Met Kaos Ultimate

Aug 28, 2008
by Simon Paton  
The Met Kaos Ultimalite is a fancy lid, a fancy weight and a fancy price. As my Grandmother said, "If you want to get ahead, get a hat".

Might as well make it a good one I always thought, what do you think?The Met Kaos Ultimalite at £149.99 is one up from the standard Met Kaos that weighs in at a claimed 250grams. At £50.00 more your saving 1 gram for every pound note spent to get down to under 200 grams.

Now all this weight saving is due to Met's ultra light composite construction as well as those huge air vents, all 22 of them. Please note the rear is cut down so not as much rear head protection as some other free ride style lids out there. Now all we need is for it to be hot and sunny here in the U.K!

Some claim this is a freeride helmet so let's define freeride. This is the helmet to be ripping around the likes of Glentress, Cwmcarn, Aston Hill, Cannock Chase and your local XC/Enduro riding spots. For our Canadian friends who understand the real meaning of freeriding: Northshore, Hucking, Log Rolls and generally gravity assisted terrain this ain't.

For our kind of "freeriding" this lid is the absolute bomb. It is superlight and feels like a roadies lid, it is that *light. 22 air vents suck the air in to cool your head, not sure about the winter though, might have to bring out the old "Buff".

The straps are beautifully finished with a perforated webbing strip in the middle for comfort, real nice. Internally the Coolmax padding provides that all important sweat absorption and fast evaporation.

Fitting is very well taken care of by this twin slide lock mechanism that drops down at the back of your head for a super comfortable and secure fit.

Fitting is very well taken care of by this twin slide lock mechanism that drops down at the back of your head for a super comfortable and secure fit.

• Made in Italy
• UltimaLite Fiber
• Nova 3
• Integral-In-Mould Construction
• 360 Ventilation
• Safe-T-Light
• Removable Visor
• Coolmax Washable Pads
• Vents: 22
• Weight: 195g - Is that really true?

*Weight on my scales for a medium is 239grams as proven here. It even says inside the helmet it weighs 195 grams. Perhaps my scales are wrong, you make up your own mind.

Available in Medium (54-57cm) and Large (58-61cm) in two color options: Matt Anthracite or Matt White.

In summary this is probably the best trail helmet out there even if the weight published is a grey area. It maybe worth "weighing up" (pardon the pun) the standard Met Kaos with a published weight of 250grams before you decide to purchase.

For more information on Met Helmets:

Met is exclusively distributed in the U.K by

Never, ever, clip in..
Si Paton
For Rockshox Forks.


  • + 25
 150 pounds for an enduro lid? At that price it's going to have to pedal the bike for me.
  • + 6
 I believe that each helmet test should have a big sign in the begining and at the end of it: TRY IT BEFORE U BUY! U WANNA BUY A HELMET - IT HAS TO BE SO COMFORTABLE AND SO NICE LOOKING THAT U WANT TO WEAR IT ALL THE TIME. If some part of UR protection gear is not comfortable - u use it only when U have to... not because u want to...
  • + 1
Good words my friend.

On a second note I should point out that Mr. Met just gave me a call and said their published weight is without the peak or pads which is fast becoming an industry standard. A bit like complete bikeweight (without the pedals).

Back to your thoughts.

  • + 2
 The Bell I got for $90 at REI is still stellar after 2 years of use. Can't see the point in spending this kind of coin on a clamshell. It's about the same price as my Giro Remedy carbon!
  • + 0
 My mate has one and loves it, if it fits as nice as my MET Veleno it would be worth the money. Having felt the weight of both the Kaos and this ultimalite I have to say there isnt that much in it. Is it worth the extra £50? Not quite sure but me being a bike tart I really do like the white helmet and it doesnt come in white in the baby brother Kaos Frown

Might have to shell out the extra I guess.
  • + 2
 Not bad for a lid made in Italy. All of the helmets here in Canada are made in China. I'm so sick of supporting that country.
  • + 3
 300 bucks for a helmet???????? You can get a good full face for that. It will be a 100 dollars in 6 months.
  • + 0
 Doubt it Met dont tend to drop there prices in my experience, certainly not in the UK
  • + 1
 150 pounds? Wow, that is a nice peice of change. What is the company's policy on crash/ defect replacement? For that kind of money, I would expect the company to back its performance 100%.
  • + 3
 I think I will stick to my full face!
  • + 1
 The best Hockey helmets are half the price of this... gimme a break. Priced so the only place you'll see it is in magazines or a catalog.
  • + 2
 thats a scam and a rip off
  • + 1
 nice lid - not sure id spend that much on one though! Good to see a mention of Aston Hill in there too!
  • + 1
 239 grams??? Isn'i it like ... what an egg shell weighs? hmmm Im kinda skeptical about its ability to protect my head..
  • + 0
 very cool helm! I'll have to stick to my fullface though, added protection adds an extra level of security for me. Good work on this!
  • + 2
 nice looking helmet.. although i am in love with my fox flux
  • + 0
 Lambert is the Canadian distributor for MET helmets! see your favorite dealer.
  • + 0
 better than chris clarke though who likes bell
  • - 2
 its pretty sweet but best xc/endro helmet is the giro zen. it doesnt even feel like your wearing a helmet
  • - 2
 ohhh fantastic !!!
  • - 1
 turd box

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