Video: Dodging Dogs with Mick Hannah

Oct 27, 2014
by UR Team  
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Follow Mick Hannah during the urban downhill in Taxco. Taxco was the final round of the City Downhill world tour, Mick ranked 2nd overall.

Mick Hannah shot by Dave Trumpore
(c)Dave Trumpore


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 Where's Claudio's course preview
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 All those skills Still can't position his camera properly
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 Actually, where did he mount the camera? It doesn't look like mounted on his helmet since the helmet is also moving on video?
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 because sony has video stabilizer system, as you can see in this video the image is very stable but this sacrifices field of view and make the helmet move around personally i think kinda weird but i'm very surprised how stable was the image. (someone corrects me if i'm wrong)
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 Wrong, those two front shock things must be just dialed in super f'n sweet
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 Its the stupid Sony cameras they ruin the mtb videos watch red bull rampage videos with people that have Sony action cams.
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 this kind of image stabilization ruins it for me at least when filming mtb and specially dh.
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 Image stabilization makes sense with a chest harness where theres a bunch of flapping and vibration. Helmets provide stable platform in my experience, no stablization needed. The chesty is still the supreme angle, with the worst image quality, where the helmet is the uninteresting angle with the best quality.
Cool video, shame it was facing too far down!
Impressive drops too... hate to have that as an afterthought Razz
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 i cant even watch videos that point down. ruins my brain
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 I saw Juan dog. Wink
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 where's julio's dog?
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 @thomasbiker i saw what you did there Big Grin
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 the casual mid air high five. so sick.
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 i watched that two second clip a good 25 times and still laughing
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 I have a feeling that would have looked better on a Gopro. Also, DOPE wallride at the end!!!!!
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 That's some stones right there. You **** that up, you might not be landing on dirt.
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 Only one dog was dodged
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 Exactly. How many were not dodged?
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 Hi I'm home I'm going out bye
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 Ha, ha, awesome!
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 Man, that dog is in literally every video from that race. I mean, come on, it's not too much to ask to chain that dog just for a couple hours so that not every rider that comes down that hill has to dodge it? That's an accident waiting to happen... And given Mick's speed, I don't think the dog would live to see another day if he actually hit it.
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 So much scarier than any downhill trail I've done. Welcome to downstairs mountain biking.
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 Really don't like the footage, i'm guessing its the image stabilzation - it takes all the visceral energy out and makes it look slow and smoothed out. Was boring to watch and i know it shouldn't have been - it was Sick Mick.
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 Image stabilization? I could see/feel the stairsets...
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 I like that steady shot feature, so smooth.
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 gopro is mother and father to all helmet cameras
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 Epic track!
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 Tip the camera up a bit more?
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 Sony needs to stop with the image stabilization
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 My jaw was on the floor for the first 2:53...
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 Now there is something I will never do.
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 background music not from bahamen Frown
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 yes the course goes through someone's apartment, and its awesome...
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 shitty camera
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