Matti Lehikoinen Injury Update

Aug 31, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
It's been a season to forget for the Finnish Pinner, with his latest crash in training at the Canberra World Cup taking him out of the 2008 season.

Matti returns home to Finland tomorrow, Monday, after it was decided to have surgery in his home country and not in Australia. He has broken the radius in both hands with the right hand being worse than the left. There's still no 100% confirmation on the condition on his scaphoid bones in both hands at the moment, but the possibility of fractures does exist and these need to be explored with his doctors.Right now the estimated recovery time is at least 8 Matti will now start looking to season 09.

Before boarding his flight home, Matti had this to say: "This season was really bad for me. 8 weeks recovery time means that I will have been out of game for 7 months of the past 13 months. So now I can forget this unlucky season and concentrate on next year."

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 outch. not to comfy. heal up buddy
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 i know what you mean, i have been put out all summer from damn torn ligaments my knee!!
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 Matti,plz think about yourself and enjoy life while recovering. You are one of the fastest and,one of the most professional racer on the world cup circuit. If life is treating you bad maybe since a wild,beleive me,its only to improve you to your limit. Keep standing up as usual. I dont know a lot of guys who sculted air channels in the interior of there helmet! See you later
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 2 years in a row he's destroyed himself, gotta feel bad for the dude
heal up soon matti.
p.s. with to broken hands/ arms he's gonna be hella bored Razz
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 that sucks
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 More than that... I've been through the same issue and it's so bad seeing your buddys go out riding while you can't even handle the simpliest things at home alone.
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 well that sux to be off for that long hope he can stay in good shap for next year and be aboul to ride
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 unlucky, get well soon matti your a shredder
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 Actually its allmost over 20 hour flight. Let's just hope that next season will be better for Matti!
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 Unlucky Matti, shit happens but get well soon, being injured sucks Thumbs Down
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 I feel so petty for his lately luck. I hope his next season will be better.
First the back, then the knee and now hands :/ ewww...
Parane pian!
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 luck lately* sorry Big Grin
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 Your still 'Knar Boot' in my book Matti! Get well soon dude!
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 My favorite rider! GET BETTER MAN, U RULE. the next season will be your next go to get back on top!
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 Poor Matti, get well soon.
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 Get well soon!
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 get well soon!
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 Bummer... but that's part of the game!
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 good louck with those scaphoids
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 To bad Matti! Good luck with the surgery and better luck next year!
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 Speedy recovery, and hopes for a better season next year.
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 poor Matti, luck isnt on his side just now
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 FYI pinkbike the radius is in your arm
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 remember, if your braking into a wooded section you got to be pedaling out of it
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 Thats a great Steve Peat quote from Seasons.....
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 Good luck Matti!
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