Maxima Racing Oils Announces Signing of Brandon Semenuk

Aug 18, 2014
by Maxima BIKE  
Maxima BIKE is proud to welcome more Rad Company to the team with the addition of Brandon Semenuk, 2X FMB World Champion and lone 3X Crankworx Slopetyle winner. Brandon is naturally committed to superior performance from himself and his equipment. Exclusively backed by premium brands, Brandon’s approach to competition personifies the constitution of Maxima BIKE.

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Through his titles, stand-alone video parts and popular Life Behind Bars web series, Brandon has worked hard in his professional career to elevate the freestyle MTB contest game and inspire core riders with graceful technique and a mind blowing bag of tricks. Maxima will provide full support in keeping Brandon’s Trek bikes clean and lubricated, as well as his motocross bike and rally car.

Maxima BIKE is dedicated to manufacturing the best performing care products, lubes and suspension fluids, as our team and patrons deserve nothing less. Nothing less than top performance will work for Brandon Semenuk and Maxima BIKE. Nothing beats Maxima.


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 You can never have enough lube eh!
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 The salmon must stay slippery
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 congratulations Brandon. i couldnt find anything mountain bike related on the website which makes me wonder why they would bother with the mtb industry, same thing with etnies
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 I know he has done some rally racing in the past, that could be a reason, maybe....
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 good point he definitely
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 They are currently building up their bike line. Ive been able to use some of their proto lubes and bike cleaner and it is amazing. Follow maximausa and 26griz on instagram if you want to see what they've been up to.
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 They do make suspension fluids for bikes. Most of the RS suspension fluids also seem to be re-branded/repackaged Maxima oils.
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 Probably a lot of it is that action sports folks tend do be multidisciplinary, so when we see a company backing our favourite rider, we're gonna think hey, that's rad, I'm gonna pick up some of that oil for my dirt bike/car/whatever
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 The dude is so maxed out with sponsors, the only thing left to sponsor him for was fork oil and chain lube. Fair play!
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 Wouldn't it have been better to pick up... oh I don't know.... a racer? I know Semenuk is dope but when it comes to finely tuned suspension performance I think of WC DH, not slopestyle.
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 I've had decent results by messing around with different oil weights/brands etc, in forks and shocks that were used specifically for big drops into stout jumps. The goal for me is to have very fast rebound, but still soft enough to pre-load to boost steep tall lips...just my 2¢.
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 Well they have devinci on their program
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 I don't know what to say about that...
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 good for him?
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 Yeah, it's nice to have a clean Subaru!
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 Yes, because Brandon Semenuk signed with maxima I am going to go out and buy maxima! Not really.
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 Article aside, their oil is great. My RM250 loves the Formula K2 synthetic.
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 Lube to the max
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