Montana Treasures: Big Sky with Local Bike Shop Own, Tom - Video

Oct 11, 2017
by Freehub Magazine  

Montana Treasures // Big Sky with Tom Owen

Tom Owen has owned and operated Gallatin Alpine Sports in Big Sky, Montana for 31 years. Through the retail world, he shares his love for mountain bikes and the opportunities to explore public lands with everyone who walks into his shop.

Every mountain bike community has its individuals who are constantly striving to progress the sport. Be it trail building, advocacy, land management or retail, every avenue is an equally important part of creating a thriving movement. Montana Treasures is a series about a few of the many people who embody the state’s greater mountain bike scene through their actions and endeavors.

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While Big Sky Country is know for its expansive views it s the details that make the trails so incredible including extensive armoring deep berms and like this boardwalk on Ralph s Pass some impressive woodwork. Jed Donnelly appreciates the finer points of Montana mountain biking.

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 This is going to feel weird because I'm commenting on Pink Bike without sarcasm or attitude but here goes...

What a great video. This guy doesn't care about wheel sizes, hub spacing or anything other than riding his bike on local trails and helping other people discover how fun that can be. We need more like him. Scratch that: We all need to try to BE more like him.
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 well said, you kind of almost made me not want to point his ridiculous two finger braking
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 Must be something in the water there: had the best ski trip of my lifetime in Big Sky. What made it stand out was down to earth locals like this shop owner Tom who shared their stoke & pride in the place without the "I'm a local & I resent serving you" vibe you encounter almost every other big-mountain destination.
Picture Jackson Hole w/ zero crowds and none of the obnoxious "gnarlier than thou" attitude.
I've been dying to get back ever since, and a summer trip w/ the family & bikes might just be my next best chance.
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 Teraflow trail builders put Big Sky on the mtb radar for sure. The place is sick now.
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 Rode Big Sky last summer. Steep, loose and awesome!! Favourite stop on the west coast trip for sure.
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 Tom's rad. In the late 90's I bought a Jamis Dakar Team frame (the actual MBA test frame) from him while I was in town. Had to pool every penny my girlfriend and I had to get it and I'm pretty sure he rounded down to help me out. Great dude.
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 Helena in Montana is top notch riding that also has free shuttles to trail heads.
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 Big Sky Mountain to Meadow trail a few years ago, it may have still been under construction. It was a blast. Love Big Sky!
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 Tom Owen is a great guy. Hope the Gallatin Divide gets reopened to bikes someday soon. What a tragic loss of trails for cyclists, thanks to judge Donald Malloy.
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 I've rented a bike there. Yay me. Yay GAS.
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 must be nice, I live in the middle of bum fuck Kansas
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 Bless our public lands! Our nation's crowned jewel!

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