MET Announces New Terranova Open Face Helmet

Jul 30, 2019
by MET Helmets  


After the success of the MET Roam which set a new design code for our MTB range, we are pleased to introduce our latest addition for Trail and All-Mountain riders: the MET Terranova.

Providing an extended coverage, the construction and fit are inspired by the MET Roam, guaranteeing optimal comfort. With a softer design, clever features, and a MIPS version, it is incredible value for money.

The MET Terranova has increased head coverage compared to a standard mountain bike helmet. It’s designed for technical all-mountain and trail riding.

The internal air-channeling of the helmet allows a highly efficient ventilation.

The visor is tool-free adjustable and flex injected to bend when there is an impact against it. This unique feature helps to manage extra rotational forces transferred to your neck in a crash.

We’ve worked closely with MIPS to achieve highly efficient ventilation and at the same time enhance the helmet’s safety features. Featuring the MIPS-C2 brain protection system, the MET Terranova is able to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion.

• All-round belt offers 360° adjustment
• 4 positions for vertical adjustment
• Ponytail compatible
• DUO Led Light compatible

• MSRP: 100€, £80, $120
• MSRP MIPS: 120€, £100, $140
• Weight (M size): 335g | 355g MIPS
• Sizes: S (52-56cm) | M (56-58cm) | L (58-61cm)
• Certifications: CE | AS/NZ | US
• Available in September 2019

More infos here.

MENTIONS: @methelmets


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 I was out riding once and met a vet called Brett wearing a Met who was riding with girlfriend Collette and his pet that was wet but he said he was in debt so all he could afford to eat was a baguette and listen to music on an old cassette. Best story yet.
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 Best pun on the internet.
  • + 10
 @acali: I don't think you know what a pun is, mate.
  • + 6
 @skycripp: Its what they use to write with in New Zealand
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How is the visor coverage compared to the Roam, I have the Roam and find it's too high to stop sun or rain. If this is lower I might be shopping.

The Roam visor is the biggest fault on that helmet, it is only useful as a goggles holder. Im disappointed to say the rest of the time it's a self unscrewing wind brake.

Other Roam features I hope have gone are the squeaky MIPS and self slackening chin straps on rough terrain. This latter point is really annoying on a long decent.

I know I'm not alone with those Roam 'features'.

Love the general fit of the Roam though so would be nice if this new lid is the same but easier to live with.
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 Does the back strap touch the back of your ears too?
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 Hi Riggbeck! Thanks for your question/remarks and glad to see you are overall happy with the MET Roam you have! The visor of the MET Terranova is smaller, lower and has more holes than the one of the Roam.

For the visor of your Roam, try to check the screws of the visor and tighten them if needed. This would hold the visor more securely in place.

Regarding the chin strap, you have two strap keepers: the purpose of the smaller one is to keep the strap from self slackening. You can put this close to the buckle and it should help the strap to stay in place.

Let me know if this helps.
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 @methelmets: thank you for the advice and info.

When I checked the rubber bands on the strap tonight they were not near the buckle, I will keep an eye on those.

The visor screws and rubber rings were a problem from day one, the rings both broke in the first week so I replaced them with thicker ones, these were much better. I've always had to tighten them but it's a freaky thing to do on such a tiny thread, anyway, since January I gave up on it on a windy day, I removed it mid ride. Now I just use a roadie style cap under it if it rains, not a cool look but it works.

@n1ck yes but I've stopped noticing it, I had to set the side adjuster relatively low as well. The fit was very different between the MIPS and non MIPS, only the MIPS version fitted me.
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 @Riggbeck: Yeah, I don't notice once I'm riding but I've always thought if the helmet could improve...

I might try an alternative o-ring as you mention for securing the visor better. I just check them tight from time to time. If you don't they will eventually fall out or at least loosen until the visor is constantly moving around. I assume/hope at least this issue was taken care of this time around.
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 @n1ck: extra info, the alternative rubber rings I used are from air compressor lines, much tougher than the standard one so they don't split when you tighten it.
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 @methelmets: "...and glad to see you are overall happy with the MET Roam..."

Where does @Riggbeck say that he is o"overall happy with his Roam? That's not at all what I got from his post... But maybe he is?
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 Cool helmet! Literally a Roam minus some cradle adjustments, at a decent price, with MIPS and a cool look. The general mid range in bike helmets is really going in a good direction, both in look and protection!
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 Be good to know from MET weather the strap splitters on this lid are anything like the flat to your face ones? much like the no faffing about ones that come on the POC tectal. I fear it wont, but for the life of me I cant see from the pic's here or anywhere else for that matter.
On the plus side, great to see a non MIPS variant, some padding on the retention cradle, a place to stash sunglasses, and a cheaper price than the roam, MET you my well be on my shopping list yetSmile
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 Im looking for a full face white helmet with the chin guard made by kind of a wire like american football helmets maybe then it will be comfy for a downcountry ride. Sorry, couldn't help it
  • + 1
 I thought about that being a good idea but I think it would be way to easy for the bar to catch something a snap your neck if you crashed
  • + 1
 @butters1996: never thought of that. that would suck. but so far id say i feel better not letting $500 worth of helmet sit on the shelf while i shell out for a piece of Styrofoam. ..ill be looking for one of these if ever i do catch a handle bar in the facemask and live to tell. lol.
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 What’s not to like. Good price. Looks good. MIPS. Good ventilation. Good weight. Helmets are just getting better and better no matter the brand!
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 any helmet with MIPS as NOT going to have good ventalation.. never again will i have a helmet with MIPS, in the Texas heat its a killer. was draining my helmet of sweat every 5-10 minutes, got a new helmet w/o MIPS (POC spin) and now a can ride and never drain my helmet of sweat.
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 Yeah dude, it was definitely the MIPS (the little yellow liner that doesn't block an ventilation holes), and not the helmet design.
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 good job there's one forthcoming without the silly MIPS liner then ehSmile
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 Looks like a Roam
  • + 2
 noticed that too. doh!
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 That looks like the biggest helmet ever made, or the rider has a tiny head.
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 Nice colorschemes!
  • - 1
 Looks like birth control. No babies being made if the honeys see you wearing that box
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