Max Langille: 2016 Season - Video

Nov 6, 2016
by max langille  
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My name Is Max Langille, I am 18 years old from Calgary, Alberta and I am currently riding for Transition and Chromag! About two months ago I stayed on my friend @dylansiggers couch for a week and he filmed me this great video in Fernie!

During the rest of the season, I was filming with my buddy @andrewyoung around Alberta and we came up with this.

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Had an insane amount of fun this year can't wait to get back to riding next year!

MENTIONS: @andrewyoung / @dylansiggers / @maxlange / @Chromagbikes / @TransitionBikeCompany

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 Nice riding Max. Honest question here - Why do you run a wider bar than it seems you need as you hands are always 1-2 inches in from the ends? Does it help with tricks?
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 Comfort/ bar spins basically
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 @maxlange: Thanks Max. I see it in BMX a lot and was never sure. In the woods we obviously cut off the excess to avoid things like trees, but I now understand why you like them as such.
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 does it make the knee clearance trickier?
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 @adrennan: Can always cut it to how you like it. I just kinda ride that way.
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 @maxlange: as someone who doesn't barspin, it was just a question. whenever i try to do anything that resembles a bar spin, i hit my knees.
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 @adrennan: I have my bars cut so it doesn't hit
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 That triple is such a pretty bike. Killer riding; I feel like this won't be the last time we see this name.
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 yea I love it! thanks!
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 @maxlange: i will have you know after watching this video, a brand new triple got posted on here (my LBS just trying to make room), I bought it pretty much that night. @TransitionBikeCompany give Max a raise haha
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 Very good!!! Went to Millennium a year and a half or so ago, and these kids in their early teens asked if I was a cop. It kind of put a damper on my freedoms because I didn't want to hang out, and be creepy around kids without anyone else my age.
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 Damn. This dude is going be a force to reckoned with on the FMB circuit.
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 Sweet edit Max. Sucks that you broke your leg, hope it's all healed up. Strange coincidence, I broke my leg at Fernie dj's right around the same time as you. I was there on Sept 1st (old guy on the black .243 trying double-trucks on the mulch). The last one I tried didn't go so well and ended up with a broken tib. I remember seeing you there too that evening, looks like your injury happened right after I left?
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 damn dude that sucks! it could have been the same day honestly not sure!
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 Jeez, I worked at COP this summer with this guy, good to see he's getting some recognition!
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 oh god, i just realized I'm 30
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 thought i was 18 for the last 12 years!
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 Sick !
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 As always.. great vid... sorry you got busted up.
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 Should've been on a Charger..
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 Oh shit. I could feel that break. heal up and keep killin it on the dirt.
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 @maxlange Awesome edits! How do you like the Triple? I've been considering one since they were announced.
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 So good! I absolutely love it!
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 @maxlange sick edit dude...did I see you the last 2 years at the bike ranch..not sure..around mid Sept
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 excellent riding @maxlange
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 Bad ass dude, keep it up!!
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 Now that one was worth filming!!!
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 Watch out! This boi on the hunt!!!
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 Seat grab nac 3 hell ya boy!
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 The Sword
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