Mini Downhill: Ciclo Rutas Ecuador - Video

Oct 4, 2017
by Jorge Sebastian Peñafiel Arizaga  

Mini Downhill in Cuenca-Ecuador, was born in the initiation school without pedals Ciclo Rutas in the year 2014; in an atmosphere of mountain bikers who decided to pass on to children the passion for the bike with the main objective being that the children have fun and also take initial cycling to another level focused on children from 2 to 6 years of age. The learning system at the beginning was with a small group, training in a pumptrack or a BMX track, until one day we went to the mountain with the children to practice. This is where we realized that humans are not born with fears, but that the fears are created over time; to see them enjoy their small bikes without pedals and without brakes, on the mountain paths with great confidence, opened up many possibilities to teach them to use their bikes in any condition in order to form a new generation of mountain bikers.

Start Race
Start Race
foto: Daniel Ojeda

A Little Rider in the Mini DOWNHILL Race
Little Rider in the Mini downhill racer

The idea was strengthened and with the permission of the parents, we promoted the first exclusive competition for children in the mountains. One at a time they ran a small path of 100-200 meters with small obstacles, natural jumps and descents. Like the great downhill riders, they looked at the best line, had fun on their bikes and improved their time with each downhill in the new circuit and incredible places that made the children explore and enjoy this mode to the maximum.

Puro Flow
Puro Flow

The flow of the track makes them learn to use their body to gain more speed in the circuit.

Mini Rider in action
Mini Rider in action

Like all extreme pilots, they also needed protections on their elbows, helmet knees, full face, vest, safety glasses and gloves to make this experience safe and pleasurable.

Julian Focus in the single track

In the first edition of the Mini Downhill without pedals in the year 2015, we had 40 pilots distributed in 4 categories locally and we participated in an International Mini Downhill in Peru. The following year we reached a national level with editions in the provinces of Azuay and Loja counting with a number of 90 participants and this year we have managed to consolidate a championship of 5 rounds reaching a number of 125 pilots in the first valid with a very great reception and an excellent national and local level.

In the start line wait your turn
In the start line, wait your turn

Apparently, the ones that are the most worried about falls are their parents, family and friends who convey with excitement always being present in each race, creating a party atmosphere in each Mini Downhill without pedals.

Not all girls dream about being princesses
Not all girls dream about being princesses

Definitely Downhill is the future of mountain biking in Ecuador and the kids know it!

Credits: Jorge Peñafiel - Ciclo Rutas Ecuador
Translator:Jess Enriquez
Photo: Daniel Ojeda

MENTIONS: @jorsepear


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 Fantastic. This kiddos are "axle deep in mud" getting ready for EWS!
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 This is Awesome
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