Mechanix Wear & 100% Partner for New Glove Collection

Jun 10, 2021
by 100 Percent  

Press Release: 100%

100%, has teamed up with Mechanix Wear, to release an exclusive collection, consisting of two popular work gloves, The Original and FastFit. Mechanix Wear, the leader in hand protection, and 100%, a premium sports protection brand, joined forces to collaborate on the most advanced gloves for working hands.

The collaboration combines the best garage gloves with the featured 100% extended logo and signature colors. A special print on the palm of the gloves is taken from the original 100% tagline, “How Much Effort Do You Give?” 100% continues to inspire a whole new generation of athletes asking this same question.

“We created 100% to make the most advanced performance eyewear, technical apparel and sports protection for the most demanding athletes on the earth,” said 100% co-founder and CEO Ludo Boinnard “We’re excited to partner with a like-minded brand that takes this same approach to building the most advanced gloves for working hands.”

“Mechanix Wear and 100% have a deep connection and storied past in the world of motocross,” said Michael Hale, CEO of Mechanix Wear. “Both brands are driven by passion and an unwavering commitment to protect riders and mechanics on and off the racetrack. Mechanix Wear is proud to collaborate with 100% by offering our proven glove technology and industry leading protection to one of motocross’s premier brands.”

The 100% and Mechanix Wear Collection consists of two styles; The Original (MSRP $20) and FastFit (MSRP $15) and each is available in five sizes. The gloves will be available at 100% Authorized Global Moto and Bike Distribution Network, Mechanix Wear Global Distribution Network,,, and


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 Putting 100% logos on Mechanix gloves is worthy of a press release?
  • 22 0
 It's called: Paid advertising
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 I 100% agree that it was worthy of a press release.
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 Collabs are so hot right now.
  • 6 0
 This industry is sad sometimes.
  • 1 0
 Good point, but we are all here reading it aren't we..
  • 18 0
 At least they're not charging extra for nothing more than a different logo. Quite the collaboration, must have taken many many meetings to figure out how to put a different screen print on the same gloves.
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 They had meetings to schedule future meetings to discuss about meetings that will lead to another meeting about the previous meeting which someone brought up about a meeting they had with the other company that wanted a meeting to collaborate and have a meeting to figure out a way to imprint their logo onto an existing glove. Takes a lot of work.
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 This glass of whiskey i am sipping on right now might be 100%. Those gloves are really only 50% though, according to my calculations. 50% Mechanix and 50% 100%. So wtf. How do you get 100% from one company when the other is at least 50% of the god dam glove ? Math doesn't work for me. 100% of mechanics would agree, so I am not the only one.
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 your whiskey is probably 40% (80 proof) up to maybe 60%
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 Ain't no 50% of "100%" in that glove. 99.9% mechanix
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 @brianrages: indeed you are right. i never claimed to be good a math. Unfortunately.
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 @jason475: It may be 40%, but I'm sure it's 100% whisky . That is, unless you put ice in it.
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 Lead picture: guy pretending not to drop an m5 bolt while wearing gloves.

Hopefully this could be a step toward Mechanix making dedicated riding gloves (even if moto comes first). They work pretty fine already - a couple tweaks could make them great.
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 I don't want gloves when working on bikes. Nothing on a bike is rugged enough to justify losing the tactile feel gloveless provides. If you're worried about oil, grease and other fluids on your hands, just get a jug of fast orange pumice cleaner and thank me later.
  • 5 3
 Cut bars, frayed cables, chainring teeth, pedal studs, spinning brake rotors...
  • 7 3
 @greener1: absolute non issue gloveless.

Now when were talking breaker bars on a ratchet trying to loosen the rusty caliper bolts on my truck? now we're wearing gloves. Trying to wind a new serpentine belt around the engine pulleys while detensioning? we're wearing gloves. you get the idea. you do what you want, but bikes are ez mode mechanics compared to almost anything with a combustion engine.
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 @Ironchefjon: Yeah, I'll still stick with gloves. I need to sanitize my hands about 75 times a day for my job right now. You put alcohol on your scrapes and cuts 75 x daily and it's enough to put a fella in a bad mood.
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 Agreed. Hardin the f**k up.
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 The $5 mechanics gloves from Harbor Freight that I got three ago are still holding up well. I might even splurge for their $13 'professional' version next.
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 Of all the different things they could take a photo of they decided to get a guy using a pressure washer? Next pic might as well be touching brake rotors with bare hands
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 So what your saying is these mechanics gloves will fail 100% of the time...
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 My 100% Briskers are absolutely bomb proof.
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 @mammal: I own the same pair, and could not agree more... But that's because they aren't made by Mechanix. So unless Mechanix has finally figured out they can't make a glove to save their lives and have asked 100% to make them a proper glove OR... 100% has made a massive error and are now getting the worst glove brand in the business to destroy their glove making reputation too.
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 @mammal: Briskers - my favorite glove. Year-round use
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 @suspended-flesh: Wow, they're WAY too hot for me between April-October. But I run super hot always.
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 @jomacba: Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought it was a dig at Hundy-P... I have no experience with Mechanix, as I just use cheap thicker bike gloves for heavy mechanic work, Lol.
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 @mammal: you sir have dodged a bullet. The stitching let's go within about 30 seconds of use. Absolute garbage. I've had well over a dozen pairs ranging from $30-$75 a pair, expecting the higher end glove to last longer... Every single pair failed within a few days. I eventually went over to more generic brands like Watson and gander brand, and those gloved woukd last until the palms wore through. Adding in a pair went between $7 to $20. I WILL not be purchasing any glove with the Mechanix logo on it. Sorry 100%, unfortunatley you've lost a customer.
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 @jomacba: Well, I wouldn't call it bullet dodging, because I'd never buy mechanic specific gloves, let alone expensive ones... But I believe you.
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 @jomacba: why did you buy a dozen psirs if they keep falling apart????
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 @savmeister: Company I worked for supplied them.
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 My two favourite gloves are now one and the same!
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 Please don't inflate the cost of my mechanix gloves to be in line with the garbage bike brand gloves.
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 Hopefully they hold up better than the R-core gloves, I’ve had 2 pairs and neither lasted more than two months before falling apart.
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 ah yes, now bike thieves can look like cyclists while they tear the locks off your storage rooms and garage doors.
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 Needs Ulnar armor padding
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 60% of the time, it works every time

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