McGazza Forever: Crankworx Slopestyle, Rotorua 2016 - Video

Mar 12, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Rotorua
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Filmed by Ty Bowmaker, Jon Drew and Chris Ricci
Presented by Brett Tippie
Edited by Chris Ricci
Produced by Farah Ahmed and Oli da Costa
Executive Producer - Alan Golds

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx / @LKTV / @influxproductions / @captyvatemedia / @bretttippie / @geebeebee


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 Who would have thought that a crazy head of hair and that huge smile would have influenced so many people for the greater good. I didn't know him, but wish I did. Just one great human.
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 To see Tippie losing it just shows the effect he'd had on everyone. Got me going just seeing him breaking down. His girlfriend was incredibly strong to keep it together like that, they had been together so long, I can't imagine what she must be going through.
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 Yeah it's the first time I've seen Tippie show signs of cracking... That really is a sign of how huge Mc Garry's influence really was... I miss him so much!
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 Is there a place to grab one of those 'Forever a Legend' shirts?
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 Ill pick one up too, even though it might cost $1000000 Canadian dollars!
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 ^^^ Same! If anyone can post a link or design that shirt I will buy a handful. RIP McGazza!
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 Why am I getting neg proped? Our Canadian Dollar is shit right now...
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 Keep an eye out on the Queenstown mountainbike club Facebook page. They may be available through QMTBC with all proceeds going to the Kelly Mcgarry memorial trust which has been set up to support trail advocacy, building and assist rider development within New Zealand.

Alternatively if you know somebody at crankworx they are available to buy there, again with all proceeds going to the trust.
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 Just an idea, but stickers in the same theme would be rad! Would possibly make a good money raising scheme for the memorial trust too. I'd love to have 'McGazza' stuck to my bike, and I'm sure many others would too. In a way it would keep him riding forever.
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 I'm hard pressed with uni projects right now, but I might be able to organise some tee/sticker designs to put on Red Bubble.
I'm not exactly how pricing works on there but I'll see if I can set up the funds raised to be sent directly to the trust fund mentioned above.

If anyone wants to message me with a design they'd like to see (other than the obvious), feel free to do so before the weekend and I'll try and get something done then Smile
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 Wide open industries in New Zealand sold them for $40 a shirt. Well worth it
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 @NickyVanLier That would be so sick. Please do that!
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 That is so sick. Definitely ordering ASAP. Thank you @NickyVanLier !
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 Awesome bro! Definitely gonna order some of those!
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Although they may be out of stock. Here is the official shirt from the Crankworx Rotorua.
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 I was doing fine loving the video then watching Tippie lose it, I couldnt hold back anymore. McGazza Forever
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 this is mental.. i love this community.
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 True that man. Best community out there!!!! Amazing video!!!!
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 any one else get that thing in the throat watching this?
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 Nah, I just fell right apart. Go big or why bother, right?
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 What a beautiful video.
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 Man, seeing his missus got my cryin'. Only thinking what it would be like to leave my girl behind... She must have gone through a thousand different emotions today.
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 Wow. Choked up big time after watching this. RIP McGazza. And big respect to everyone here for showing a huge amount of love and respect
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 Wow don't know how Sammy got up and talked in front of the camera with such composure what a strong woman. Frown
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 Keep smiling, dudes, Kelly wouldn't want to see you sad, I am sure.
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 f*ck what an emotional rollercoaster. \m/ McGazza forever \m/
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 awesome! great piece, held it together till the @bretttippie section at 2:25 then due to unashamed blurriness of the eyes managed to watch it all after a few attempts!
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 watched with tears rolling down my cheeks but a smile on my face thanks kelly for all you've done, rest in peace big man
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 It's beautiful to see everyone helping and taking care of McGazza legacy.Such a great community #McGazzaForever
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 What a legend, touching tribute. Teared up when tippie nearly broke down. RIP Kelly.
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 Awesome tribute to an obviously well respected guy. Got me right in the feels.
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 God dammit Tippie chopping onions. I'm going for a ride. Mcgazza Forever!
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 McGazza Ride In Peace
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 Was definitely a touchy event to watch. The amount of respect in the biking community is immense and I think people all over could learn from this approach in life.
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 RIP McGazza. Touching tribute.
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 I had a dream about Kelly last night. We had just woken up, but there was one guy still sleeping on the floor by a door. Suddenly the door falls off its hinges, straight on the guy, sleeping on the floor. I got real scared, Kelly just laughed his ass off. RIP bro :'(
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 ermagerrsh so many feels.... Lotsa dust in here all of a sudden... Beautiful course stands as a testament to the unmatchable stoke that Kelly McGarry brought to everything he did.
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 I don't understand this world, great people are gone while donald trump is still alive! Wtf! Btw, long live MCGAZZA !!!!
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 It was a really emotional, and memorable tribute.
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 Fuckin tearjerker. RIP McGazza
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 i remember following mcgarry years ago on the whistler redbull 5000 down kamikazi start on whistler peak. he double flatted on the section called in deep which is rooty as hell and it was a very wet day, and he kept pinning it . i followed him for a good minute or so until his tires fell off the rim. very impressed how he rode that stuff double flatted.
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 Thanks Pinkbike. Thanks Tippie. you guys really knocked this out of the park. Way to honor Kelly.
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 Keep the smile going!
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 The guy is a legend, got huge respect for this McGazza rest in peace dude!
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 Is there some kind of way to get a McGazza shirt ? #McGazzaForever
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 I don't ride slope style or have never been to an event of that kind but I have watched many videos with Kelly in them. And I can say this, I know a genuinely humble guy when I see one and hear them speak. Kelly was truly one of those people. All I can remember from the videos were his big smile, big hair, and a big heart. He will truly be missed by all aspects of mountain biking.
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 Watch it! Really shows what goes on at rampage and what a top guy McGazza was. I want 1 of them T's
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 Cry man warning! what a touching video and so moving, I couldn't hold it together. r.i.p kelly
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 when i saw Tippie almost break i almost did too.
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 Lovin' all the love.
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 I've never seem tippy sad, this really got me. Those feels Frown
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 The candle that burns the brightest doesn't last the longest.
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 #McGazzaForever You will be sorely missed but never forgotten! Ride on man, wherever you may be.
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 MCGAZZA!!! Thanks for the smiles and memories!!!
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 Sniff Ride Infinite Pedals
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 Ride in Peace McGazza Frown
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 Great Contest!
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 Ok to much oignon cutting in this video!
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 BAM. Right in the feels.
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