Mike Jones Signs With Nukeproof For Domestic Focussed Race Program

Jan 22, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Mike Jones has re-signed with Nukeproof after bidding them a fond farewell just three years ago. Jones moved to Mondraker to continue racing World Cups after CRC/Nukeproof turned its focus from downhill to enduro but is now back to the Northern Irish brand with the main goal of racing British Nationals.

With a young family and a full-time job, Jones has built his own program to take a more relaxed approach to racing. There are apparently no firm plans for World Cup racing yet although we reached out to Nukeproof and they told us, "We will see what is possible and if we can sort something (we may pop along to have a go and tow in with some old teammates)."

bigquotesPumped to be joining Nukeproof for 2021 and beyond (I hope). After being away from the brand for the last 3 years I’m stoked that the opportunity come up to join the team again!

After the whole pandemic and everything that’s been happening the past year and budgets being shrunk the possibility of a factory ride just wasn’t there anymore, so I wanted to put my own deal together that took the pressure of racing and results away and being able to have fun riding again!

After speaking with Rob at Nukeproof, we managed to come up with a deal that will allow me to still carry on racing at a high level, but without the pressure! Also being able to give back to the British downhill scene by racing all the British Downhill Nationals. I’m keen to be able to help and pass my experience of racing World Cups to the next generation too by holding some Nukeproof coaching days.

I’m really looking forward to this year with Nukeproof and build on a partnership with a brand that kicked off my elite World Cup career!
Mike Jones

bigquotesWelcome back Mike Jones, Nukeproof are stoked to have one of South Wales' finest downhill exports back with us. Fresh from a day’s work (he’s got a proper job now), Mike has just received his new Dissent 290 and Mega 290 so is keen to show them off.

Mike has a racing CV to challenge the best, he’s an undeniable talent. With over 8 years of racing at downhill World Cups, including multiple Junior World Cup wins, Elite podiums, a 4th place at the 2015 World Championships as well as top 20 results last year, Nukeproof are stoked to have Mike’s back with us. He joins our “PRO-vateers” ranks (we don’t have a full “factory” Downhill race team) to race British Downhill and whatever else he throws himself into. But with his young family now being his main focus.

He’s naturally one of the fastest (and wildest) riders out there. Whilst not on the Nukeproof team for the past 3 years, he’s remained a good friend and as such will always have a ride with us (insert “part of the family line here”). Nukeproof are proud to be supporting him once again and to help his decision to keep doing what he loves; keep riding bikes (fast). Stoked you're on-board Mike.


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 "...Nukeproof are stoked to have one of South Wales' finest...has just received his new Dissent 290 and Mega 290..."

Got anything for South Wales' slowest? Mega 275 in medium would be banging. Aluminium is fine. Preferable even. Although i won't quibble.

What i lack in speed and results i more than make up for in representing the demographic of "Yeah but how red of a red grade is it?" All those beginners riding the same blue trails as me need to know what bike to buy when they're already riding better than me by next year.
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 Almost won me over... almost.
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Get him the bike, I'll buy some nukeproof parts to balance out the act.
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Ah go on. A Mega 290 was my first proper mountain bike. Absolutely loved it on flow trails. Was just a little bit too big for my limb proportions. Would have loved a crack at the 275 which probably would have suited me much better.

I actually still have it (sentimental value - couldn't let it go). It's going to be stripped of the parts and having a special paint job.
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 My kind of rider
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Send him the bike. Let him keep the bike if he wins a duel with disguised Sam on a blue trail.
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 nice to see a brand doing 'PROvateer' support and shout out to Mike for holding down a full time job but still giving back to the mtb community. Will be rad to see him and Sam Hill bombing trails again.
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 What a waste of talent. Couldn't find a factory-deal? Bike-industry you don't deserve the current record sales. Give back dammit.
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 Probably could but at some point with a family you’re gonna need a steady secure income and not spending most of your time travelling the world
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 At this rate the world cups will be just full of Provateer caravans and tents.

Love to see a Mike Jones/Joe Smith doing well at a one off world cup.
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 Who? Mike Jones!
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 @femto505: damn. Beat me to it. Ha.
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 I was hoping he'd join the enduro team with Sam again.
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 I stopped putting on my dh fantasy team because he's checkers or wreckers and you never know which itll be. He is indeed fast af and i hope he gets on a roll. He can be right up there. He's always fun to watch rip it up
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 This kid can plaster
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 We’ve an electrician (Brayton), a plasterer (Mike) and a plumber (Lil Robbo) on board. All we need is a decorator and a carpenter and i can get the house finished (to my boss- joking)
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 @Nukeproofinternational: all you're missing is a Native American and a Cowboy and you're all set for the return of Glasto in 2028.
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Have you seen EH's room decor?
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 @Nukeproofinternational: decorator you say.......

I'm Mega fast, honest!
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Jamie Edmonson's pretty handy with a bit of DIY....
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 Hopefully this means we’ll see Elliot Heap doing a few DH rounds this year.
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 Back then they didn’t want me now I’m hot they all want me. MIKE JONES!
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 Well if Jones Couldn't find a factory-deal, how can a kid Dream of being a pro racer, this is sad.
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 what races will he be racing lol
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 Bold of you to assume there's going to be national races in 2021
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 Yeah Boy!
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 You need his number?
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 said some anonymous dude on the internet that no one knows.
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