Megavalanche 2016 - Official Video

Jul 15, 2016
by UCCSportEvent  
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Official video of the 22nd edition of the Megavalanche that took place from July 6th to 10th at the Alpe d'Huez, France.

Full recap of the Women's Race here.

Full recap of the Men's Race here.

See you next year from July 3rd to 9th 2017: Save the date!

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Cyril Charpin

Video & Edit:
Next Frame Production
Alpe d'Huez Télévision

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 subtitles would be nice Smile
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 What do you complain of: there are subtitels when they speak english ( :
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 f fdsa
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flag suspended-flesh (Jul 15, 2016 at 12:07) (Below Threshold)
 Oui, je ne comprend pas, parce que je ne parle pas Francais. J'etudie Francais en lycee trente ans depuis. C'est suis merde en velo aussi, comme Monseuir Thibaud en le livre de la langue.
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 "so that snowy section sucked pretty hard" pretty much sums it up
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 @jyemen: When the snow is soft like that its almost impossible to ride. The fact that some of these guys even stayed upright is a miracle.
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 @Oldgerald: Ouais je te ne pas de fense ne quois mes bais pour quois non je ne veux pas je suis une ananas
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 3:24 Crank Bros tattoo?! That is lifetime of commitment to some terrible products right there.
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 It's body stickers... You see them s lot at world cups too.
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 Hey guys, As there are no subtitles, we'll try to translate the interviews. Cheers
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 Here you go for the Interviews Translations :

"Okay Freestyle,
Welcome everybody to the Megavalanche 2016, we are at the start !
it’s gonna be tricky the glacier’s gonna be a little bit .. ICY ! But it’s going to be fun !!"

George EDWARDS :
"Here we are on the plateform of the Qualification for the Mega 2016,
Great weather and terrain conditions, a race rebuild race course. We hope that these ideal condition will remain the same all week long."

Kilian BRON :
"Wouuu… it’s going to be nasty from the beginning, Hopefully will not crash in the first corner as last year and find better lines through the snow… "


« At first, I have thought that it was goind to be hard considering the amount of snow, and so to find the proper line. Indeed, in the end, it is easy because there is not the many choices so if there snow go for it, and if there is some rocky section go for them. And then its even faster than in the past… »

Cédric RAVANEL :
« Yes, everything went well. Just a little bit scared on the first turns … but we will see the final result… look, Damien OTON is coming !”

Cécile RAVANEL :
“ It was so dusty on the way down.. That is why I have decided to take rapidly the lead in order to be able to enjoy more the descent… Tomorrow, it is a different story with the start on the glacier. The race can be done within the fisrt couple turns, so plan is : NO CRASH.”

“It may feels like there 3-4 races in one, considering the variety of terrain and the length of the track. Anyway, there is no other event where you spend as much time on the bike and where you swallow that much elevation drop.”

“For the record, I have won here in 2007… nearly 10 years ago. Wanted to see if I could still be a challenger for the win.. never thought I would have won the race !”

Nicolas QUERE
“ Welcome to the Megavalnche !
15min to go ! Don’t know what will follow.. We will probably have to run at the bottom of the glacier… “

« Racing here is always Hazardeous with the glacier, I knew that François Bailly-Maître and Damien Oton were way stronger than me on the pedalling, and then though that my “glacier skills” would be the key. I choose to run a semi-slick tire in the back, in order to compete with those two … »

Damien OTON
“I saw Remy and Camille taking the lead, so I push hard to get back the 20 seconds I’ve lost… Succeed to pass back Remy just before the ‘pedal section’ but I had already given up too much energy to this point.”

“No a bad start, but the other were better… On the snow, I didn’t succeed to stay on the surface so I needed to run. Anyway it still an amazing race, the 40 minute ride goes by pretty fast even though it is really physically demanding… And it is probably because of this that I have succeeded to grab the 3rd Spot.”
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 ahah Big Grin it's just the girly version of the infamous Mountain Of Hell !
here's my run from this year ( 3rd one for me but 17 years existing Wink ) :
qualies :
race :

be nice i'm not a pro rider Big Grin
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 I love these 'raw' edits. No sub titles. VIVE LE FRANCE Honestly tho- the helmet cam footage of Megavalanche from a few years back that showed all those riders getting smoked seemed more in tune with reality.
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 They are CRAZY... but that´s a place I´d like to be Wink
Maybe next year!
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 Imagine being in the lead at the beginning... where if you fall, you are getting mowed down by a giant mob with no control. Seriously nerve racking stuff.
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 i wonder how many pairs of suspiciously brown pants were present
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 Ok im from Canada i should speak french. its the second official language. Video was awesome! thank god for pictures.
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 If you want il can (try to...) translate some parts.
Tell which rider at what time.
And if others whant to help, welcome (could also be funny to compare the translations)
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 I am not that familiar with this event. Was this two different races covered in the video?
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 Hey @sino428

The video covers the all event, that's to say the Qualies that took place on Friday, plus the races that took place on the Saturday and Sunday. (Same race course but with different categories ...).

Then, it is true that somehow it covers two races ;-)

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 @UCCSportEvent: Got it, so the first portion of the video where the start took place on dirt was qualifying?
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 @sino428: Yes, till the 5th minute of the video it is the qualies. That part of the race is the "proving ground", and starts a little less higher than the race itself.

Then comes THE Megavalanche that start right on top of the Pic Blanc glacier a 3300m high !
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 Not sure what there saying as only under stand English but if you let the riding do the talking it looks like a FUN event
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 I don't care what there speakin that looks like a lot of fun.
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 Didn't understand 98% of the words but didn't care because that was entertaining.
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 Anyone know when 2017 tickets will be available?
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 Hey @jlawie,

registration for the Megavalanche 2017 opens on the first week of January !
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 @UCCSportEvent: Thanks! Appreciate the reply
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 Remy is a bad ass and to win it 6 years in a row is EPIC. I just wish he had a GoPro so we could see his winning race POV.
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 Top left at 2:36 Serious OTB
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 Are these trails open to ride throughout the rest of the summer?
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 mostly, yes.
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 Soon mate ! Keep and eye on megavalanche Facebook page this week !
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 Can fat bikes like a foes mutz be ridden in mega
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 I saw some dudes on fat bikes when I was there in 2013 - Short answer is yes!
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 Just the usual French babble...
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 I No Speaky Frenchy
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 Only American!!!

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