Balneário Camboriú returns to MTB's world circuit

Aug 23, 2010
by Raul Chavarria  
Balneário Camboriú, Brasil, – Well known by foreign mountain bikers, Balneário Camboriu, will host the Master Worlds Championship from September 7th up to the 12th.

The Downhill course, situated on the Unipraias Park, it's basically the same where UCI's MTB World Cup took part in 2005 and 2006. The track also hosted the Panamerican Championship in 2007. Of course it doesn't remain exactly the same for all these years, but the major changes were made for rider's safety.

More details inside,

Bullet points on general regulation
As UCI's rules for international mountain bike races are at the same time long and something that need to be known, we want to highlight the most relevant points for this time of the event's schedule. Here they are:

-All riders aged 30 or over who hold a masters license are allowed to ride mountain bike events on the UCI international masters calendar, apart from:

-riders who, during the current year, have ridden a mountain bike event on the international calendar or regional games or Commonwealth Games other than a masters event with the exception of the world mountain bike marathon championships;

-riders who during the current year have been a member of a team registered with the UCI.

In events other than the masters world championships, master riders may ride with a temporary or day license issued by the competent national federation. The license shall set out clearly the start and end dates of the period for which it is valid. The national federation shall ensure that a holder of a temporary or day license shall for the duration of that license benefit from the same insurance coverage and other advantages as those granted with an annual license.

Rider in the final gap
Rider in the final gap

Categories are divided in groups that contain a 5 year time interval. They are :
◦ 30-34 for riders born from 1980 to 1976
◦ 35-39 for riders born from 1975 to 1971
◦ 40-44 for riders born from 1970 to 1966
◦ 45-49 for riders born from 1965 to 1961
◦ 50-54 for riders born from 1960 to 1956
◦ 55-59 for riders born from 1955 to 1951
◦ 60+ for riders born up to 1950

There will be a qualifying run to determine the start order, which will be ranked in descendent order by the time of the run. In other words, the fastest riders start last. All riders must attend to the qualifying run and complete the run up to 30 minutes or he will be disqualified for the finals.

There will be a 175-riders limit per category in the finals. In case that the number of subscriptors are bigger than this limit, the Technical Delegate must decide if they will be eliminated by their classification in the qualifying run.

Important dates
September 1st
◦ End of subscriptions at midnight (GMT -03:00)

September 7th
◦ UCI course check
◦ Beginning of accreditation and subscriptions confirmations
◦ Beginning of Cross Country training
◦ DHI track walk

September 9th
◦ End of subscriptions confirmations for DHI
◦ End of subscriptions confirmations for the following Cross Country categories : 60+, 55/59 e Women
◦ Open ceremonies and welcome party

September 10th
◦ End of subscriptions confirmations for the following Cross Country categories : 50/54 e 45/49
◦ Cross Country finals for the following categories : 60+, 55/59 and women
◦ DHI qualification runs

September 11th
◦ End of subscriptions confirmations for the following Cross Country categories : 30/34, 35/39 and 40/44
◦ Cross Country finals for the following categories : 50/54 e 45/49
◦ DHI finals

September 12th
◦ Cross Country finals for the following categories : 30/34, 35/39 e 40/44
◦ Closing ceremonies

Planning your trip
Despite the fact that the race is approaching, Balneário Camboriu it's a touristic city. It is ready to host up to 18.000 visitors in 24 different accommodation facilities. Even tough, pay attention to your dates and plan your trip as soon as possible, Camboriú it's placed at a distance of 38km from Navegantes Airport, the main air terminal to access the city. Be noticed that Brazilian air companies charge to carry your mountain bike, and a good tip it's to present your international ciclyng license to justify the especial luggage you have it with you. For the road travelers, Camboriú sits on the margins of BR-101 highway, on the km 130, as shown on the above map.

See below Camboriu's accommodation facilities:

The Master Worlds Championship will be organized and managed by the Federação Catarinense de Ciclismo and will be supported by : the Fundação Municipal de Esportes do município de Balneário Camboriú; the Secretaria de Estado de Turismo, Cultura e Esporte do Governo de Santa Catarina; the Prefeitura da cidade de Balneário Camboriú and the Secretaria do Meio Ambiente do município de Balneário Camboriú. will be responsible for the press advisory for the DHI Master Worlds.

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  • 4 1
 sick! i'll tell my grandpa
  • 1 0
 Ill be ringing my cow bell from here in the northwest for my buddy "Eric Loney" of
"Project 529" If all goes well he should be on the podium GO USA
  • 1 0
 Met Eric, awesome guy! He got second on his category.
Check out this album - - he is on picture #8.
  • 3 1
 Where do I get an international bike license?!
  • 1 0
 Can Steve Peat race this and still go for the World Championships in Canada?
  • 2 0
 No, my understanding is that if you have collected UCI points in the last 12 month in Pro/Elite then you are unable to race Masters, you have to go for the big show.
  • 1 0
 That's correct, once your over 30 and compete in a Master event, you can't go back to Pro Men/Women.
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 How wonderful to Brazil, our country is waiting for all this wonderful competition.
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 yey finally something on pinkbike i'll be able to really be at =)
i'll try make good pictures
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 welcome to Brazil masters racing fans! I really recomend Parador Hotel. It's nearly from Interpraias WC track.
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brasil representando de novo!
bom demais saber q os pilotos top's estarao aqui..

será q o markolf vai correr?!
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 fail! ;~~
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 I can recomend one more nice place to stay at Camburiú, Reimar's hotel!

Phone: +55(47) 3360 6410
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 30 over? thats damn
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 It's the "Master Worlds Championship"!

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