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Matthew Fairbrother Crowdfunds For Documentary About His Self-Supported 6-Day New Zealand MTB Rally

Jun 12, 2024
by Matthew Fairbrother  

After deciding to pass on the shuttles, helicopters, and even a boat charter in the New Zealand MTB Rally, Matthew Fairbrother instead decided to complete the whole race under human power by biking, hiking and kayaking. He then went on to take the win after 6 gruelling days of riding in some of New Zealand's toughest terrain. With some great support from Matthew's existing sponsors, he was able to gather a talented crew to document him 24 hours of the day, whilst he took on his biggest challenge yet.


We now present an opportunity to support the post-production phase of a captivating documentary film centered around Matthew Fairbrother’s remarkable journey in the New Zealand MTB Rally. The documentary showcases Matthew’s awe-inspiring achievement of completing the Rally entirely through human power, over six days and across six stunning locations, culminating in his triumphant victory.

Securing funding to facilitate post-production activities including sound design, professional scoring, and color grading, ensuring the film meets the highest standards ensuring the film meets the highest standards of quality and cinematic excellence. This helps us have the best possible chance at success in getting into multiple adventure and outdoor film festivals across the world. Matthew Fairbrother’s unparalleled determination and skill in conquering the NZ MTB Rally provide a compelling narrative that celebrates the spirit of adventure and human resilience.

The documentary features breathtaking visuals captured during Matthew’s journey, showcasing the beauty and challenges of the terrain. Funding Partners will be recognized and honored through various means, including credits in the film, exclusive screenings, and opportunities for collaboration. Join us in bringing Matthew Fairbrother’s extraordinary journey to life on the silver screen. By supporting the post-production phase of our documentary, you’ll not only be contributing to the creation of a captivating film, but also aligning yourself, your brand, or your organisation with values of adventure, resilience, and excellence.

How does your donation help?

Your donation to our campaign will assist us in creating a short documentary film of Matthew Fairbrother's journey on the NZ MTB Rally and how he needs very little to accomplish big things.

Our funding goal allows us to cover post-production for the documentary and recaps (Editor, Colourist). Every contribution to our campaign helps us share an epic story and adventure and get one step closer to reaching Film Festivals globally, before public release later this year. We also have a stretch goal, which will assist in Sound Mix which will help bring the film to life.

You can contribute here: www.boosted.org.nz/projects/all-in-or-nothing



Gordon Duff: Director / Producer / DOP / Editor

Gordon Duff is a passionate Director/Filmmaker known for his ability to evoke emotions and capture authentic narratives. With a diverse portfolio including brands like Husqvarna Motorcycles and Mons Royale, he creates visually stunning films that resonate with audiences. Gordon's collaborative approach and dedication to understanding client objectives ensure exceptional results. His skillful storytelling makes him a valuable asset to any project, earning him a reputation as a sought-after talent in the industry.

Josh Morgan - Double Vision: Camera Op / Drone Op

Josh is a wizard with his filmmaking craft and has a special eye for the shots he shoots. He is the other half of Double Vision based in Wanaka, New Zealand. He has worked with some brands nationwide such as DJI, FujiFilm, and Hallinstein Brothers.

Henry Jane: Photographer

Henry is an exceptional photographer and his work speaks for itself. He has worked with some big brands including Red Bull and Specialized.

Jem Anderson-Gardner: Interviews, 2nd Unit DOP

Thanks for helping a young kiwi kid's dream come true!

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 I was a participant in this NZ MTB Rally along with my team from Hawaii. I met Matt and his crew and connected particularly well with his big brother who put in a lot of time and commitment to help Matt complete this goal. He was essential to Matt's success for sure...

Okay, I gotta tell you that this event took everything I had to be able to complete this journey from maximal exhaustion, attacking insects, equipment failure, to big crashes and I still can't fathom how he was able to complete this event completely self supported. The amount of pedaling he did was double maybe triple the entire field, the lack of sleep and minimal access to calories and hydration still baffles me. I started the each day with a 10+ pound pack filled with necessities and ended the day empty while still using the support feed stations. The fact that he finished the event is completely amazing but he didn't just finish the guy also WON the entire event which again is deserving of a documentary for sure. I will definitely support this venture and hope that others will as well.

By the way, the NZ locals that supported/worked the event was unbelievable, so I want to give a special shoutout to Alistar (4x4 bus owner), Andrew Jordan (bus operator), Glen Buckley (event assistant) for making this event special and for also representing NZ at its finest. I will definitely be going back for more off-road adventures in the near future...

Mahalo Nui Loa, Team Hawaii
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 Thanks for the kind words! It was great to meet you and this goes for everyone involved; we sure hope to have you back in NZ!
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 Absolute legend of a guy, and a crazy adventure.

Sits wrong with me though that the sponsors who started it only supported the project half-way.

Mons Royal, since you only gave him one shirt and pair of socks, you must have 10k in marketing budget left ;-)

I hope another sponsor steps up!
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 Cheers! Unfortunately it's a pretty tough market out there at that moment, and it wasn't the cheapest project to pull of due to all of the man hours and logistics involved. Sure it'd be nice if the existing sponsors of the film could put in some more support but contracts have been signed, etc and overall they got this project off the ground running and I can't thank all of them enough for their support and guidance to get me where I am.
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 @matthewfmtb: Congrats on your outstanding effort. Thanks for explaining. Logistics and economics aside, a company that sells $190 USD shorts and puts their sponsored athlete in a spot where they have to beg for public money through fundraising like this to finish a project…maybe the look of it wasn’t fully considered. I do love Poc, Mons and Shimano and am willing to pay for premium products like theirs when I can. (Shorts over a hundred bucks notwithstanding.) IMHO a glitzy edit doesn’t make your accomplishment greater nor the reporting better. Keep up the insanity and safe travels.
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 What a legend. Come on comment section...a lot of $10 donations make a big difference!!
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 Legendary, indeed. I've paid thousands to the companies whose logos appeared in the trailer. Make that crowd do the funding.
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 @rider001: agree.. we would actually be paying for those brands marketing.
  • 3 0

Especially since $10k is pennies in those companies marketing budgets.
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 I'm not good with words but isn't 'self-supported-crowd-funded' the truest definition of an oxymoron?
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 the race was self supported, the documentary isnt
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 Was this the same guy as the NZ junior who bikepacked between all the EWS rounds a few years back? Yes or no incredible achievement!
  • 1 0
 That’s the guy - absolute legend!
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 After checking some of the distances Matt covered between EWS races – some of those routes I have cycled on road and touring bikes – I realized what a truly outstanding athlete he is. It's crazy what this guy can do. And in NZ he also won. I'm looking forward to what he does next – and the documentary!!
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 Man I hope NZ can get behind Matt throughout his career. He is already one of our great athletes.
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 Fingers crossed!
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 Amazing feat, looking forward to watching this!
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