Miranda Miller Parts Ways with Specialized Gravity

Jan 1, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

January 1 means contracts are up and announcements will be coming thick and fast in the next few days. First up is Miranda Miller who has announced she will be parting ways with the Specialized Gravity team.

bigquotesThere’s a time and a place for everything. For me to have not only time, but a place with the Specialized Gravity and the Specialized Enduro Team has been an honour & a privilege.

I found companionship in Finn Iles that created some of my fondest memories to date and an irreplaceable friendship. Loic Bruni remained a hero but became a brother who I love dearly. @lacrete5, Laurent and especially Kev Joly gave themselves entirely to me before they even got to know me. That is something I will always remember and try to pay forward.

My story has often been one told around broken bones, surgeries, crashing and burning and comebacks. But it’s time for a new story, a new time and a new place. Thank-you for having me along!
Miranda Miller

Miranda joined the team for the 2017 season and rewarded them with a World Championships jersey at Cairns later that year. Although her two year stint with the team was blighted with injuries, she was a consistent top ten rider in World Cups and select EWS races. Keep it tuned to Pinkbike for news on where Miranda heads next.


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 Please go to Devinci!!! #longlivechainsaw
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 Alright then. Aaron, Miranda, Neko, Phil and Josh all on the new yet to be released Cannondale DH bike.
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 I hope the Claymore name comes back and Highland gets the Claymore Challenge back!!
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 @PaulLehr: Claymore Challenge Rad, HIGHLAND RADDER!!! C
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 Fingers crossed!
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 She's apparently been seen riding a Kona.
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That'd be rad
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 Miranda is a class act and a hell of a rider. I wish her the best wherever she lands!! Hope to see her again at MSA this year!
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 The sport needs more people like Miranda Miller! Wishing you continued success on your new team.
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 I've followed Maranda for a long time and will continue to. Always get good, happy vibes from her. I point out her social media and videos to my daughter
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 Followed her so long you dont know how to spell her name?
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 @pargolf8: a guy mentions being inspired by a rider and sharing her story with his daughter as a role model, and you find a way to make fun of him over one letter? Stay classy bud.
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 @pargolf8: quit being a douche...no shortage of them in mountain biking.
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flag pargolf8 (Jan 1, 2019 at 22:12) (Below Threshold)
 @davetrumpore: its just the internet, relax. So mad lol. Dont get me blackballed with your pinkbike celebrity status. Take it deep, bud
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 It's just a bit of ribbing, I don't mind. I'm sure Mirondo would take it with a smile too
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 @IllestT: exactly. Just bustin your balls
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flag pargolf8 (Jan 2, 2019 at 6:05) (Below Threshold)
 @davetrumpore: the dude who i was talking about atleast has a sense of humor. Why are you an asshat? Tough holiday season?
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 @pargolf8: Pollution that is. It is no where near funny.
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 I really like her, and I liked her riding for Specialized. But, things must change and I wish her the best in her new adventures! I just hope I get to see her ride-- World Cups or Enduro! Happy New Year All!
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 Miranda is a class act - she's going to bring that, and the ability to keep the fun of riding bikes in every public comment. If I ran a bike company, she's exactly who I'd want representing the brand. Serious and fun in just the right mix with real personality that shines through in everything she does? Perfect from a sponsors perspective.
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 Hopefully she kills the EWS circuit this year on a Kona!!! or a devinci
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 Miranda is my hero! Best wishes for 2019. And please, more MM videos on Pink bike!
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 Miranda and Loic are two of my favorites because of their real personalities and professionalism. It sucks to see them not together anymore. It would be cool if the Syndicate picked up a female rider like Miranda as she has the professionalism they seem to want, but we would have heard that rumor by now. Best of luck, MM!
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 I really hope she has a good season. She's prolly the funniest person in mountian biking sucks she has a season long injury.
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 Brilliant rider and she seems just as classy as a person too.
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 It must be somewhat stressful to ride for the big S. I get the feeling that if you don't put up some top results consistently, you're out. Granted they are a big company that wants their bike at the top of every sport they touch.

I was surprised they didn't drop Jared before his cancer diagnosis. (Now they'd look kind of bad if they dropped a cancer survivor, especially if he comes back to take a win).

Hopefully, she found a great brand who will fit her, her riding goals, and her amazing personality.
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 Not surprised.
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 You have been an inspiration to us all. Hopefully the bones heal and stay hole... rock on lass ????. Can’t wait to see you between the tape again.
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 I am gonna miss the mural they have on the side of corsa
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 Best of luck on a new team!
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 Kill it this year and best of luck Miranda!
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 Kate Courtney Leaves, now Miranda...and didn't Specialized bail on their women's bike line?
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 Miranda is great abassodor for our sport and will an major asset to whatever brand she chooses. Represent the Squamish Crew
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 Kona's new Lady shredder
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 Oh Frown
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 Gwin to intense y’all
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 lol no suprise there
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