Mick Hannah POV: Valparaiso Full Run - Video

Feb 22, 2016
by UR Team  
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Mick has been a regular feature at Valparaiso over the last few seasons and after qualifying 3rd, Mick looked towards his race run with high motivation but a crazy crash, unfortunately, ended his hopes of victory.

Polygon UR Team

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 the stair situation escaIated quickIy....
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 I see what you did there, my friend from the North.
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 He needs to step up his game.
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 Cased it.
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 Think he stepped out his comfort zone!
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 Looks like he was stairing right at the wall when he crached!
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 I think he did a rather descent job tackling those stairs, myself.
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 0:14 this is the ugliest pain voice since Gee Atherton hardline run
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 When you stare at the stairs and then steer into them, stary crash, oh i mean scary.
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 For this track, i think id cut my bars width down a bit when nobody was looking.
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 Is the video choppy as hell for anyone else too?
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 Yeah, the video is choppy as hell, I really don´t know what camera is he using, seems awful :/
  • 18 0
 May have something to do with the amount of huck to flats and stair sets perhaps?
  • 10 0
 No, its just called riding fast through some sketchy bullshit!
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 what kind of calculator did he used to record that?
  • 15 0
 TI 84
  • 2 0
 No no....TI 82
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 I love this guy. I hope Mick will be back to his old self and can show his full potential. He's such a nice and humble guy. If you have a chance to talk to him, do that. You'll most likely walk away feeling better than before.
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 I can only second that. I met him last year in Whistler at Crankworks.
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 Same here, met him once in Leogang after the race and he was so humble and made me feel more important than himself. All in all great guy.
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 Is Mick Hannah made out of adamantium ?
  • 8 26
flag murfio (Feb 23, 2016 at 6:53) (Below Threshold)
 Nope but i have heard rumours that his sik dick is.
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 Unknown side fact: The handrail is now scrap metal...
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 I heard that one time, Mick Hannah was bitten by a rattle snake. after 3 days of suffering... The snake died
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 With all due respect. Please STOP the Mexican Crap Typical Music for every Latin American video out there. We are not MEXICO. We are thousand miles away. We have our own typical music. Stop embarrasing yourselves. Do some god damm research before editing a video. You don´t hear music from England or Ireland when you see a documentary about the US do you? Or how would you feel if you saw a video about Scotland and the music was Typical from New Orleans. Please Stop the Ignorance. Mexico is Mexico, Chile is Chile and Argentina is Argentina. The same as US is US, Australia is Australia and Ireland is Ireland. You all speak English but have your own culture. Thank you very much.
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 no badges either?
  • 2 1
 Hey poah have you sold all your stuff,or not opening messages??
  • 4 0
 I hear your frustration, thanks for speaking up.
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 @squidsickle just wastes your time.you get a rogue one now and again.hes deleted now.
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 ¡Que pongan a Víctor Jara ! jaja
  • 3 1
 @torero no political shit will be tolerated, this is a bike community, couldn't you just say to put our national music "cueca" for example. really bad joke mate
  • 3 2
 No comprendo, vato.
  • 1 0
 It's a fuckin fiesta...party music yo. Fits with all the craziness of the event.
  • 2 1
  • 2 1
 Are you the love child of Nigel farage and Donald ( blowyourown ) trump (et ) ? How can that bug you so much ?
  • 2 1
 it´s like sayin´Canada is a good place for US
  • 1 0
 @gaetek Deberías tener más respeto por Víctor, él es de los pocos que representan de verdad (vivo o muerto) a Chile; también a tu idioma...
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 Damn lucky.
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 Gapping those stairs for the extra transition energy in those tight quarters is pure beast.
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 I cant get over how they carry so much speed, on stuff that is so damn narrow. How close are his hands to those stair rails when he's fully-compressed from doubling? and the gaps through the gates?!? O_o
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 Yeah man that made me cringe!
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 WTF. I got lost like 6 times and I wasn't even riding it...
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 Unbelievable. Those stairs!!
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 He's so fast. It would be interesting to watch the speed of the bike on the vid.
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 id rather start at rampage than these nasty city dh races. so is he hurt badly? hopefully, he is not suffering anything that would influence his preperation for dh wc.
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 Hey @todesengel - just spoke to one of his team and surprisingly (and thankfully) he's all good and not too badly hurt after that!
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 thanks for replying. really glad to hear that.
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 Downhill Domination, just in real life and without bottles!
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 Holy crap. Huge cantaloupe balls. I feel humbled in my awesomeness.
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 is it me or this year's course is really less impressive than previous editions?
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 true however there are fewer killer dogs
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 Way way to much pedalling for my liking
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 That crash though... this is one of my biggest fears.
Section at 2:04 was sick.
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 Mick, don't get banged up!!!! We need you at the WC's to get those podiums!
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 true sick mick style, i think i would still be on the ground after a crash on this stairs
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 Ah bad luck Mick, them stairs are so tight. Quali run was awesome.
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 Someone messed up the framerate badly, it hurts to see this video... Crazy out-of-this-world speed however
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 That is naked deathstar 6000 on fire bullride crazy insane sketchy fa#*k!! Insane respect!!
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 Those fps hurt my eyes, it's either that or just the insane speed he was riding at.
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 cased one of those stair gaps. never recovered. ouch
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 Gnarly as fuck
  • 2 0
 That's sick, Mick!
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 Hard as nails that man, no doubt.
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 Now that is pretty balls out!
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 Dude! That was some crazy shit! And then you could go surfing!
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 HA! This ^
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 I'm like twitching every time he goes past a post
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 One of the best urban downhill courses out there!
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  • 1 0
 yo, chunk, chunk, chunk
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 Flow did NOT show up with the riders for this series!!!

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