  
Welcome to Marin Duncan Shaw Photo Dave Mackison

Press Release: Marin Bikes

A new year brings a couple of new signings to our family of ambassadors.

We are delighted to welcome trials legend Duncan Shaw to the Marin family. Duncan brings something completely new to our roster of rider ambassadors, and with his charismatic Scottish charm will be the primary face of our YouTube channel. When not out riding, Duncan will be hosting “Duncan Shows You” talking you through the ins-and-outs of Marin – with everything covered, from “how to’s” all the way through to meeting faces behind the brand. Keep your eyes peeled on ways to get involved with Duncan and the show. Click here and subscribe.

Welcome to Marin Duncan Shaw Photo Dave Mackison

Next to join us is the awesome Leo Sandler. Leo has been riding our bikes in an unofficial capacity for a few years now, but with the departure of his sister Veronique, we decided to make it a bit more official; as you can never have too much "Sandler Steeze" in your life. keep an eye on Leo's social media for a stream of mind-blowing steeze to get you excited to go out and ride.

Welcome to Marin Leo Sandler

Duncan can be followed here.

Leo can be followed here.

And we are here.


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 "Leo has been riding Veronique's bikes in an unofficial capacity for a few years now, but with the departure of his sister , we can even save on shipping cost during the pandemic by him just keeping her bikes."

There, fixed it. It's not like they have any bikes to give away anyway.
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 I think Leo’s face says it all, “But this is the exact same bike Vero was riding. It even has her name on the too tube!”
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 @Scottybike36: Don't be daft...........Leo can't read.......Only kidding............He can't write. ;Op
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 oooph! Bit harsh! We have actually been giving Leo his own bikes for a few years, but this year he wants to step up his riding and create more content and we couldn't be more happier to help him out in more of a formal manner!
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 @MarinBikes: Given the quantity of my sweets he's eaten I get a free pass.
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 Hey Marin bikes, great news on both counts!

If you're going to do "How To" videos please could you do something with a lot more depth than the standard YouTube stuff. YT definitely does not need another 10 minute 'how to bunnyhop' video, but it could really do with a 10 part series on the basics of bunnyhops for example.

As I've said on the comments many times over the years, it's impossible for pros to go back to basics without someone to teach. If you've been doing trials for 20 years you simply can't comprehend how physically tough it is for someone who doesn't have all the stabilising muscles needed and how long it takes to build that up. That's before you get to the skills, overcoming the fear, battling the inner voice etc.! I'd love to see Duncan tackle this and take a complete newb from beginner to trials pro. That would be a great series.

PS: If you want a middle-aged man with a sore back and little bottle as your subject hit me up..!
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 10 part series on a bunny hop? Jesus wept.
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 A moped is definitely not a bunny, the trick needs a new name
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 Ryan Leech. He knows how to break down skills big time.
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 "That's before you get to the skills, overcoming the fear, battling the inner voice etc."

Are we honestly talking about bunny hops here?
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 @rrolly Absolutely so, that's where I'm coming from really
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 @Brklss: if you've leant how to do a 3 foot bunny hop like Duncan Shaw or Danny M without tuition kudos to you. You should make a video!
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 @mi-bike: I was talking about the big trials move that people like Duncan do. I'd have a bit of inner voice going back hopping off a container!
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 @Brklss: 10 bunny hop videos? GMBN wants to know your location
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 Youtube could could definitely do with more "how to..." videos that are actually how to videos and not just "see how well I can do this thing?" videos.
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 Hi, awesome feedback. Thanks!
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 Marin don’t make 24 inch trials bikes so this is the closest thing . Looking forward to the bunny hop comps!
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 Well done duncan cant wait to see more videos mate
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 Perhaps we should have 10 cute baby bunnies instead of a how to video? That would be nice. And fuzzy. And fluffy. LOOK AT THOSE EARS!
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 The Marin eeb looks great, looking forward to some reviews.
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 How does one simlly "bunny" "hop"?
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 I'd ride a Marin!
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 Just what we need. More how to bunny hop videos.
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