Mille Johnset & Angel Suarez Join Commencal/100%

Jan 27, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Commencal/100%

The COMMENCAL/100% Team is very happy to welcome two new renowned riders to its ranks - Mille Johnset and Angel Suarez! They will join Hugo Frixtalon (FR), Greg Williamson (UK) and Thomas Estaque (FR). Five athletes with awesome style and a lot of talent between them!



Mille is regularly placed in the top 10 women in the world and last year she signed off her first World Cup podium, on the very technical Les Gets track. Her progression, her strong mental attitude and her commitment in terms of riding leaves no one in any doubt. She deserves to be fully supported to reach her goals! At only 20-years-old, she is based between Lillehammer (Norway) and Wales (UK).

"I'm too excited for this new opportunity! I think joining COMMENCAL/100% is going be a breath of fresh air! A lot to learn but all in good ways. The team seems sick and I couldn’t be more proud to be representing them in the coming years!"

- Mille Johnset



Angel is a determined rider who, after several major injuries, has been able to achieve top 10 overall in the UCI World Cup twice as well as a third place in finals. He's got this amazing raw speed and fiery spirit necessary to smash podiums. He's a hard-working athlete who refines his riding style and pace management season after season. We can't wait to see him in the start gate very soon!

"As always, I’m super excited for this season, and having the chance to race for COMMENCAL as part of a bigger team is what I was looking for! I’m already familiar with nearly all the parts on the bike and the team kits always look amazing. I’m ready to give 100%!"

- Angel Suarez



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 Would love to see Suarez finally get rolling with some consistency.
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 that bike is capable , is he ? yes!
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 Congrats Mille!! Well deserved.
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 Too many Commencal teams to keep track of. Angel was on Commencal 21, now he's on Commencal 100%. Which is the "bigger" team?

Either way this is an awesome roster, glad to see all five riders with a solid ride for 2022.
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 21% is less than 100%.
It would be good to have a list of the percentages of all the commencal teams. My guess is that 21% is the lowest, kind of the entry level World Cup team. They get the old 275 bikes. The next team is maybe 40% and they get the old platform 29ers. Next up the team rated at 60% which gets the old platform mullet bikes, and then you get the pink team that’s possibly close to 100% as well - maybe the new bikes in raw. Commencal 100% gets the new bike and some pimp AF paint jobs.
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 @jaame: Cant tell if you're trolling or not
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 @OskarStaudte: 93.7% chance he's trolling
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 Although 100% is equal to 1, which is less than 21...
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 @jaameSmile Depending on the results , Commencal MAXX , top of the pops. great Team, great Bikes, Best riders.
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 @jgoldfield: But 1st place is better than 21st place?
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 You are 100% correct
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 When does the Infinity% team come into play?
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2x21 = 42

42=Answer to everything

21= half the answer?
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 @ESKato: Boom. Head exploded.

Although does that imply that 100% is 100% of the answer? Or 1.00/42= 2.3% of the answer?
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 @ESKato: 42 is the answer to everything, 100% correct!
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 I wish someone besides Commencal would have a dh team or 6.
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 Wish Yeti would have a DH team.
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 to be fair CNYN has about 4 DH teams
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 @brandaneisma: wish Yeti would have a downhill bike.
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 Good luck angel. Rubber side down hombre.
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 I'm very confused, Angel stopped riding for Commençal to start riding for Commençal???
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 I think after that incident with the Commencal 21 manager amaury they got rid of that team.
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 @EvinReed: could i know what incident you are referring to?

EDITED : oh the "racist" remark!
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 Good of the article title to specify that they’re not merely, say, 63% on the team.

About as confusing as the Giant slalom at crankworks. This giant slalom? No, it’s a regular slalom. It’s just the Giant. Slalom.
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 Every DH season has a theme, Gee vs Stevie, the year of the Rat, Loic vs Amaury. I predict the battle of the Commencal's 100% vs Muc-Off
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 Millie rocks...
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 Congrats to both! On his day Angel can get top spot no problems, and Mille seems like such a down to earth lass. This coming season is gonna be a good un!
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 Yo dawg I heard you like Commencal
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 “A breath of fresh air” huh, you’d think that a Norwegian used to Norwegian air, who got to ride in the beautiful welsh hillsides with her previous team had plenty of fresh air, I wonder what she could possibly mean…
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 It meant she fell out with the Athertons because she’s best friends with the Seagraves.
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 @markcorrigan: I think this could be true.......
Kade Edwards: Rode for Trek with the Athertons, started dating Tahnee, didnt move to Atherton Bikes when the siblings moved.
Mille: on the Atherton program for years, starts dating Kaos, no longer on the Atherton program.
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 @markcorrigan: Why would that mean they fell out? Seagraves are best friends with all the athertons. The FMD team were training at Dyfi recently. Mark you big turkey Fu*%er
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 @ben13bm: Yea I don't understand the implications here. I've ever seen anything where there is any dislike between the Seagraves and Athertons. I've seen plenty of vids of them riding at Dyfi, riding at Hardline together. Just last week Rachel and Tahnee had instagram stories of Tahnee holding Rachel's baby at the bike park. I have no idea if they are all best friends but there doesn't seem to be any dislike there, and certainly not anything to the level that would cause team/rider breakups.
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 @sino428: It's all bollocks based on a couple of sour looks betwixt the gals on a couple old WC DH podiums. Competin ain't easy - they are fierce AF.
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 No, I’m pretty sure what the announcement means is that they are both joining the Commencal Team full-time.

Sponsored riders for Commencal who have a another part time job clearly ride for Commencal / 50%…
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 The downhill teams are like 50 shades of Commencal
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 So stoked for Mille! She's gonna slay this season for sure!
Also really happy to see Angel on the team.
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 By 2025 all teams will be on Commencal Supreme control bikes and then will finally see who really is the fastest
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 Good stuff Angel Stoked 4 U Cheers
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 Such a great team - love watching them all ride. Good luck for the season….
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 Commencal is becoming the Maxxis of bikes haha! Looking forward to this season!
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 Changing team without changing bike! (really) Interesting
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 Congrats Angel! You really deserve it! ✊
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 best looking rig in a long time
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 So much shock, so much wonder - speaking in Vital master race language
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