Mont Sainte Anne XC and DH World Cups Cancelled

May 5, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Eleonora Farina rode to a none-too-shabby 6th place for team Italy.

Following Quebec's announcement yesterday that all public gatherings would be banned until August 31, the organisers behind the Mont Sainte Anne World Cups have today announced its cancellation.

The Canadian venue was scheduled to kick off both the XC and downhill seasons but it has now become the latest victim in the race calendar of the pandemic. The updated seasons for both disciplines are below.


05/06 September Leogang, Austria - World Championships
12/13 September Val di Sole, Italy - Round 1
19/20 September Les Gets, France - Round 2

TBC Lousa, Portugal - Round 3
TBC Maribor, Slovenia - Round 4
Cross Country

12/13 September Val di Sole, Italy - Round 1
19/20 September Les Gets, France - Round 2

TBC Nove Mesto, Czech Republic - Round 3
TBC Lenzerheide, Switzerland - Round 4

Press Release: Mont Sainte Anne

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Government of Quebec rules prohibiting events from being held until August 31, Cycling Canada, Quebec Summer Events Corporation and event producer Gestev have been forced to cancel the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup that was scheduled to take place at Mont-Sainte-Anne August 21–23, 2020.

“Our priority above all else is the health and safety of the athletes, volunteers, employees and thousands of spectators who travel to be a part of Vélirium every year,” said Gabriel Fontaine Leclerc, General manager at Gestev. “Too many questions remain unanswered for us to pursue the possibility of postponing the event until the fall, and considering the sheer complexity of such an undertaking and the major challenges involved for our partners it is not feasible for us to explore this option. Let’s consider this a rain check for 2021.”

For Cycling Canada, this decision is the latest in a series of postponements and cancellations of international competitions across the country in the coming months. “Here at Cycling Canada we are obviously disappointed to miss a huge annual event like the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne, but the health and safety of our athletes and members will always be our priority. We all have a duty to support the efforts of the public health authorities to mitigate the transmission of this virus,” said Mathieu Boucher, Head of Development and Operations at Cycling Canada.

The organizers would like to thank everyone, everywhere who has been involved in preparing for this year’s Vélirium, which would have been the 30th UCI-sanctioned event to be held at Mont-Sainte-Anne since 1991.


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 There won’t be a season this year. Why keep dragging it out?
  • 10 2
 Same thing I was thinking. Just rip it off like a band aid this dragging it out hurts worse.
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 I’ve been saying this since they cancelled the second round. I’m just waiting for rampage to get nixed.
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 I've heard chatter otherwise.....but I understand this sentiment and feeling. Fingers crossed
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 I too find it ridiculous to keep dragging it on for so long, but I could actually see some venues moving forward with their events. In Austria, the outbreak was contained well, which of course is great, but many people have not realized how hard it could have been, even officials and politicians. Thus I think that, while incredibly stupid, we could see big sporting events being held in Austria. But of course, we'll have to see how the situation develops.
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 I think it may have something to do with insurance. If they cancel of there own accord insurance companies may not payout, but if they are forced to by circumstance then the policy is valid.
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 @Floho: But no international riders could come ?
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 Lets stay positive! Wouldnt it be good to see at least a few races later in the year?
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flag pigman65 (May 5, 2020 at 15:22) (Below Threshold)
 Nothing is going to happen for a long time. I said this in March. Even next year . Public gatherings like this really are not important
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 They would have no choice but to conclude a final showdown. All MTB racers will be doing a death race at RedBull Rampage. Two categories: Men and Women. Race format: Enduro on the Up; DH/FR on the down. Winner takes all.
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 Maybe World Champs. Maybe.
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 Tough situation for UCI, just like everything else. Go out of business from lack of revenue or put lives at risk. Organizations like these aren't likely to get government bail outs so this could really kill international racing. The way the mountain bike community is facing this is similar to the same way government's are failing to prepare their citizens for the coming depression and encouraging them to become more self reliant. The delusion of this business as usual approach is minimizing the panic right now but completely failing to prepare everybody for what is to come.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: instead of bailing out all of the corporations just hit the reset button and pay all the bailouts to pay off everyone’s debts....then everyone will keep spending.
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 2020 is a racer and race fans worst nightmare.
  • 41 14
 Tell that to people who lost their loved ones.
  • 17 15
 @nozes: really? Tell that to kids who will die of cancer
  • 26 1
 @nozes: Bullshit statement. People die everyday. Yes those who lost 'loved ones' in this and ALL diseases, accidents, etc. have rough times. That said, it does not discount anyone else's troubles or disappointments. So should the world not be happy or disappointed because others aren't? No....

Yes, this season is a large disappointment for both racers and fans. That in NO way discounts anyone's losses.
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 @bman33: well said.
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 @bman33: Don't tell me about disapointment,I've waited 30 years for the first DH WC in my country just to have it postponed (with chances of bring cancelled).
Don't have to look hard into it, it's sh#t for everybody.
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 @nozes: Stop fueling the fear! How many people die of the flu every year?
Heart disease? Suicide? Everyday 200,000 people enter the world everyday, we have a population crisis!
The world needs fewer people, not more...
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 @nozes: So 'shit for everybody' is your statement, why your contradictory 'Tell that to people who lost their loved ones' statement?
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 LOL the USA will be the last place that most countries will allow their citizens to travel to and from.
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 At this point lets forget about racing in 2020, and get an early start with more venues in 2021.
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 May as well just cancel next years too in anticipation of COVID-21.
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 you skipped 20, as much as biking industry releases 2024 bikes in 2021, let's not go too quick with covid Wink
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 @jeansebille: idk I'd wait till the 2021 coronavirus comes out, I hear it is supposed to be 17% stiffer and have a 10mm longer reach.
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 @4thflowkage: the Grim Covid.
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 This one really stings, i didnt think it would happen but was just hoping that maybe by some miracle it could have worked out. I was there for world champs last year and would have been awesome to go again after this shit year.
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 I'm absolutely sure that the world will implode from these idiots running out gov't. Mass riots, mental illness and hunger will be coming soon. Hang on to your butts folks.
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 Cheap round this year. I wonder if someone will win the world cup without a single race win.
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 what about crankworx in whistler? its the same time...
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 I reckon it will get canceled as well. it sucks bc it was supposed to be the first crankworx i compete in... i def would not count on it
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 The article says Quebec banned public gatherings, not BC. Lets hope CW doesnt get cancelled.
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 @Karpiel073: i think it wont get cancled, but the date may get pushed back.
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 @ajaypate1: i think bc wont let in any foreigners, so crankworx only with canadiens?
it will be canceled , i´ll bet on it...but i hate the idea
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 Surprising shit
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 surprising? at this time is more expected than a Session looking bike...
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