Video: Matt Bolton Dodging Rain & Chasing Slabs in Squamish

Nov 2, 2022
by Transition Bikes  

As this fall continued to flaunt a summer like Halloween costume, it was hard to remember how long our spring stretched out. Matt Bolton remembered it well as he battled mother nature's wicked elements while filming this video.

"For the final move in the video, we had gone to film it but it had completely grown over with moss after the wet spring. We came back with a harness and a wire brush, as well as some tools to make the runout rideable. Just as we were finishing up it started to rain making the freshly cleared rock super slippery. I got on my bike and we got the shot right as the skies opened up." -Matt Bolton

With a good mix of classic Squamish slabs and perfectly crafted dark dirt features, this video will have you itching to get into the woods! Check out the video to see Matt Bolton ride his favorite slabs and some new dirt work in 'A Brief Shredit of Unassuming Nature'.

Matt Bolton's riding defines what the Patrol is best at. When the features he is riding make you feel like pushing away from your computer screen, you know its that much gnarlier in person!

Video: and @plarseneau

Photos: @danlocks_

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 Matt Bolton, esq., huh? For an attorney, he sure doesn't get many cases.

Thank you, I'll show myself out now.
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 It’s cool that the music is more refined, like the riding, I assume that’s a nod to the rider’s cousin Michael Bolton
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 Thia guy is such a dark horse. I've stumbled upon him dropping hooorible shit so casuallly. And one hell of a trail builder - mot that I can ride much of it.... Nice work on the edit and driving the lical stoke Matt!
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 This really makes me want to go for a ride. To bad I'm sitting at my desk at work like a chump. Weekends almost here!
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 Hola Matt! I didn’t know you were such a baller . It was awesome hanging out with you in Oaxaca. Hope you had an easy flight home. It’s nice to be at sea level again. Sweet video Matt.
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 Cheers dude!
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 So sick! Having ridden at Alice Lake a few times makes you realize how steep and technical those lines must be in person. Mad props for summoning that much intestinal fortitude and displaying so much skill. That was an amazing edit!
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 F yeah Boltz.
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 There are awesome riding videos and then there are videos that just make you want to ride your bike. This is the epitome both. Well done dude!
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 so sick. Pretty close to Must Watch status I'd say
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 In English Esquire =/= Lawyer/Attorney, only in American. In English it is used when a man has no other title.

Pink Bike needs to post the images of Bolts riding down while climbers, climb up. Dude's a bonafide sender.
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 Where is this Squamish place? Looks fun
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 Just outside of Bentonville AR
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flag Eatsdirt (Nov 2, 2022 at 14:57) (Below Threshold)
 Canuckistan. Also known the 51st state by some.
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 @horkhork: yes the Mountain Biking Capital of the World... ha!
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 Total dive, wouldn’t bother.
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 @horkhork: haha. That was well played.
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 @Eatsdirt: Laguna sucks dbag..
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 @slowerthanmydentist: Does it help you feel better if I told you that was absolutely a joke, and all of BC is far superior to pretty everything stateside? Better quality of life too I'm guessing. Sorry you're butthurt!
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 autoplay=use Safari for PB and Chrome for the rest.... how hard is that?

please stop the train robbing ME 1st crap and get back on topic like actual cyclists not virtual weekend warriors.

now go ahead and attack the messenger
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 Squamish gnar ! Get some ! The flow trail. Good they have that as well. I prefer feeling flow on gnar. Music worked for me . Sweet edit.
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 Next level cinematography and sick riding !
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 Its crazy when people ride without eye protection, especially when there is mud. A missle of mud in the eyeball right before a feature or send could go really wrong in a flash! Sik edit tho!!
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 Hey dude! I usually run glasses in the spring/fall. I also use a mud hugger which helps keep things clean. Thanks for checking out the video - Matt
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 that was rad. love the unique style w music and graphics
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 Dang, that's one shreddy lawyer.
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