Mondraker's Custom Painted 3D Anaglyphic World Champs Summums

Aug 26, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
Five years after Mondraker secured a complete top three domination in the Elite Men's World Championships in Val di Sole they are back with some incredible custom Summum Carbon RR race bikes featuring a unique 3D anaglyphic design. Laurie Greenland, Eleonora Farina and Brook MacDonald will be hitting the steep and technical course this week using the custom painted bikes that will display altered designs when viewed through 3D glasses. Take a closer look at the Mondraker team's race machine below:

Laurie Greenland

Eleonora Farina

Brook MacDonald


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 That is a pretty fucking cool paint job. My tricks are playing eyes on me.
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 Are they racing with 3D goggles?
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 They'll have the edge since everyone else will only be seeing the course in 2D
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 Oakley have been waiting for this day....
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 @bigtim: "(...) 3D seems to be here to stay." LOL!
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 Why not... and the Michelin logos don't burn the eyes for once.
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 That is so cool. big props to the paint crew, that would not be easy to make.
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 Mondraker wins the beauty pageant
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 one of the nicest looking bikes ever - both paint job and the lines in general
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 Imagine the Bulldog coming into your living room at 70km/h!
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 Love you Mr putin : )
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 @the666ers: I am very likeable. Or else…
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 If you wear last Sunday's unwashed riding gear when you look at the bike you'll be able to experience it in 4D.
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 play on words with the Sunday? I always thought that the Mondraker is a refined Sunday
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 "Objects on course are closer than they appear"
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 Early morning I had to read the word “Anaglyphic” a few times to get it right. Reminds me of Tobias Funke.
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 There is a trend developing here. Just the other day I met a girl with an Alice in wonderland themed tattoo on her arm that was in 3D like these bikes. Her plan is to do full sleeve with the theme. What a time to be alive!
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 Would have been better with Suntour suspension. But not all is lost. Looking forwards to their race kit, face paint etc. Let's just not hope that their fans will be cheering them on with banners just like these. Would be pretty hard to stay concentrated.
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 “This movie was shot in 3B. Three beers and it looks good, eh?”
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 Very creative paintjob. Well done MDK.
Cool to see Lauries custom headset. He mentiond a lower bb as well. I wonder how much lower it is. And is he running a lower bb in this ruff track? Can't wait to watch the race!
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 I love the fox orange, but on bikes like these it would be so much cooler if fox made their springs in different colors.
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 Great looking bikes MS! good luck to my favorite team on my favorite track!
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 Super cool. I wonder if if actually looks 3D with the blue/red glasses on
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 If you mean, "will the bike look 3d when looking at it on a screen" then no. If that was to happen 2 slightly different angled photos of the bike would need to be taken, then colourised to the red and blue so that your eyes would interpret them accordingly. The design above will only show the relevant wording by looking through single coloured lenses like in the examples above, so not technically 3D anyway!
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 If you mean 'Will the bike look 3D in real lfe?'... then... Yes... unless you are a cyclops.
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 Some of the logos (fox, head tube) might appear to hover above their physical location. Depends on the offset the used on those.
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 @bigtim: Yea, that's what I meant... in real life.
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 This wOuld look best with flag of mother land
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 Take notes YT
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 im dizzy now
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 Crushed it again.
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 Gorgeous rigs
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