Mat Brown Bolsters Kali Protectives Sales Team

Jul 27, 2016
by Kali Protectives  
Mat Brown, former North American Sales Manager for Marzocchi USA, is the latest addition to Kali Protectives, strengthening its sales team as Territory Manager of California.

With 14 years of bicycle industry experience under his belt, Brown will be responsible for improving and developing the California market. Working closely with Kali's outside sales reps, he will cultivate new business, organize regional events, and, above all, create a positive customer service experience.

Mat Brown joins the Kali Protectives Team as Territory Manager for California.

"I was introduced to Kali by a co-worker at Marzocchi when I was looking for a full face helmet. I was blown away by the technology that Kali was putting into their helmets. With Composite Fusion technology, I couldn’t understand why Kali was not a more prominent player in the helmet game," said Brown.

"With @JulianCoffey on board at Kali, I know that the game is going to change. As a team we are going to put Kali on top and when people realize what goes into a Kali helmet, there’ll be no stopping us."

Impact chart

Kali Protectives started in a helmet test lab, as ex-aerospace engineer Brad Waldron made it his personal mission to eliminate the critical double impact forces found in traditional helmet construction with proprietary technology like Composite Fusion. Kali has evolved into a company that drives innovative design and makes a serious commitment to saving lives.

Mat Brown joins the Kali Protectives Team as Territory Manager for California

Committed to Kali's continued growth and success, Brown will be managing his territory remotely from Long Beach, CA. Kali Protectives is based in Morgan Hill, California and is distributed worldwide. Brown can be contacted at

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 Stormy evening in April 2001, I was hitchhiking thru the great north with nothing more than my pet shrew, a kale salad with balsamic reduction, toasted pine nuts, and a chipolte lime vinegretee dressing when the blizzards hit.

Shelter and survival mode kicked in as I finished the last of the perfectly BBQ'd kale salad, retired my fork to my ruck sack and felt the cold shiver thru me down to my core.

Exhausted, freezing and with my vision fading I saw a light ahead.. I mustered everything insdie myself but as I crawled along the ground thru the blowing snow and other frozen bodies darkness overcame me... I closed my eyes in the snow and slept.. darkness.

Awaking in a panic, I grabbed my iPhone 6SE with lighting port charger, large crystal clear retina screen and weighing in at only 143grams and checked the time.... Days had past since I remembered being in the storm, what has happened I thought?

It has been said by the elders of this small fishing village of Carson City, Alaska, that Matttt (with 4 t's) Brown does not do pushups BUT in fact, pushes the earth down. Mattttttt (with 7 t's) Brown I later learned rescued me, carrying me hundreds of miles thru the dessert wasteland of the tundra and nourished me back to health with the sweat from his bosom.

I never had the chance to thank Matttttttttttt (with 13 t's) for his kindness and bosom sweat that saved my life that night in Singapore but listening to the villagers talk and share with me the stories about how he owns a bear skin rug in his home but the bear is not in fact dead, it is only too scared to move. These stories showed me to true grit and character of this noble hero and I shall not forget his deed.

As I thanked the elders and was leaving the village I saw a Camphor Tree on the outskirts of town with an engraving in it.. I couldn't quite make out the words but as I got closer they became clear, they were written in Mr. Browns cursive and it read:


Matttttttttttttttt knew about Kali before Kali knew about Kali, and even lived in Cali before Cali was Kali.
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 wtf did i just read
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 "it is only too scared to move" Love it!
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 2 Things, well 3 things

First, I love Kali, as a company, they've been a freaking mazing, but just to be honest I have two problems that have kept me from rocking kali, #1 i have a small round head, so the slight oval shape makes Kali sizes run small, for example I wear a small giro, an xs AGV moto helmet, and the small Kali's I have had are just a smidge too tight.

Colorways/graphics are another barrier to me buying Kali, The bare carbon shiva gives me a stiffy, but then when I go to buy one it looks like this,, in general I feel like Kali loves tribal designs and style and I just freaking hate it. And wtf is this

I like clean looks, I think giro tld and 100% have the right Idea, if thats not Kalis direction, please at least do some plain carbon, cause carbon is sex!

The other thing is taking a shot at Marzocchi, I love my 380 but why in the world did you not fire Massi, the guy was a tool and messed my fork up worse than when it came in. And when I tried to go around Massi you, MAT!, forwarded my email on to him , and he got all bitchy with me for wanting to talk to Naz instead of his inept ass.

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 I came here to talk about how ugly Kali helmets are (the one at the top of the article for instance) but the ones you linked don't even look bad.
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 @anchoricex: Opinions are like a*sholes, I understand, just because I don't like it

I'm hopeful that Kali trys a different design style because I REALLY REALLY LIKE THEM, as a company.
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 Congrats dude!
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 I love charts without meaningful data! They even put an uneven grid in the background to make you feel like you have a concussion and need a new helmet.
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 I'm not sure the graph does or does not have meaningful data but that grid is called a log scale and is used in science and engineering a lot. It works great to cover large scales.

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