Matt Walker Out of World Cup Finals After Crash - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 7, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
It looked like Matt Walker might take his second podium in a row but he was pushed back to 7th in the end. I m sure he ll be quietly content with that given a crash on this very track a few weeks prior left him in hospital.

Matt Walker has announced today that he will not be competing in finals after a crash that has left him with broken bones in his hand.

bigquotesB*llocks!! Crashed this morning and bust my hand in a couple of places. Gutted to close the book on the 2019 WC season like this. In good spirits though, injuries are part of the game. Thank you for everything this year @madisonsaracen @willlongden @phildixonn. Fire in the belly to go proper this winter ready for 2020. Matt Walker

bigquotesNot the way we wanted @mattwalkerdh ‘s season to end... Matt took a crash in yesterday’s practice resulting in a few broken bones in his hand... Injuries are part of the game but he’ll be back fighting in no time. Madison Saracen

We're wishing Matt all the best with his recovery and we hope to see him back on the bike soon.


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 Was going to say which Matt Walker was this. But the Bollocks in the Insta post answered it pretty quick. Good luck with recovery. Everyone's going to be crazy strong for next season
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flag barbarosza (Sep 7, 2019 at 7:00) (Below Threshold)
 Not the real one Smile ha ha but I’m happy the real one has good results now in enduro
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 Heal up Matt Walker.
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 Heal up Matt. Looking forward to seeing what you bring next season.

WTF is happening!!?? I really hope there are no more injuries this season.
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 Seems like more than ever it happens to the high profile racers this year. By which I include anyone who's been champ (WC, Worlds, National, Continental) at some point (as junior or elite). Vali, stay on your bike!

Matt, heal up properly!
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 Progession of the sport
(Seems like) riders are going faster an faster a taking more risks. Look at how the top podium riders have changed in the last 5 years, a new,younger, faster and hungry group are pushing harder than the consistently winning riders that they looked up to an learned from. Keeping up with that must be harsh
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 We are also posting more news than we used to.
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 Has more to do with what races we are watching. World Champs is a 1 man race, not any points to gain, so everyone is going for a 3 man podium. People always get hurt more at Worlds because of the all or nothing format.

Now, we are watching World Cup finals & everyone wants to jump someone else in the final rankings, whether it's for money bonuses in contracts or to leverage a better ranking into a contract or something random like Neko breaking a bone doing "something I've done before with no issue".

We are at the grand finale & everyone has something to gain today, from the unknown privateer to the top 3.
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or something random like Neko breaking a bone doing "something I've done before with no issue".

That one kind of defied your point to a bit. But of course you're correct. Earlier in the season someone going for a high overall ranking needs to balance the "going all out for a good podium spot" with "staying healthy to actually be able to ride the next race(s) this season" whereas in the final race, the last one is just a bit less important.

That said, my point wasn't just about the injuries late this season. Earlier this season we also saw some title contenders like Gwin, Tahnee Seagrave and Ravanel (in EWS) get injured. Somehow I feel it is much worse this season than it has been in past seasons.
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 Snowshoe eating people up this week. At least you guys have a whole off-season to dial yourselves back in.
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 This season has seen some big crashes. Feels like there have been more crashes than usually. Hope he gets well soon
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 @vinay: I made my point as to why there were so many, but random things happen m on top of that
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 @nojzilla: thats why minaar is a f*ckin beast
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 wow, barely anyone left...except the frenchies.
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 This season has been brutal. So many riders injured.
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 Just a reminder to show how hard they are pushing... Healing vibes for the unlucky ones!
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 When you actually realize the level these guys are riding at and the difficulty of some of these tracks, its not surprising, the consequences of making mistakes are high.
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 the level is so high, everyone's getting smaacked! heal up well in the offseason matt
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 Matt comes across so well on camera. It seems like he is a pretty switched on, intelligent chap. Deffinatly should be the front man for team Saracen. World champion and British champion under his belt. I know how annoying a hand injury can be. Get well soon and come back strong next year champ
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 So so gutted to hear this last night, Matt puts 110% into everything. It’s going to be an off season of healing and training hard again ready for 2020.

Healing vibes to all the riders that have been taken out over the last few weeks as well.
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 You know what they say: “There’s more Matt Waller’s in the sea”
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 Those risk/reward-WC-tracks seem to be getting out of hand...
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 I think it mostly has to do with how hard the riders are pushing this year. It's 2010 all over again, two guys battling at the top, pushing everyone to go faster.
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 Riders have to know the limits, and also to when, and how, to push them. Some will crash. It's all part of the game. Don't blame the tracks.
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 Oh great, can't wait to hear how rock gardens are too dangerous for DH races....
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 Gutted mon
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 A fitting end to my fantasy season. Heal fast bru.
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 Fast and sketchy thanks for all you do. Wish you a speedy recovery and a great next year.
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 Reminds me of the last Supercross seasons. Tracks getting out of hand and bikes and riders still pushing it to the limit.
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 The tracks are fine. They are not as gnarly as old school tracks yet. I raced masters andorra last year and that track is not a patch technically on an old school Dunkeld track. Yes it has some wide and fast sections but we are seeing the return of some technical sections now and that means more injuries generally.
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 I blame 29er wagon wheels for all the accidents?
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 You will need a mullet bike soon.
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