Mille Johnset Out of Racing in Maribor After Crash in Round 1 Finals

Oct 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Mille Johnset had some issues staying up right in finals and collected part of the course tape somewhere along the way.

Mille Johnset has announced on social media that she will be missing the rest of the racing in Maribor after a nasty crash during yesterdays round 1 finals.

The crash happened during Mille's finals run in the treacherous rock garden, after trying to ride this morning Mille has decided that she doesn't want to risk another crash or any more injuries. While she is sitting out racing in Maribor, she hopes to be back up to speed for the final two World Cup rounds in Lousã.

bigquotesDecided to not race the second race here in Maribor. Tried riding this morning, but my body is too sore and don’t wanna risk crashing or hurting myself more. Just gonna rest and hopefully, I’ll be back to a 100% and race-ready for Lousã. Good luck to everyone this weekend. Mille Johnset - Instagram

We're wishing Mille a speedy recovery and hope to see her back racing in Lousã.

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 Damn she is really tough for standing up after such a crash!! 99% of us mere mortals would just lie down by the side of track lol
  • 15 0
 super tough to ride it out. much respect and healing vibes!
  • 13 0
 That crash looked brutal. Right onto the rocks. Tough AF.
  • 2 0
 Yea no way I’d get up from that. I’m sure that during a televised race run there’s a lot of adrenaline going and the full pain doesn’t set in until after she finished.
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 Seriously, getting up after that crash was impressive, and finishing the race even more so! Good decision on her part to sit this one out. Better to be safe and ready for Lousa in a few weeks. That being said, dear loard my fantasy league is going to shit hahaha. First Reece, now Mille...
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 Poor thing, the race audio sounded like she was crying while finishing her run after that huge crash. Rest up!
  • 6 0
 I thought I heard that too
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 On her IG someone asked the question whether she had been knocked out due to the way she ragdolled and she answered that she was not sure. Wise decision to sit out, especially if there is a suspision of concussion - hopefully it is one her team and sponsors support
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 I hope so too. I was impressed how Trek reacted after Reece Wilson's crash the other day. In this scenario it would be so easy for a sponsor to force the rider back on their bike
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 She looked pretty disoriented and confused when she got back up, I was surprised she got back on her bike and was still faster than me! Looking forward to seeing her race in Louisa!
  • 10 0
 I was watching and saying don't let her get back on.
  • 9 0
 @mfoga: Yeah track marshalls shouldn't really let riders go on after going through a rock garden on your face... You can't blame the riders because they want to finish their run no matter what and are full of adrenaline.
  • 4 0
 @dudeism: especially this year there isn’t 1000s of fans yelling get up , go go ect..
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 That was uncomfortable to watch on the live stream! Amazing to get up so quick!
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flag curendero (Oct 17, 2020 at 6:19) (Below Threshold)
 She should try UFC or PBR Bull Riding.
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 Not surprised that she’s sitting out the second race, that was a pretty hard slam she took and it clearly shook her up for the remainder of her run.
They’re made of tough stuff, these racers.
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 Wow she's a shit load tougher than I'll ever be for getting back up. Hope gets back on the horse when she's ready.
  • 4 0
 I got sick to my stomach watching that. I mean fuck her arms get trapped under her the whole time sliding down those rocks.... Fuuuuuuuck......
  • 2 0
 Can anyone tell me what the tape is that came off the back of her helmet? I saw Tracey Hanna's crash the other day and saw the same thing?
  • 6 0
 Roll offs for goggles - like a rolled tape alternative to tear offs you pull across on a ratchet mid-run. Doesn't litter the woods like tear offs do (well unless you crash and it flies out everywhere I suppose).
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 ...double post..
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 Wow. Glad she was relatively OK after that one. Hard slam and not the smoothest terrain to slide belly first down...seems she got pretty lucky.
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 Heal up Mille, you looked good on the bike!
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 Tbh, I seen this one coming, she took a hard hit
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 Man, you got to laugh at downvoters lol, do they even know why they are downvoting? When I watched the race I seen the crash that Mille had and thought to myself that I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose not to race on track 2 because that was a hard crash, thankfully I was right as her health is more important than any race! Is that a bit easier to understand?
  • 2 0
 @Medacus: lol yeah, and people are downvoting regular comments saying "congrats, she's so tough." There's a weird bitterness from some people and you can see it now that the votes are all shown.
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 I’m so sorry Mille I put you in my fantasy team, it’s my fault!

Healing vibes from Sverige
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 Huge ladyballs to finish the ride after such a slam!
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 Never wanted to see anyone crash in the rock garden, now i have. Uncomfortable viewing. Hope she heals up quick
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 Ouch yeah that hurt hard to not cop a bit of a concussion at that angle
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 I doubt Lousa is going to happen.
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 Absolutely brutal crash, felt for her watching the live stream. She’s tough as nails for riding the rest of the track wow.
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 And the slow motion replay! That made it look even more brutal.
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 Looks like that one hurt.
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 Heal up - We'll see you in Spain!
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 What a Lousa!
  • 14 0
 @Bomadics: I'll eat this one! Thanks for the correction.
  • 17 0
 @Bomadics: still better than when in California a guy asked me if Spain was in Italy...
  • 4 0
 @iiman: lol what a tool. I hope put him right and told him it's in Greece.

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