Marine Cabirou Joins Monster Energy Roster

Jul 13, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
Marine Cabirou announced on Instagram today that she is now sponsored by Monster Energy. She said she'd hoped to announce the big news at Les Gets, but the crash that took her out of the race delayed the announcement. Luckily, it now looks like she's doing better and will return to racing with a stronger team of supporters behind her than ever.

bigquotesAs you can imagine I’m beyond happy to share this news with you today:
@monsterenergy, @bluegrass_eagle & @monkeyssauce got together to make this beauty! And that means I’m part of a new family now, thank you!

I’d like to thank again Bluegrass and Monkey’s Sauce for taking care of me the past and next years as well!
A new story starts today and this the first page of some great designs ahead!

I initially wanted to reveal this in Les Gets but I met a tree early in the weekend and couldn’t show you this yet!
Marine Cabirou

Monster teamed up with Bluegrass Eagle and bike care product company Monkey's Sauce to make the helmet, and we can't wait to see her race in it.

Marine has shown over the last few years that she's more than deserving of support like this. It is great to see Monster sponsoring more women after picking up Camille Balanche recently, and it will be exciting to see Marine continue to push women's downhill racing forward with the energy drink giant backing her.


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 drink water
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 Get paid
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 Until Poland Spring starts sponsoring and supporting riders, I'm not going to blame anyone for taking a sponsor from an energy drink company.
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 Then how will I have the energy to drive my brodozer to Waffle House at 3am after a long night of Natty light and rejection?
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 @sino428: as if the blaming would stop if money came from nestlé
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 @jeremy3220: why do we have to wait till 3am? I mean, Sunday breakfast at WH is a great time to show off my newly washed a detailed bulldozer. Big Grin
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 Bro, have you tasted a Monster? I was against energy drinks for decades, I still caution overuse, until I had a Monster Ultra. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!
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 Variety is the spice of life. Plus Monster gives me a huge bm
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 @nimmo: @hughbm: Cabiroo gets paid, we drink water. Does this solve the issue?
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 @wasea04: they have a very wide variety of flavors. Some are really good, and some are horrendous.
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 @suspended-flesh: lol…big BMers
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 @suspended-flesh: Bm= British Mouth?
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"Drink water" homie's username hughbm reminded my of huge bm which is what my dear mama called poops: BMs - aka Bowel Movements.

basic schittpost
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 @vondur: Bowl same difference
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 @jeremy3220: hahah this made me belly laugh.
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 A beer sponsor is what I need.
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 r/hydrohomies ?
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 @hughbm Oh please shut up and get off that high horse already. It's a product like any other and literally no one replaces water with energy drinks; who exactly were you trying to "educate" with that little gem of wisdom? They have their place in the market just like coffee does, or beer, or coke, or f*cking vodka.

The energy drink brands happen to be the only ones willing to pay actual wages to "action sports" athletes. You're essentially sitting here whinging that Marine will have some semblance of financial stability like you or me for a change, and you're only doing it to tickle your ego. Let that sink in.
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 @bananowy: Lol chill
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 @hughbm: he probably drank three cans of monster right before posting that. How's he supposed to chill?
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 @mi-bike: *with vodka. [insert "I guess I'll die" meme]
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flag Artikay13 (Jul 14, 2021 at 9:15) (Below Threshold)
 Fuck off
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 @bananowy: the dude said “drink water” and you lost your mind........ lol.
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 There is water inside the cans dont worry
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 Women need sponsors, take the $$$$ !!
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 I don't know if it is the Sam Hill effect but this is very 2007
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 Well done Marine. Well deserved
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 I'm waiting for Marine, Camille, Brendog and Amaury Monster edit, preferably on the south africa A Dog's Life Track, Thanks Monster. We need more edit from them, Red Bull puts out a lot more than then.
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 Great! Hopefully she doesn't have to wear the stupid monkey hat anymore. We all know whats in the monkey sauce and its gross lol
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 Should have been Cariboo Brewing. Cabirou and Caraboo.
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 I’ve accepted the reality that I will forever read her name as Caribou when I see it.
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 @CuyunaHTmn: shoot, least I’m not in that canoe alone. Just can’t help myself.
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 @joedave: When she first came on the scene PB's auto-correct let out a herd of seafaring migratory herd mammals that spanned several articles...... Marine Caribou - those were the days, my friend..
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 @CuyunaHTmn: Thank you for the education. I am today days old when I learned that Marine's last name is Cabirou. I had to re-read it 3 times after I saw your comment. Silly brain.

Also, Congrats on the sponsorship Marine!!!
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 It's not actually the drinks where they are making all the money. Energy drinks are basically huge marketing companies.
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 It’s not actually the drinks where they make money? Of course it is. What else do these companies sell to produce revenue besides the drinks?

Yea they are huge marketing companies, but that’s ultimately to sell the drinks. I saw something recently about Redbull that said even with everything else they are involved in, they still make over 95% of their revenue from the drinks.
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 @sino428: He did say "It's not the actually drinks where they are making ALL the money". Some revenue will come from other things like ticket sales from events such as MotoGP at the Red Bull ring, but you are right in saying most revenue is still from the drinks themselves.
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 @sino428: I think it costs redbull like £0.09 to make a can. the profit margins are MASSIVE
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 @sino428: They make decent off the cans. They invest all of that into marketing. Felix Baumgartener's jump made them just as much as the cans. Thats just 1 of their marketing ploys. Monster does the same.
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 @jaymztrigga: I think you are misunderstanding what that video was saying about the value of the Baumgartener jump. It’s said ‘the global reporting of the event was worth $6 billion’.

That does not mean they made $6B from it. That just means the exposure that it generated in was valued at $6B. Meaning that to get a similar amount of marketing exposure through traditional avenues it would have cost $6B.

They did not make any money directly off the jump. Any money they actually made from the jump was made indirectly through increased drink sales, because that’s the only product they really sell.
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 Get that money! Going by the PB survey, riders need all the support and sponsors they can get.
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 Any news wherein a rider is getting more compensation and notoriety is good news. Congrats
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 Drink Wine and Beer...then a bit of water in the morning

Stupid jokes aside, Monster paint schemes are so right, better than RedBull ones, no?
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 That should have been wine or beer
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 Is that monkey on top of the helmet smelling its finger?
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 Well, if she needs the money (and who doesn't)......I Never touch "energy" drinks. They are just shit in a can.
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 That Bluegrass helmet is sweet.
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 Italian style Smile
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 Wouldn't this have been a more appropriate sponsor?
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 i keep reeding her name as caribou
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 That IS her name... oh wait... damn.
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