Mike Parenteau - 2009 Video

May 4, 2010 at 12:24
May 4, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
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Last season Mike Parenteau showed us all that Unicycling is still hard as all hell, but that he and his buddy Kenny Banks were able to do it in a freeride environment. Most of Mike's riding on one and two wheels has been captured by Dan Poirier and they have just put out this recap from last season.

Video inside,

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Also check out this Schwalbe video that Dan put together with Kenny Banks:

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  • + 15
 Really not a fan of seeing him pout after not quite sticking something (throwing unicycles, helmets, etc). Grow up, stand up, try it again. At least leave that out of the video...
  • + 9
 Couldn't agree with you more. I don't think showing people tossing there bikes in anger should ever be shown in any video.
  • + 9
 3rd on that. Get back up and try again. No need to act like I am so great I cannot believe I didn't make that so I will feign anger.
  • + 4
 I dont see the big deal on showing his frustraion better than seeing the trick landed like it was done first try. Why not see the other side of it E.g how frustrating and how many times you may have to keep trying. Even the best riders at some point fall to frustration.
  • + 1
 I agree with lambera03. It really gives an insight on how much concentration and hard work is put in to executing a big trick, showing that it takes more to be a good rider than just "balls". If you've seen NWD 9 (or even the trailer) showing the riders frustrations adds another dimension to the average film. That said, I feel it milked a bit in this clip.
  • + 0
 So dchaney389, do you get pissed when you see pro riders throw their bikes, helmets, etc... I really doubt you do since you decided to specifically target this article and not riders in general who do these things. How's being a hypocrite working for ya pal?
  • + 1
 We can't forget that with all triumphs come many defeats and falls. The reality of this video shows us that it is frustrating and annoying to not attain perfection- Many of the videos we see are the perfect air time tricks and huge distances, but what we don't see are the broken rims, the popped tires, the bent seat posts, the torn shirts, the mud on the backs and the "over and over again" attitude of success. Do something long enough, you'll get it right.
  • + 0
 That was quite the logical jump there, cyrix... I'm definitely not suggesting that pros, or folks who make sweet vids shouldn't ever fall. Actually I really appreciate when film makers include some of that stuff. It helps keep everyone grounded. It was the whining in this video that got me. Not sure why that makes me a hypocrite... Maybe you were having a bad day. I hope jumping down my throat helped you feel better.
  • + 11
 idk what it is about Unicycling but i'm not into it at all. I don't think i ever will be. I'll stick to two wheels.
  • + 1
 Probably because its a gimmick, keep the unicycles at the circus for the bears. There isnt any thing ground breaking about it. Sure its pretty crazy that they are riding them were they are i just dont see it getting past being a party trick. Props for shredding a unicycle that hard though haha
  • + 10
 +1 It just no fun to watch - Doesnt get me stoked at all, for anything really (even circus antics!).
  • + 2
 It's actually really hard. I used to think it was a gimmick until I met Kris Holm in Vancouver- an amazing athlete who does Muni and trials. Most people aren't patient enough to learn and get proficient. It requires an amazing amount of focus and concentration; like riding a nonstop skinny with obstacles. I learned last year and it has improved my riding more than anything else in the last 5 years. It's also very fun and you can toss it in your trunk to ride anytime.
  • + 8
 You guys are making comments like when you ride Uni you cant ride regular bikes. Bikes are limiting in aspects also, so why bike when you can Moto? Its a circular argument...
  • + 3
 Cause motos are the coolest things on earth and if you argure that you are scared, and unicycles are for clown, the circus kind!
  • + 6
 because moto costs too much...
  • + 3
 Because not everyone has access to moto trails...
  • + 5
 becuase moto uses lots of gas, and thats bad for the environment Smile ...
  • + 3
  • + 0
 Gas Sucks and there are so few motos spots in So Ca.
  • + 8
 wtf unicycle downhill, no mate...
  • - 1
 100%,purely can't agree with ya enough m8,it's never gonna go no where,in the last 3 months i think i've seen "including this" 3 articles on unicycles and i genuinley thought the 1st
one was a wind up,just some one having a laugh,then i learnt it was serious and he was getting support from his local "mtb shop,mainly mtb's".That support could be going to some young dh rider,or slopestyle rider.
I'm sorry it was you who got the rant HAROPROJACK but it just grinds on me,time and a place
and all that stuff.
Look after yaself m8,and keep the 2 wheel revolution alive.
Gringo.Beer tup Cool Beer
  • + 5
 I have done both and I am still not excited about the video. It is fun but it just doesn't video well.

*It is also way harder than it looks to anyone thinking it is not much harder than riding a wheelie.
  • + 3
 the kids unicycles skills are nuts... I was so hoping for a backflip on the uni.. sick trails too. I don't care if you dress like ronald mcdonald, if you ride a DH uni, im impressed. mike throws his shit cuz he looks like hes about 14... he'll grow out of it, and become a disgusting rider in the process. PEACE TO YOUR MOTHERS.
  • + 3
 I dont think anyone should be saying that unicycles should be kept in the circus. Cause they shouldnt. I ride unicycles and race bikes, so i know how difficult both of them are. i dont think anyone should be giving the guy any crap unless they ride a uni and know how hard it is. Just my opinion.
  • + 2
 agreed nwfr, unicycling is sick and all but there is just a cap on how big you can actually go. It takes mad skill, i dont doubt that, its just theres a limit to the speed and style you can pack into a uni ride. Tons of respect for uni riders though, definitly pioneers, but you can't beat a quality two wheel rig.
  • + 2

I think it's great what Mike is doing. Mountain unicycling and mountain biking can't be compared and I think it's impossible to justify either in practical terms. XC or DH, one wheel or two, we just like it and that's all that really matters. Ultimately it's the participant that gets to decide that it's worth it.

That said, unicycles are unbelievably underestimated by mountain bikers, on average. My muni ride last Sunday in Squamish was 40 km long with (cumulatively) 9,000 feet of climbing and the same of descending. I did not feel limited by my choice of ride.

Kris Holm
  • + 1
 he needs to calm down, its just biking! like obviously we all take it seriously but getting so worked up only makes it harder for him to land the trick. if he were to just laugh it off and smile it would make his riding and trick stomping ability much better
  • + 1
 to those of you that havnt tried riding uni's. Riding a trails or Muni is one of the hardest things I have ever taken up. As far as I am concerned it is the pinnacle of wheel control. TO be able to ride like he is, is incredibly time intensive, and the amount of determination is insain.. I got out of Muni riding because I kept breaking things and started racing my bikes but I was fairly close to mikes ability level and it was 10x as hard as riding a bike down any trail. The level of skill involved with that riding is so damn impressive.. I am hella stoked on getin back into riding my uni again..
  • + 0
 You got some nasty skills but what's up with the hate throwing the bike and gear around ? Even worse putting it in your vid.. Man this clip could be almost perfect but the attitude keeps it to average.
  • + 3
 i Cant even ride a unicycle on flat ground so sick
  • + 1
 Mike seems to have a bit of an anger issue. The trails and vids were good though :-)
  • + 1
  • + 5
 The Zip Hoody is nice - does anyone know the name of the model / brand? Thanks! The Schwalbe Video is great. Sweet camera work.
  • - 2

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