Mons Royale Dual Speed and Style, Crankworx Rotorua 2016 - Results

Mar 9, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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With Bernard Kerr out due to an injury, the race for the King and Queen of Crankworx is wide open.


1st // Tomáš SLAVIK
2nd // Kyle STRAIT
3rd // Adrien LORON
4th // Gregg WATTS


1st // Jill KINTNER
2nd // Casey BROWN

Ryan Howard X-UP 360 for the Mons Royale Speed and Style.
  Ryan Howard X-UP 360 for the Mons Royale Speed and Style.

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx


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 Said it before, and I'll say it again...Speed and style is a f*cking joke...when a 4x racer doesn't need to trick to win, it's a waste of time. Every year it's the same joke of a format, you can only pull back 1 second per jump (assuming a perfect score), so 2 seconds over the entire course, any 4x racer worth their salt will always beat anyone capable of pulling tricks that score 50+ by more than 2 seconds. Yet the commentators act so surprised when the guy thats 2 seconds down doesn't win the heat.

It's called speed AND style, if you can win with one, or the other, it's garbage.

Not to mention the girls that want equal prize money, and recognition yet only 2 ladies even bother competing, and theres not a single trick thrown, take a hand off the bars, or pull an x-up at least. It's pretty obvious why the prize money differs.
  • + 23
 they need to rethink the whole bloody format.
  • + 14
 Exactly my thought process. Strait's run was INSANE! The epitome of speed AND style. If that wasn't a winning run, they need to rethink the format.
  • + 9
 Do people in second place win money..? If so the women just got free money.
  • + 5
 Why not just can the event and do dual slalom instead?
  • + 0
 Somebody just forget, there is such a fast rider like Slavik Smile No doubt. Rules need to be changed.
  • + 1
 Canceling the event shouldn't be considered, dual Speed & Style is awesome! Just adding some changes
  • - 1
 8 women were invited to compete (it was an invite only event), they just didn't bother to show the seeding or rounds. They only showed the finals for the women... I would love to see you race against the two women finalists.
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 I'd hold my own, while pulling a one hander, then an x-up, and quite possibly win it @Stinky1138 - The womens final was boring to watch, no disrespect, it just was, imagine how boring the untelevised quarter finals must have been.

If you were paying big $$$ per minute of airtime out of your own pocket, where revenue was directly proportional to the amount of viewers tuned in, would you personally bother broadcasting those women's quarter finals? I wouldn't. In the DH, sure, it's a great spectacle, but speed/style (with no tricks) is the wrong event to be showing women's MTB off to the world. It was a disgrace to the men for crying out loud!

If 8 women were invited to compete? Who got third? They don't mention it because nobody competed, even the women themselves didn't bother....
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 I didn't get to see the end but what you guys are saying is...a no trick run won the event? Wait...what?

Also PB..the page that says REPLAY in the title on the home page. Doesnt contain a replay. Id like to at least watch the rest of it.
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 Correct, a run with zero style (judges official opinion), won.
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 zero style even staying low on everything like its a bmx race lol
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 Kyle got robbed
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 I think you should have to do a minimum one trick per run otherwise you forfeit your speed advantage. It's a cool event just needs a slight rule change.
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 How Kyle Strait didnt win this event is completely f*cking insane. I mean he came in right behind Slavik, who didnt throw a single trick, yet Kyle trew a back flip on top of a double whip. That doesnt make any since....
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 Speed without Style...
  • + 6
 Kyle Straight should have took it!
  • + 10
  • + 1
 KYL STR8 for the truly robbed.
  • + 3
 Does anyone know what frame Kyle is on? Must must a custom made one I think
  • + 2
 I was wondering the same thing
  • + 2
 Maybe lose a second if you don't trick a jump so if you don't trick it would be a 4 second difference
  • + 2
 No Martin Soderstrom ???
  • + 1
 He have a crash on his first round, and then he won´t be able to short the diference.
  • + 2
 What a load of shit.
  • + 1
 Lamentable. Speed and Style MY ASSSSSSSS!!!! Kyle got robbed!!!
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 Speed and tricks, as usual.
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