Video: Matt Jones Shows the Reality of EWS Racing as He Takes on the Trophy of Nations

Oct 5, 2019
by Matt Jones  

Having been a pro dirt jump and Slopestyle rider for about 7 years, I've always been aware of enduro riding but never really gave the competitive racing side of the sport much attention. Mostly because my mind has always been occupied by tricks and big jumps. However, Marin Bikes managed to get a 3 rider Industry Team slot for the final stop on the EWS calendar - the Trophy Of Nations in Finale Ligure, Italy. I went there with a bike and helmet, then had to beg and borrow a back protector and padded underpants things (apparently the former is obligatory and the latter is considered and worn by anyone with more than 2 brain cells) which I've never worn before. The video does a very good job of explaining how naive I was to the gnarly nature of these events, not just the downhills but the climbs too. It turns out that EWS riders are seriously gnarly folk.

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Finale Ligure


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 enduro.. where 'downhillers go to retire' and 'dirt jumpers go to torture themselves' gotta love this guy.
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 This was a great video, it's nice to have an 'outsiders' perspective, especially one who is a professional rider from a different discipline. Matt Jones can rip!
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 Good for you Matt! It'd be scary to see many of the different riders from different disciplines try the crazy tricks on the massive jumps you regularly do. That was entertaining...thanks bud!
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 Team Froriders 2020 ?!!!!! Do it!!!
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 Great look at the dedication that goes into competing in EWS. Such a different skills set to Dirt Jump and Slopestyle. Good on him for taking time to ride in a different style of event.
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 The most honest vlog of an Enduro event I have seen. The tunnel vision, deep breathing and talking to yourself on your race run, classic!
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 Acoustic bike. I will be using that from now on.
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 Thank you for sharing the event and taking the time to cover it. Cool insight into the event should do a similar event at the Mega with x3 riders times combined for a team event? Just a thought?
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 amazing how we discover that mountain biking is 95% of the time spent riding uphill.
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 Thats why E-Bikes sell so well.
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 @Zany2410: no this is how we ride with our legs and why I HATE shuttles.
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 @madmon: i like a shuttle but 99% i dont have one... mainly riding hometrails with steep uphills. i see this as a training keeping in shape Smile
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 @madmon: it is so odd- when I first discovered MTB, and this site it was via IFHT song " Only Ride Park" and for some reason that is what I though all Pinkbikers were .. plaid shirt wearing lift monkeys - but, comments like this and all the hate against e-bikes basically means PB is dominantly cross country lycra riders with pure uphill loving skills - amazing how ones perception is forged - I have no qualms either way - just odd how we think we see things, so, it's not plaid shirts but chamois......
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 @see-the-world: Not at all dude I adore DH and have always thought of myself as enduro/freerider. You see the pain the Enduro riders go through and they don't use lifts unless they have no choice. Long days in the saddle. That to me is mountain biking. Now there are so many lift assisted great spots like Whistler but they are a rich mans toy. I don't have the cash to go get "lifted" at will so I ride everywhere.

As far as PBers make up goes..... I have no clue and don't give a shit after all its about riding your bike with or without friends. Run what ya brung is my moto and also "2wheels1love". I hate division and that's my hate for motorized bikes and the negative vybz they bring to the table. I run a Jamaican tour company and we pedal. We offer shuttle services also and that said not many end up using a support vehicle.....maybe 5%
When you travel across this earth to ride most choose to pedal. Respect rider.
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 I know the pain, but at this level must be legend... bloody good effort Matt and a result to boot, have a few days rest and it will not seem so bad, you'll be back, we all do.... #enduroforlife
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 What a great video. Thanks a lot for sharing it and showing the raw reality of the event. Dude, you were ripping stage 5 like a freaking boss. Climbs are brutal. That was a generous thing to have done for us to watch and reset the glorious views of the edits and the highlights of the pros.
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 Cheers mate, I enjoyed watching that.
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 Great vid! Really makes the suffering real! Saw poor Matt at Hardline where he had an equally tough time.. Bloody good effort!
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 This honestly pretty darn gnarly. Riding up those climbs on a fully must be tediously endured!
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 Best EWS video ever!!! Great Job!
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 "We're going up hill on acoustic bikes" haha classic!!
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 Fair play mate!! That was a proper MTB race! So brutal, my legs would be shot from all the climbing! Congratulations!!
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 Great coverage and effort Matt, yeah, do another one.
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 Mint...go on do another one....really enjoyed that. mint trails and format!!!
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 Is Matt Jones still competing at Slopestyle? He seems to have gone very quiet.
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 That was sick! Haha what a funny insightful vid!
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 great adventure!!! even greater video, for us!!!
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 Great insight into how tough these EWS races are!
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 suicide squad :-)

so much moaning about some pedaling ;-)
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 yep -the dude rolls down mounds of dirt for a living so its pretty obvs that he is gonna be in much discomfort whilst peddling - look, were not all Lycra wearing climb warriors like yourself - but that is MTB - like life we are all different - we can't all be you .. you little mountain scamp you!!
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 That's why i ride uplift

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